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The other day when I was using my laptop, a reminder popped up to remind me to respond to a request I’d received last week. The reminder popped up when I was in the middle of doing something else, so I simple clicked the button to ask to be reminded again later.

How many times has a reminder come up on your phone, tablet or laptop reminding you of a task that you need to undertake, but, like me, you’re to busy to deal with it at that time and just hit remind me later or snooze?

As I sat later on and thought about how easy it was for me to click a button to dismiss a request and indicate I should be reminded later, it got me thinking about how I respond when God asks me to do something. Sadly I think I respond in much the same way to God at times, by telling Him “now isn’t good for me“, “I’m too busy just now” or “I don’t want to do this just now“.

While “remind me later” may be an acceptable response to reminders that come up on my mobile, tablet or laptop, it’s not a response I should be giving God!

This year why not join me in pledging to respond positively to God when he asks me to do something, rather than saying “remind me later“.


Well today my hubby reached the big  5 0 !

Before I go any further I must point out that I of course am much younger than my husband! 🙂

My life was in the balance last week when I passed on some photos of hubby from the past to work, so they could celebrate hubby’s birthday with him last Friday – we’re both off this week so they wanted to celebrate his birthday with him beforehand. My fears were unfounded as hubby took all the posters/pics in good humour so my life was safe for the time being…but for how much longer?!

Hubby has already picked out his special birthday present so all I had to do was get a few surprise things for him so he had some presents to open on his big day! So what did I get him? Well I got a few sensible things for him – I’m sorry but I had to – but I did however do something silly and bought him something silly…

Those of you who know my husband will probably know that he likes his food, and in addition to that, that he can be a bit messy/clumsy sometimes. For sometime now I’ve been kidding him on that I’d get him a pelican bib, like babies have to catch the food he drops…well I did, I found him an adult sized pelican bib!

So that was the something silly, but what did I do that was silly? Well again on the same theme as my other surprise for him. i.e. food/eating related, I bought 50 bars of chocolate or tubes of sweetie and wrapped them up individually for him. So whenever he wants a sweetie, he can open one of the little presents I got him and have a surprise seeing what kind of sweetie he’s got this time!

As my hubby is originally from Alloa, and a lifelong Alloa Football Club supporter, I also bought him a few bits and pieces of their things. Do you think he’ll like them?: Mousemat, pennant, keyring

To my husband, happy 50th birthday!