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Sometimes when I look around me at the grass and the tree I wonder…
Why would the same God who made these things choose to love someone like me?
Sometimes when I see different animals I wonder…
Why would the same God who made them choose to love someone like me?
Sometimes when I watch the sun rise and then set I wonder…
Why would the same God who made these things choose to love someone like me?
Sometimes when I look around this world and see how much some people hate their fellow human beings I wonder…
Why would the same God who made these things choose to love someone like me?
Whenever I wonder why God would love some like me I remind myself
God made me, and He has promised to love me forever no matter what!


If ever you’re in doubt about whether God loves you, have another read at the above, and remind yourself that God made everything around you, including you. He made me, and He made you and just as I’ve said He will always love me, He has also promised that He will always love you too.

And that is “Why Me?”

They say it takes a minute
to find a special person
an hour to appreciate them
a day to love them
but then an entire life
to forget them.


Do you agree with those words?

How many people from your past who weren’t special to you, do you actually remember much about?

But then there’s the people who have a huge impact on your life, who influence you and make a huge impression on you, do you ever forget about them? I’m sure even if they are people who are long gone, they still come to your mind sometimes, and I’m sure you still love them for being that special to you.

Are there people in your life who are special to you? Have you told them how special they are to you?

Share your happiness, share you joy, tell those special people in your life just how much they mean to you.

Forevermore, You are holy
Forevermore, You are worthy

God can take the broken and the weak and make them into superstars. He does this for every individual who gives their life to Him, and in return He promises to love us all forever.

God will be with us forever, He has planned our lives out before us, and in doing so proves again just how much he loves us, and will always love us. So how should we repay Him? By loving Him and giving our heart to Him today.

All my life, all that I hope
It rests inside Your plan
Your love, Your grace, Your truth alone
Forevermore will stand
You have called me Your redeemed
And hidden me in the shadow of Your wings

Due to several events in the last few weeks, I’ve been very abruptly reminded how important it is to share three little words with those we love:

We never know when we may be spending our last few minutes with those we love, so tell them how much they mean to you on a regular basis. You don;t want to end up living in regret because you just never got around to telling them how much you love them, do you?

Three small words, but they usually mean the world to the person we say them to.

Go on, let your loved one just how much them mean to you, tell them you love them.


Love That is Hoarded

Love that is hoarded moulds at length;
Until we know some day
The only thing we ever had
Is what we give away.

And kindness that is never used
But hidden all alone,
Will slowly harden till it is
As hard as any stone.

It is the things we always hold
That we lose day by day;
The only things we ever keep
Are what we give away.

Written by Louis Ginsberg

God didn’t put us on this earth to keep our love to ourselves. He put us here to share our love, His love, with those we come into contact with.

Do you share your love, God’s love, with those you meet?

It can be hard to tolerate some people when encounter in our daily life, however God expects us to love them just as much as we do our family and friends.

I pray that God will help each of us to be more tolerant of others no matter who they are or what they have done.

God will help us to love the unloveable, so share some love today!

I came across the following little poem a while ago and I’ve found it’s been back in my thoughts again in the last few days:

Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean
And the pleasant land.

So the little moments,
Humble thought they be,
Make the mighty ages
Of Eternity.

So the little errors
Lead the soul away
From the paths of virtue
Far in sin to stray.

Little deeds of kindness,
Little words of love,
Help to make earth happy
Like the Heaven above.

This poem called Little Things was written in 1845 by Julia Fletcher Carney. Believe it or not this little poem was the source of great fame for both the poem and its writer…and that wouldn’t have happened it Julie hadn’t participated in a 10 minute writing exercise during her teaching time in Boston!

While attending a class for teachers in the summer of 1845, Julia and her classmates were given ten minutes to complete a writing assignment. She had written an article the previous evening called ”A Letter to Sabbath School Children,” in which she had mentioned the importance of little things. In the article, she had written the first four lines of the above poem and then in the 10 minute assignment, she started with those four lines and promptly carried on and wrote the rest of this poem.

Even at this point no-one would have expected this little poem to become so famous. However the editor of the publication that was going to publish Julia’s, ”Letter to Sabbath School Children” needed extra material to fill out the publication, at the very last minute. It was at this point that Julia made that crucial decision to give the publisher her recently completed poem “Little Things.

This little decision made by Julia that day to give her poem to the publisher, was one that had a huge effect on her life, as the poem proceeded to be published not only in the United States but all over the world.

Do you struggle with life sometimes? Do you worry about decisions that have to be made? Do you over-react when things don’t go your way?

Maybe just like me, you forget to be thankful for the little things in life – The little things of life often get forgotten or missed in amongst the big things of life, however the little things are often the things which have the biggest impact.

So don’t take the little things of life for granted.

Two things that are infinite…mans stupidity and gods love!

So how do we get it down to only one thing that’s infinite? We pray!

In my blog post yesterday, Passionate, I said that

God wants us to love Him passionately, so to be true followers of God we must love God passionately, with more passion than we show for anything or anyone else in this world.

But what does passion actually involve?

Here’s the dictionary definition of passion:

  • ardent love or affection
  • intense sexual love
  • a strong affection or enthusiasm for an object, concept, etc. a passion for poetry
  • any strongly felt emotion, such as love, hate, envy, etc.
  • a state or outburst of extreme anger he flew into a passion
  • the object of an intense desire, ardent affection, or enthusiasm
  • an outburst expressing intense emotion he burst into a passion of sobs
  • (Philosophy) Philosophy – any state of the mind in which it is affected by something external, such as perception, desire, etc., as contrasted with action, or  feelings, desires or emotions, as contrasted with reason
  • (Christian Religious Writings / Theology) the sufferings and death of a Christian martyr

God wants us to be passionate about Him, but he also wants us to show compassion to those we meet and talk to. We live in a world that seems to do everything at 100 miles an hour, and at that speed there’s no time for people to show compassion for one another.

Take a step back from your busy life and take some time out to show compassion for those around you – it may just be what someone has been needing to help them through a difficult time.

I’ve become very aware over these last few months of how important it is to tell those we love, just how much they mean to us, as we don’t know when we may never get that opportunity again. Maybe it’s because I’ve become more aware of the frailties and health issues of some of those close to me, or as someone said to me yesterday, maybe it’s just because I’m getting old! Who knows!


Whatever the reason for it, I think it’s important that we do tell those we love just what they mean to us. Although it shouldn’t just be something we just do because we become aware of the fragility of life, but something we do regularly throughout our life.


Do those you love, know and understand just how much they mean to you? Maybe today is the time to tell them!


When someone tells you that they love you it is one of the most special things you can ever hear. Appreciate those who love you and tell those who you love how you feel…it will mean the world to them.

God, the Creator and Giver of Life
Does He speak? Does He care about us? Can WE know Him?
Yes! He spoke, He cares and His message for all people tells us how to know Him…

God has promised to love each one of us, but do you love Him in return?

God’s message is clear to us, we must love one another, and most of all we must love Him. If we fail to love one another, we fail to love God too.

John 4:7-8 (NIV)

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.