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Posted: May 7, 2019 in Employment, finance, LinkedIn
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I received an email from LinkedIn a few weeks ago entitled, “Where you’ll earn most money”. The title of the email was a little annoying as I certainly don’t consider myself someone who changes jobs for the sake of getting more money…if I did, I doubt I’d have been in my current job so long!

Is money really what working is about?

Yes, money is what pays the bills and allows us to buy goods which help improve our lifestyle. However money, to me, isn’t the main reason I would take on a particular job or role. For me, the job has got to be something I feel I can do to the best of my ability, and it’s got be something where I can see how it’ll help others. Flexibility and benefits that go with a job are also high on my priority list.

I actually didn’t open that email from LinkedIn as I wasn’t intestered in where I’d earn more money. What are your drivers for a job?

As many of you will be aware I’ve been off work on sick leave for a number of weeks. As I’ve been unable to do very much I’ve found myself watching TV programmes which I wouldn’t normally watch. What I’ve noticed though in the last two or three weeks is that the focus of the adverts in between programmes has changed – Not only it is now adverts about Christmas, Black Friday deals and bargains but nearly every second advert is one highlighting either people or animals in need of our help by giving a donation to their charity.

While I understand that charities need the public to donate to them so they can continue their work, but really, does there need to be quite so many of these adverts on all day, it really is very depressing. Please don’t think I don’t care about these charities, as that’s not the case – it’s depressing for two reasons:

  • No matter how much I may want to give to each and every charity, there’s no way I can support them all, but they all have an uncanny way of making me feel guilty if I don’t donate!
  • The adverts highlight just how much need there is in this world, and how many awful people there are who are cruel or abusive to people and animals.

Each of these adverts show shocking images of children, adults and animals who’ve been abused or neglected – All designed to pull at our heart-strings and persuade us to donate to their cause. How I wish this world was a better place where no one is abused, homeless, alone, or hungry.

So while these charity adverts are a hard watch, and make me feel guilty, it does remind me of all those who are far less fortunate than I am.

If each of us could give what we can to the charities/causes that we feel are most in need of our help, we can make a difference, and help make this world a better place.

In a world where people are scared to reach out and help others in case someone gets the wrong idea; where people don’t trust anyone they don’t know; and  where people don’t trust anyone who doesn’t share the same beliefs or religion as them; I want you to think about whether you would stop and help, or run and ignore in the following situations:

  1. You’re driving along a road in your car. There’s a couple of other cars about and you see only one or pedestrians at most. Then you notice a pedestrian walking along the pavement suddenly collapses to the ground for no apparent reason…What do you do stop and help or run and ignore?
  2. You’re in a busy supermarket at the checkout. There’s a young mother in front of you with a child who seems to be pushing the mother’s patience to it limits. When the checkout assistant tells the mother how much her shopping comes to, she realises she’s £2’s short of the money she needs… Do you offer to pay the £2 for her, or do you pretend you didn’t here the conversation the mother was having with the checkout assistant?
  3. You’re walking through a busy shopping area and come across a young child crying their eyes out, and they seem  to be on their own…Do you approach the child and ask them if they are ok, or if they’ve lost their mum or dad, do you go find an official from one of the shops to come and help, or do you just keep walking sure that the child ‘will be ok’?
  4. A homeless person sitting on a local street asks you if you can spare some money for some food…Do you give them some money, go buy them some food and take it back to them, or just ignore them and keep walking?
  5. You find a £20 note lying in an aisle of a shop…Do you hand it into the customer service desk in the shop, or do you pocket the money hoping no-one saw you?

What were your answers? Were they honest answers?

If you’re answers aren’t what they should be, I hope that next time you find yourself in that situation, you stop and think for a moment, and then make what is ‘the right’ decision.


Posted: October 14, 2017 in children, finance, friendship, life, mobile phone
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The other week during one of my usual lunchtime walks, I was walking through an area where there were some benches at either side of the pathway. There were quite a few people around, and as I got a few meters away from one of the benches, I was aware that there were three children – one about 10 or 11, the other two about 14 or 15 – climbing and jumping over the bench and attempting to get onto the wall that was immediately behind the bench.

As I got closer I realised two of the kids had mobiles in their hands and seemed to be struggling to keep their balance as they climbed/jumped from bench to wall. Then as I was passing them, I heard the girl saying to the two boys, “Don’t worry I’ll take it on my phone ’cause if I smash it Mum will just need to buy me a new one”!

I carried on walking, shocked by the statement the young girl had made. To be honest it shocked me that these kids didn’t seem to value their phones. i.e. They seemed to think a broken phone was easily replaced, because they didn’t appreciate how much a replacement phone would cost their parents.

While some will find that purchasing a replacement mobile phone is not a bank breaking expense, there are many who will! Money is not unlimited to the majority of us, so we take responsibility for our belongings – we take care of them and try not to damage them.

Are we losing the ability to appreciate how much items/belongings are worth? Do our children simply see that when something breaks or they want something, the money is available to purchase it, regardless of cost?

Yes, I was saddened by what I heard these children say, but I was probably more disappointed that they hadn’t been taught to value and look after their belonging.

Renovation Work NoticeFor the last few months a new worship hall has been getting built for Bellshill Salvation Army and the existing building refurbished. We have therefore been holding our Sunday services in Bellshill Cultural Centre while this work has been underway, as well as holding our band and songster (choir) practices in other local churches/Salvation Army halls.

Our new hall is now ready, so this morning was our final worship meeting in Bellshill Cultural Centre, before we return to our new hall next weekend. With today’s events in mind, I’ve been thinking about refurbishment a lot in the last few days, but not just the refurbishment of buildings, but the refurbishment of our lives.

We spend thousands of pounds refurbishing buildings, hundreds of pounds on new clothes to refurbish our wardrobes, and some even spends lots of money on cosmetic surgery to give themselves a newer look, but what about our spiritual lives? Are we as ready and willing to give our spiritual lives a lift?

If you think about it, to refurbish our spiritual lives, costs us nothing in monetary terms, as God’s love for us is free! We also don’t need to go round lots of shops, or architects to find the best deal, and the cheapest deal when it comes to our spiritual life, as there is only one who can offer us new life free of charge, God!

So to recharge your spiritual life, all you have to do to is ask God to fill you anew with His love and grace, and then give the whole of your life over to Him!

Renew us, remake us, today Lord.


Search my heartMany in this world think money brings happiness.

Many in this world think God does exist and therefore cannot bring happiness to the sad and destitute.

How wrong theses people are! Money doesn’t bring happiness, making God the centre of everything you do, will help you make the most out of life, whether you have no money or are the richest person in the country.

It isn’t what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart ~ Unknown

I’m glad I have God in my heart and He is at the centre of my life, is He in your heart?

Jesus you are the Centre of My Joy by Sydney Staff Songsters of the Salvation Army:

The last couple of days I’ve been thinking about the image of Christ and also our own image and whether we look and act like other members of our family. Well today, something slightly different, but still on the subject of image…

I’m going to show my age in this blog post by commenting on “youngsters these days”!

Here goes…

Image seems to mean so much to teenagers and young adults these days, that they seem to want to spend lots of their money on cosmetics and fashion items. This seems so different from when I was that age…though maybe I’m just getting forgetful in my old age! Lol

I certainly never had the money to go and buy myself lots of makeup and fashion clothes when I was a teenager, and it wasn’t that I was the only one who was like this, it just wasn’t the done thing a few years ago. Even when I started working, the things I bought with my wages were things I needed as a necessity. i.e. Work clothes. Buying some great fashion item or new makeup was a luxury I had to save up for, and to  be honest I think I appreciated my things more than I think kids these days do.

Here’s a question for you – Are the kids these days getting so much pocket money and so much freedom to spend their money, that they can buy whatever they desire?

Personally I think these days children are trying to “grow-up” and pretend they are adults long before they really are adults. I know some of the reason for this is probably down to the strong influences they see on TV from pop stars and other celebrities but this doesn’t make it right!

I know what I have just said is a massive generalisation, however I firmly believe that we should allow our children to look and act like children, not dress themselves up in clothes and makeup to make themselves look 5 or 10 years older than they actually are.

After all, how many people do you know who are well into their adult years who are still very immature, both in the way they act and in the real-life experiences they have had?

Childhood is a major part of every person’s life, it’s when we learn most and probably also when we are free to have more fun in our lives than we maybe are when we’re older and have the responsibilities that go with that (e.g. mortgage, work, children etc).

Please encourage your children to be children rather than pretending to be someone/something they are not…they need their childhood!

Do you think having money automatically means you are happy?

I don’t think so! We just need to read or listen to the news most days to hear about some celebrity or other who is splitting up with heir partner/husband/wife, or gone into some clinic somewhere to “deal with” their issues.

While I don’t believe money automatically mean you will be happy, I do believe that those who have enough money to put a roof over their head, and feed and clothe themselves are certainly happier than those who have no home and no food.

But what a minute, have you ever noticed how when we see pictures from third world countries where they have been given food, water, help…and dare I say hope, they always seem so happy and grateful for the little they now have. i.e. There are an awful lot of people in this world would be so very very happy to have, what to you and I would seem like a very small amount of money.

So maybe when you have no money, nothing, having money does equal happiness and those who have a lot of money just prove that having loads of money does not automatically mean you will be happy.

Maybe those with lots of money should just give some of their money to those who have none! Now there’s a novel idea!

Today the TV‘s been on in the house for a few hours – a distraction in the corner while I try to reduce the pile of ironing that’s been lying in the back room for a wee while!

I feel so depressed every time there’s an advert break as during every advert break I’ve seen there been advert for at least one of the following:

All show some shocking images of children and animals who’ve been abused or neglected. All designed to pull at our heart strings and persuade us to donate to their cause.

All I will say is, yes, they all pull at my heartstrings, but there’s no way I can afford to donate to all of these causes, but they do have an uncanny way of making me feel guilty for not donating!

Am I alone in this feeling of guilt?

I suppose the fact that the adverts make me feel guilty, shows the advert makers have done a great job in getting their message over – mind you it doesn’t make it any easier to watch these adverts time after time.

All we can do is donate what we can to the causes we think are most deserving or most in need of our help – Let’s all try and make a small difference.

If you woke up this morning
with more health than illness,
you are more blessed than the
million who won’t survive the week.

If you have never experienced
the danger of battle,
the loneliness of imprisonment,
the agony of torture or
the pangs of starvation,
you are ahead of 20 million people
around the world.

If you attend a church meeting
without fear of harassment,
arrest, torture, or death,
you are more blessed than almost
three billion people in the world.

If you have food in your refrigerator,
clothes on your back, a roof over
your head and a place to sleep,
you are richer than 75% of this world.

If you have money in the bank,
in your wallet, and spare change
in a dish someplace, you are among
the top 8% of the world’s wealthy.

If your parents are still married and alive,
you are very rare,
especially in the United States.

If you hold up your head with a smile
on your face and are truly thankful,
you are blessed because the majority can,
but most do not.

If you can hold someone’s hand, hug them
or even touch them on the shoulder,
you are blessed because you can
offer God’s healing touch.

If you can read this message,
you are more blessed than over
two billion people in the world
that cannot read anything at all.

You are so blessed in ways
you may never even know.

Sometime, in fact if I’m honest, a lot of the time, I take so much of what I have and what I’m able to do, for granted. I forget how privileged I am to have my freedom, family, friends, food, shelter. It’s only when I read something like the above, that I am reminded of these things.

How about you, do you take time out each day to say thank you to God for all you have?

I have now added to my prayer book, my need to say thank you to God more regularly for all I have, and to pray for those who are not fortunate enough to enjoy the same privileges in life as I do.

At the end of the day, whoever we are, and wherever we are, we can be assured that God is always with us.