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How long is it since you rode a bike?

How long is it since you last went for swim, and not just on holiday but actually do some lengths of pool?

Even if it’s been a while since you last did either of those things, once you start again, I’m sure you’ll it’ll feel as if you never stopped doing them. i.e. you’ll ride a bike as easily as you did and remember your swim strokes as if you’ve been practicing daily.

In the same way, even it’s been a while since you knelt before God and ask for his forgiveness, so it is just easy for us to kneel before God today. So if it’s been a while since you sought God, don’t think God will have forgotten you, or you’ll not know what to say to God, as God will always welcome you, and so will make it easy for you to come to Him.

How are your knees? Are they powerful?

I’m sure you’re wondering why I think you may have powerful knees!

Knees are actually one of the most powerful parts of our body, because when we get down on them and pray, there is nothing more powerful!

Don’t pray when you feel like it. Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it. A man is powerful on his knees ~ Corrie Ten Boom

Music Prayer

Thank you for the music all around us.

Each morning we hear it from the moment we open our ears;

the low notes of wind around the eaves

the whoosh of water as it comes from the tap

the glug glug as it drains

the throaty whistle of the boiling kettle

the metallic tap of the spoon against the cup

the jazz percussion of our feet on the steps.

The sounds of our day,

so familiar we hardly pay attention.

Thank you for the ability to hear.

Thank you for the sounds of life

the chatter of the squirrel

the deep purr of  a cat

the sharp calls of a blue jay

the sound of someone we love laughing.

Give us wisdom to enter this day with good sounds,

tones and pitches and words that affirm, encourage, cherish,

our sounds affecting the world in a positive way.

We pray for all who sing a sad song today;

the grieving, the lonely, the lost.

We pray especially for those who have lost their voice

and feel silenced or oppressed.

There are many singing freedom songs around our world,

and so today we pray for the safety of these singers.

Give their song the strength to convince and convert,

the power to ward off war.

There are too many war songs,

we don’t want to hear another one.

Thank you for your songs, love songs, which we are invited to sing.

Thank you for all the parts you’ve made for the song;

soprano, alto, tenor, bass.

Thank you for the children’s part and the senior’s part,

thank you for the youth part and the part for middle agers,

thank you for the crazy baby descant

that we all love to hear.

You are the Great Composer .

We long to be composed each day in your image,

singing your elegant score truly, clearly,

following your rhythm by heart,

finding our voice in your beautiful world.

Hearing you in the music of life.

This is our prayer.


God inspires musicians to compose words and music that can tell others about His love, His faithfulness, His forgiveness and the ultimate sacrifice he gave for us. Words and music which  can touch the hearts and souls of the listener and bring them to kneel before God.

It really is God’s music we play, so make sure we play it for the right reasons.

Have you knelt before the cross yet?

This Easter would be a great time to start or renew your Christian experience, by kneeling before God. Are you ready to kneel before Him this Easter?

Kneel before Him

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Ever feel like there are some people or situations you can’t face?

Well there’s no reason to if you’re willing to do one thing…pray!


If you’re having trouble with your behaviour, the way to fix it is to just go spend more time with God because the more you hang out with Him, the more you’re not going to want to grieve Him or sadden Him ~ Joyce Meyer

Behaviour doesn’t need to be particularly bad or good for us to have to put the above statement into practice. We all say and do things which we shouldn’t say or do, so we all have behaviours we need to change to make God happy.

Go on, get down on your knees and pray to God to help you change your behaviour today, I am!

If you look in a dictionary, the word grace has many meanings. Here’s a few of them that are relevant here:

  • mercy; clemency
  • the free and unmerited favour of God shown towards man
  • the divine assistance and power given to man in spiritual rebirth and sanctification
  • the condition of being favoured or sanctified by God
  • an unmerited gift, favour, etc, granted by God

Yes, God has given me a second chance. In fact he’s given each one of a second chance. God loved each of us so much that Jesus died for us at Calvary, just so we could be saved.

God loves each of us, and is has promised to always love us, regardless of what we do. However his desire is that we give our heart and our all to God, and let Him use us to tell others about His unfailing love.

Grace has called my name. God has called my name, and I knelt before Him and gave Him my all. Have you?

Your Grace Still Amazes Me performed here by the International Staff Songsters of the Salvation Army

My faithful Father, enduring friend Your-Grace-Still-Amazes-Me
Your tender mercy is like a river with no wind
It overwhelms me covers my sin
Each time I come into your presence I stand in wonder once again
Your grace still amazes me
Your love is still a mystery
Each day I fall on my knees
’cause your grace still amazes me
Your grace still amazes me

Oh patient saviour, you make me whole
You are the author and the healer of my soul
What can I give you lord what can I say
I know there’s no way to repay you only to offer you my praise 

Your grace still amazes me
Your love is still a mystery
Each day I fall on my knees
Cause your grace still amazes me
Your grace still amazes me

Its deeper, it’s wider, it’s stronger, it’s higher
Its deeper, it’s wider, it’s stronger, it’s higher
Than anything my eyes can see

Your grace still amazes me
Your love is still a mystery
Each day I fall on my knees
Cause your grace still amazes me
Your grace still amazes me

Does God’s grace still amaze you?

If not, it’s time to fall on your knees and ask Him to help you rediscover His grace.

If His grace does still amaze you, it’s time to fall on your knees and praise Him.

A common answer to my questions regardless of where you are in your Christian experience…kneel down before God.

Faithful God by Gateway

If I call, will You come
When I cry, do You hear
I believe every tear
Is caught up by a faithful God
So I will cry until You come
Cast my cares into Your arms
I can’t see past this storm
But I’m counting on a faithful God

Faithful God
You hold my life secure
All my days are Yours
I believe
My God is like a fire defending me

I believe You still heal
And demons still bow
I’m convinced there is power
In trusting in a faithful God
So I will praise till You appear
And set Your foot upon this shore
I declare that every foe
Is subject to my faithful God

I know that You are mine
And I am Yours, I am Yours
I know Your faithfulness
It will endure, it will endure

Are the words of the above song true for you?

Do you believe God holds you securely in every situation?

Do you live for God?

If you answered no to any of these questions, maybe it’s time to consider your relationship with God again.

You can never give too much of you life to God, but you can give your whole life to God. God wants me and He wants you, so go on, kneel before Him today and give the whole of you to our faithful God.

Life can be real tough sometimes. Sometimes it can seem as if things are never going to improve for us, that just when life seems to be improving, something else happens that brings us down.

When life is really tough, how do you get through it?

Some people fall into a deep depression, others try to keep themselves going by trying to see the positives in their life despite all their difficulties.

I’ve been there in some very dark and depressing times, so how did I get through it? Well I did fall into a deep depression and could see no positives in anything. However I still kept my faith – my faith that God was with me and would get me through. That doesn’t mean I never questioned Him or doubted He was there for me, because I did. But I truly believe that this was ultimately what got me through those dark days.

So what’s my advice to you if you’re struggling with life?:

When life gets too tough, kneel and pray