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trust-in-handsTrust is something which I’ve found many people expect but sadly so few earn. I’ve found a number of times when I’ve trusted someone, that despite me never betraying their trust, they seem willing to betray my trust without any hesitation.

Thankfully not everyone is like that – I am confident that anyone who has confided in me, will never find I have betrayed them, as I believe if someone trusts enough in me not to betray their confidence, keeping that confidence is the least I can do to return that trust and belief.

I am just thankful that I know one person who I can trust with my life…God!

Why am I so confident that I can trust God with my life? Because God gave it to me!

Yesterday I found myself sitting at table near a group of 4 girls (probably aged 18 or 19), and while that probably doesn’t sound very interesting, you’ll soon understand why they catch my attention!

After a few minutes of sitting just a few tables away from these girls I soon found it impossible to zone out the voice of one of the girls, not just because she seemed to be talking twice as loud as any of the others, but because just about every second word she uttered was an obscenity!

The other girls at the table didn’t seem to notice the foul language coming from their friend, however their language was angelic in comparison to their friend’s.

After a little while the girls went to leave, and this was when I noticed that the girl who was uttering all the obscenities was wearing a long necklace, and hanging from that necklace was a cross of about 6 – 8 cm in length.

Well what a contradiction, wearing the cross of Christ while verbally using His name to curse and swear about everything. If ever someone could give out the wrong impression of a Christian this girl was managing just that. I obviously have no idea whether this young girl claims to be a Christian or not, however if she does, I have to say, she is certainly not giving others the right impression of what it means to be a Christian!

I just pray that wherever I am and whatever I say or do, I am a good example to others of a Christian.

who is listening

worship-prayerI’ve often thought it strange when I’ve heard people say, “All we can do is pray”. For me it should never be a case of prayer being almost our last resort, as no matter what situations or circumstances we find ourselves in  we should pray.

I therefore would suggest, instead of saying “All we can do is pray”, to say one of the following:

  • All we must do is pray; or
  • Pray is everything we can do

So make sure you don’t make pray your last resort, make it the first thing you do in every situation.

unchangingI’m sure you’re just like me and every other person, and don’t particularly like change, especially when it’s not a change you yourself have decided to make, but one that you’ve been forced to make.

Fortunately there is one person in life who never changes…

I the Lord do not change ~ Malachi 3:6

God loved us yesterday, He loves us today, and He will still love us tomorrow, no matter what!

I heard someone say the other week that, “There are enough changes going on all around us without God changing!” – So it’s just as well He is unchanging.

Not sure what to do? Well the bible offers us advice for these circumstances, just as it does for all others:

Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times ~ Romans 12:12 (Good News translation)

It can be difficult to stay hopeful during trying times, and even more difficult to be joyful, but God can help keep you strong and positive during these times.

We live in a world where we all want everything now, however if we truly trust God for everything we know that He will never be rushed into anything, but He will always answer your prayers in is time.

When you’re struggling prayer may seem like the last thing you want to do, however it should be the first thing we do in all circumstances. That said, when you’re struggling and try to pray, it can often be impossible to actual vocalise your prayer. However that doesn’t mean we you shouldn’t try to pray during tough times, it simply mean you should be even more likely to pray! After all even when we can’t vocalise our prayers to God, He knows them, because He knows what’s in our hearts.

Trust in God at all times, good and bad, because He will help you keep joyful and patient during these times, and as always, will hear your prayers.

Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire,
Uttered or unexpressed,
The motion of a hidden fire
That trembles in the breast.
Prayer is the burden of a sigh`
The falling of a tear;
The upward glancing of an eye
When none but God is near.
by James Montgomery (1771-1854)

When we feel alone…Jesus is there for us.

When we feel rejected…Jesus is there for us.

When life is cruel to us…Jesus is there for us.

In all these situations, pray, because Jesus is there for you, and will help you.

During your prayer time, do you always remember to prayer for all those people/situation you intended to pray for?

I found a while ago, that while I went about my daily life, I often thought of specific people or situations that needed my prayers, however when it came to my quiet time with God, I’d often unintentionally forget to pray for some people/situations. That I found quite frustrating and also annoying as how could I expect others to pray for me when I needed their payers if I couldn’t even remember to pray for them?!

My problem however was easily solved, as I now have a prayer notebook in OneNote that I use to jot down prayer topics/situations/people as they come to mind – An easy solution which has greatly enhanced my prayer life and hopefully also those I now remember to pray for!

So if you’re having difficultly remembering prayer topics during your quiet time, why not try using a prayer notebook. N.B. I use an electronic prayer notebook, but it would work equally well with a paper notebook too, so don’t be put off by my use of technology!

Somebody’s Prayin’, so please let it be me and you that’s praying today!

Effective prayer is not only about believing God is listening to every prayer, but believing that He will answer our prayers in the way in knows is best for us. God knows better than any of us, what is best for us, because He knows us better than we even know ourselves.

1 John 14-15 (NLT)

And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him. And since we know he hears us when we make our requests, we also know that he will give us what we ask for.

Therefore pray in the knowledge that God is listening. Pray in the knowledge that He knows what is best for us, and therefore whatever He gives us in response to our prayers, will enable us to find the greatest joy in all we do.

attitudeI’m sure we have all either said or heard someone say, “They have a shocking attitude”.

Everyone’s attitude towards themselves, others and situations/events around them, is all determined by you, and no one else.

Some people are naturally positive all the time no matter what’s going on in their life, while others seem to constantly see the negative in everything.

God tells us though that our attitude to life is important and that positivity towards all life throws our way is the key.

Keep a good attitude no matter what is going on in your life ~ Colossians 3:12

I wonder how many of you saw the title of my blog post and thought, “I wonder how many unkind people Dot is going to name and shame?”.

Well I’m sorry to disappoint you, but far from naming and shaming some unkind people, I’d like to offer you these words:

Be kind to unkind people. They need it the most.

I often wonder why some people just seem to want to be unkind to others, and why some of them even seem to enjoy it! I don’t have the answers to these questions, but I believe that these people can change in to loving and caring individuals. I therefore believe that we need to help these folks as must as possible by being kind to them no matter how unkind they are to us or others.