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Plant a Seed

Posted: July 22, 2009 in life, religion
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Jesus told the parable of the farmer planting his seed across his field. he told how the seed that fell on a footpath, shallow soil and amongst thorns, all failed to thrive. However the seed that fell on fertile soil produced a great crop. (Matthew 13:3-9)

Jesus explained how “The seed is the word of God” (Luke 8:11 NKJV). When we accept God into our lives he gives us “seeds”, which he expects us to then go out into the world and scatter. He wants us to go outside of our Christian circles and our churches, and find some unplanted land, where we can then spread His message.

Many of the seeds the farmer scattered failed to grow or thrive, but that didn’t prevent him from continuing to scatter his seed. God knows that as we scatter the seed of God’s word in the field of the world, some will inevitably fall on those who will ignore His call, however he also know that some will fall on fertile souls and will take root, grow and bring glory to God!

So scatter God’s word generously, no matter whether you see any results of your labour, as some people will respond to God’s message, so keep planting!

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