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Predictions – we all like to make them sometimes don’t we, particularly when it comes to sorting events or tournaments. So it’s no great surprise that long before the Fifa 2018 football world cup started in Russia on Thursday, many had already stated their predictions of:

  • which team might win
  • who would be the star player of the tournament
  • which team may be the surprise team of the tournament
  • which teams would struggle to get any points
  • etc

Every world cup and every European championships for the last number of years, we’ve had a predictions competition at work. This involves not only trying to predict who would win each game, but what the score would be, and also who would score the goals. For each of those things you get right, you get extra points.

Needless to say, some I know put in a lot of effort to investigate and analyse the team, players and past results, to try to get an insight into how each game will go; others just go with their first thoughts of scores and scorers, and hope for the best. At the end of the day, you can do as much analysis as you want, but football is just a game, an unpredictable game that can often throw up very unexpected results.

We’re now in day 4 of this year’s world cup with fa number of games played, so have any of your predicted champions shown their worth, or have they shown they’re far from the finished article?

So who do you think will win this years tournament? Please cast your vote, and we’ll seen in a few weeks time how good we all were at predicting who would win!

When situations arise around you, how do you react? Do you calmly and orderly take control and get things back to normality; Do you dash about from task to task not really achieving anything; Do you dash around getting things done so that the impact of the event is minimised; Do you wait for someone else to take control; or do you just sit back and see what happens?

I guess we all fall into one of those categories, but consider this – Does the way you react or respond to events in your life impact their outcome and your future?

A read the following quote a number of weeks ago and it has stuck in my mind:

Life is 10% what happens to you & 90% how you handle it.

It’s true isn’t it? So be careful how you react/respond to life’s situations as they can affect the rest of your life!


Given recent circumstances regarding our work (see my post yesterday entitled Retirement), hubby and I have spent a lot of time discussing “the future”.

What do you think of when you think about “the future”? Does your mind go forward a month, a year, five years, 10 years, 20 years or what?

Is it just me or as we get older, do we start to find “the future” is closer to now? i.e. When we were teenagers the future seemed a life-time away. Now as we’re older and our family and friends get older too, we now only look ahead a short period of time. Why is that?

I guess for me, it’s the fear of some of the events that will occur, and those that may occur in the next few years that make me not want to look too far ahead anymore. I do get scared sometimes about what lies ahead for me and my family, but when I do, I turn to God, because I know that whatever the future holds, I’m in His hands.

Thank you God for being my Saviour and my friend.

If you were given the chance to know what happens in the future, would you take it?

My answer would have to be a definite “No”.

Sometimes in the past I know I might have answered differently, although being a few years older and having faced certain difficulties in life, I now am glad I never knew what lay ahead of me.

What would have been the point in knowing what was coming my way? I wouldn’t have been able to chance what was going to happen, but would have worried about it and probably made myself sicker.

We can’t change what lies ahead of us, just as we can’t change what we’ve done in the past, but we can live for today!

Make the most of each and every day, tell those you love how much they mean to you every day, cause ultimately we never know when today might be the last time we see them.

We often hear people saying that we

should cherish the children because they are the future

…but are they?

Personally I don’t agree with this statement. Does that surprise you? It may not surprise you quite as much when I tell you why I disagree with this statement…

For me we must cherish the children because they are the present as well as the future!

Yes, until the children are grown up they may not be able to have the impact on our community and society that we would hope, however if we don’t teach them in God‘s ways when they are children, they will never be the adults we, or God need and want them to be.

Deuteronomy 10:12 (NIV)

what does the LORD your God ask of you but to fear the LORD your God, to walk in all his ways, to love him, to serve the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul