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cross_4youWhen you take out a loan from a bank or building society, or indeed any other financial organisation, we agree a repayment plan with them to pay back the money they have lent us. Those repayment plans can be short-term repayments or ones which last a lot of years, and can also incur an interest charge as well which may be a small percentage of the total we have loaned, or in some cases may amount to a huge percentage of the original loan.

Our debt to God for sending His son into the world to die on a cross for us, is no different from a monetary loan, as God expects us to repay Him too!

The question is, how do we repay God for giving us Jesus?

We let Him into our lives and give Him our all. God will then help and guide us in all we do, so that we can fulfil His plan for our life and in turn repay our debt to Him in full.

Are you repaying your debt to God?


We are living in a time where so many are finding it difficult to make ends meet financially. While financial difficult put extra pressure on every member of the family involved, we must be sure to remember that the love of our family and friends is a much stronger bond than any money could ever buy.

It’s often said that money can buy you most things, but it can’t buy you love. So don’t let money worries destroy friendships and bonds that have been built on love, because love is greater than anything money could every buy.