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Sometimes God can ask us to do something which we feel totally unprepared for. Therefore, when we say “yes” to God it can often seem like we’re stepping out into the unknown, but don’t worry, God will be there with you.

God will not ask you to do something which he does not think you are capable of. Even if you think you don’t have the knowledge to do the task, don’t worry, God will prepare you and give you the knowledge you need.

So don’t be afraid to “yes” to whatever God asks you to do, because He will be with you when to step out into the unknown.

Today’s blog post, follows on from my thoughts yesterday, when I stated that life’s events happen for a reason…

God will not allow a trial to come into your life unless He has a purpose. He doesn’t send the storms, but He uses them.

Don’t allow the tough times in your life to become the Godless times in your life, as it’s during the difficult times that we need God most. Trust me, I’ve been there and thought I could do it on my own because I thought God had deserted me. However it was only when I realized He was still with me, and put my trust fully in Him, that the difficulties I was facing, became ones I felt I could overcome.

So don’t despair during the storms of life, accept them and let God use you to learn and grow from the experience.

You can close your eyes to things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel ~ Unknown

…and the most important thing you can feel in your heart is God!

When God enters your heart, there is no greater feeling.

When you accept God into your heart your life will change forever.

When did you let God into your life?

Is God still in your life?

Is He still at the centre of your life?

God can make your life feel brand new, and help you see and experience life in a whole new way, so kneel before Him today and give your life to Him. I can promise you it’ll be the best feeling you’ll ever have when you let Christ into your life!

How many times must we try to do things by ourselves and fail before we remember that it’s only when we put our faith and trust in God, He will provide the strength we need to get us through each and every situation we find ourselves in?

I know I tend to be quite an independent person and try not to have to ask others for help if I can help it, but what I do need to constantly remind myself is that its ok to ask for help, particularly when its God we’re asking to help us.

Don’t try to get through life on your own, because you’ll fail. Instead, rely on God to provide you with the strength you need to get through the problems of life.

How many times have you found yourself saying, “I can’t do this anymore”?

Well in these last few days I’ve found myself saying this many times to myself as life just seems to be throwing some difficult situations at me one after another this year.

I’ve shed many tears while saying and thinking those words, and wondered, “How can I keep going through this?”. But then I’ve stopped myself and realised I’m simply questioning whether I can get through this because I’m trying to do so in my own strength – If I simply allow God‘s strength to surround me I can get through this, because God is my rock and my tower of strength.

In this song by Steven Curtis Chapman we are reminded that His Strength is Perfect when our strength has gone:

In the last couple of weeks I keep coming across references to the following quote:

God may not get us out of a situation, but He will give us the strength to get through it.

I don’t think it’s coincidence that I’ve been reminded of this quote on a regular basis recently, because, as many of you will know, there are a number of situations going on in my life just now which mean I’ve finding life quite difficult at present.

The one consolation I have is that I truly believe the above words…that God will give me the strength to get through it! Therefore, no matter how distant God may seem to you just now, don’t give up, because God is with you, and He will help you get through these difficult days.

Yes, we can get through life by ourselves without God, and without His help.

But the converse is also true, we can get through life with God’s help and support.

So why should we choose to believe in God and live our life with Him rather than without Him?

God made each one of us as individuals, and He planned our whole life out for us before we were even born. Therefore if we believe in God and let Him guide us through life, surely we will achieve all we can in life, as God knows and understand us and our abilities.

Make yourself available to God.

He will do great things through you.

God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

After all, as I said yesterday in Masterpiece, God made you to His own design, so if anyone knows what you are and are not able to achieve, God is that person. So God will never ever ask you to do anything He knows you will not be capable of achieving, with His help.

So be extraordinary – be just exactly what God wants you to be.

Hide and seek – a game I’m sure we’ve all played countless times as children…and possibly many times in our adulthood with our own families and our friends’ families.

But let me put it a different way…From the moment we are born until we take our last breath God is looking out for us and is waiting for us to find Him.

Some of find God very early in our lives, others get through much more of their lives before they find God, others, sadly others go through their whole life without ever finding God.

Therefore, don’t miss out on finding God, all you have to do is seek Him, because He has promised that those who seek Him will find Him.

I’m sure like me you’ve heard the following saying loads of times

Where there’s life there’s hope

But is that really true?

Of course it is! Where there is life, there is God because even when we forget or dismiss God, He is there giving us hope.

When life seems hopeless, God can lift us our of that hopelessness, so don’t ever give up. More importantly, don’t ever give up on God, because he will never give up on you!