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I’m one of the lucky ones who’s been fortunate to have enough holidays left to be able to use up the last of my annual leave for this year between Christmas and New Year and then the 3 days after New Year. It’s great it means that after being at work on Friday 23rd December I’m not back at work until Monday 9th January next year!

So far, after Christmas I’ve had a pyjama day, a housework day and a housework and shopping day! Which was my favourite? Definitely my pyjama day!

I love having pajama days, not that I get them very often at all these days, so on Boxing Day I thoroughly enjoyed my pyjama day, especially as I’d got new fleecy pyjamas in my office Secret Santa and they are soooo cosy.

When I was younger I never liked having a lazy day, I used to feel as if I was being really unproductive if I wasn’t busy doing something every day. But my views have definitely changed, because I love lazy days…maybe it’s just because I get very little opportunity to have a “lazy day” these days that makes them so desirable!

When you have a day of doing nothing, do you feel relaxed or unproductive?

Whether your busy all the time or find time to have a pyjama day, I hope you are able to get some time to relax, chill and recharge your batteries this festive season.