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When you ask someone a question or give someone some information – face-to-face, text, messenger, WhatsApp, email, or phone etc – is it realistic to expect a response?

Personally I think it is right to expect a response, after all, how else do you know the receiver has heard/received the question or information?

Having said that, that doesn’t mean you should expect a response immediately but certainly you should expect a response in my view. When the person you were ‘speaking to’ does respond, it doesn’t mean they will necessarily answer or respond to the question/information you gave to them, but at least if they respond you’ll have got an acknowledgement they received your communication.

I know everyone is busy rushing around from one thing to another these days, so please, if someone ‘speaks’ to you, or asks you something, please acknowledge the communication, even if you don’t directly respond to the message.

When you delay responding to someone, they may feel their words were pointless and meant nothing to you, or may even feel that they are invisible or worthless. Similarly they may have the same feelings if you don’t respond to the communication immediately, but instead wait a few hours or days, apologise for the delay in responding, however in this instance I suspect your response may brighten day.

So please don’t ignore others when they ‘speak’ to you, regardless of communication channel, as everyone deserves to be heard and be answered.

When you contact someone to wish them good luck with something, to ask how they are, or simply to wish them a good week, do you expect a response or a reply?

Personally I like to acknowledge communications for anyone even if just to say thank you, or indicate I’ll get back to them later. However I’m conscious that not everyone does this, and in fact some don’t necessarily acknowledge some communications at all…maybe because the communication is not a priority to the recipient, or they feel it’s not important.

When we communicate with someone, we have had a reason to do so, whether it is just to say hello, ask a question, wish someone luck or some other message. In other words, to us, the message was important enough to send, but when the recipient fails to acknowledge our communication it can seem as if we’re being ignored, or our message wasn’t important to the recipient.

Do these situations arise because the people involved have different views on the relationship, or is it just a case of one expecting or wanting too much from the other?message communication

Email messages

Text messages

Private or direct messages

Conversations via social media

Conversations in person or on the phone

We can often be overwhelmed with messages on a daily basis, because they come to us via so many different channels these days. It can be difficult to weed out the important messages from those that are simply information, or even spam, can’t it.

That’s why we need to be careful that we correctly “classify” all the messages we receive. i.e. Make sure we don’t get caught up in gossip or unimportant information that we overlook or ignore the important messages.

The most important messages we will ever receive are of course those from God, so make sure you listen for His messages to you as they can change your life!



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God teaches

Some teachers would give up on their students if they don’t get it after one or two attempts, thankfully though God isn’t like that – God never gives up on us and will continue to teach us the same life lesson over and over again until we get His message!

God’s perseveres with us, no matter how long it takes us to understand his message.


I’ve seen a few example recently where once one person does something, many follow.

One of my friends started getting inundated with messages on his Facebook page congratulating him on his engagement. I had been thinking it was a bit odd as I’d been with him a few hours before the messages started and he’d not said anything to me. It turned out someone had overheard a conversation and put 2 and 2 together and got 5!!!! They then posted their congratulations on Facebook and others, seeing the messages of congratulations, assumed it to be true and followed suit posting their congratulatory messages too!

That’s just one example but I’m sure you have seen other similar examples yourself.

This got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great if it was as easy as this to get others to follow Christ? The fact that it isn’t that easy suggests to me that maybe each one of us is not portraying the right image/message to others – What do you think? Do we need to change the message we tell/show others so that God’s message is more meaningful and more real to others?

wanderingHave you ever had one of those days when lots of different things go wrong?

Well I had one of those days yesterday! Firstly at work several things “broke”, then didn’t get home from work until about an hour later than I intended to which then meant I had no time for any food before heading out to a concert with Bellshill Salvation Army Band…even getting ready to out with the band ended in problems, as the heel of one of the shoes fell off! I’m just glad that happened before I left the house!

When I then got to the concert with the band, I must be honest and say my mind was not on the concert and why we were there, to spread God’s message through our music, but instead I was still thinking about all the things that had gone wrong during my day, and all the things I was going to have to do when I got home etc etc.

Strangely enough my mind was refocused on why I was there, when during the Songs of Praise part of the service, the song Since Jesus Came Into My Heart… the words of the second verse of this song are particularly apt:

I have ceased from my wand’ring and going astray,
Since Jesus came into my heart;
And my sins which were many are all washed away,
Since Jesus came into my heart.

What a day! Yes, my mind wandered from God and why I was playing in the band, but God soon  reminded that Since He came into my heart, floods of joy o’er my soul like the sea billows roll, Since Jesus came into my heart.

Do you think God is ever disappointed with what we say and do?

I am certain if we are honest with ourselves and with God, we are all guilty of disappointing God on many occasions.

What do you think disappoints God most?

I obviously can’t answer that questions, however I can say that as far as I’m concerned I find it very disappointing and annoying when people who say they are Christians so and do things either to another Christian or about other Christians which hurt and upset them…after all aren’t we Christians supposed to be working together against wrong, to tell the world about Jesus and what He can do for them!

Let’s make sure we support and encourage one another rather than hurt and upset each other, as we need to save our energy to spread God’s message to the world.


I’m not complaining but…

It’s not a criticism but…

I hear what you’re saying, but…

I’m sure we’ve all heard those phrases, so I’d like you to have a think about how you feel when someone starts a sentence directed abut-with-blue-reflecting-glowt you, with any of the above phrases.

I must admit that I tend to think, why can’t folk just be honest and say what they think rather than trying to soften the blow with “I’m not complaining, but”, when clearly they are complaining; or “It’s not a criticism but”, when clearly the criticism is just about to be said; or “I hear what you’re saying but” when we all know they are about to completely disagree with what you’ve just said!

Sentences like the ones above, really give confusing messages to the person they are directed at, as either you are complaining or you’re not, criticising or giving praise, disagreeing or agreeing with someone, so please don’t give mixed messages, be clear and concise it’ll save confusion and possible hurt.

Did you get God’s message there?

I guess we’re all guilty at times of worrying about things we either have no control over, or things which, if in the grand scheme of life, are not really very important. That said, we’re only human and therefore we do worry and get stressed about things.

Maybe we just need a very visual reminder from God sometimes, that we don’t have to worry about anything, because God really is in control of our lives.

In a world that needs Christ, the world also needs love and laughter and it needs peace…


We can pray and hope for peace, but as far as taking Christ to the world, there is no reason why you and me can’t do that. As I said in Tuesday’s blog post Get Out There!, the people in our communities are unlikely to wander into our church as they see it as something they know little about and something they don;t want to be part of. However if we take your church outside our church buildings, the people in our communities will see us and hear our message.

Let’s spread some love and laughter in the world.

Let’s tell the world about Christ and spread some peace in our communities.