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Silence can be peaceful and serene, a time to consider life and appreciate those around you. Alternatively, it can be a time that makes us feel uncomfortable and threatened.

Have you noticed how the former is the case when we are in the company of close friends, how it doesn’t seem to matter how long neither person says anything because you are both comfortable in each other’s company, in the silence.

When you’re with someone you don’t know very well, or are nervous, that’s when silences can be very stressful and feel like they last for ages even when in reality they probably only lasted a few seconds. For me, these are the kinds of silences in which I have a tendency to blurt out stupid and ridiculous statements, simply because I’m uncomfortable in the silence.

What about when you’re praying or when you’re reading the bible? Do you spend some quiet time in silence with God? I do, and I certainly don’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassed during those silent moments. In fact, if anything, they are often the most precious moments because it’s when I’m truly listening to God.

enjoy-the-silenceI know I’ve talked before about how some folk just seem to have their volume control turned up to full all the time, but there are in fact some times when the quietness can be just as uncomfortable…

Ever noticed how many of us don’t like it when it’s quiet, when no-one is talking? Funny how someone always feels the need to break that quietness…usually with something completely unrelated to any previous discussion, and in many occasions trying to be funny but completely failing!

Have you ever noticed how there are some people you can sit in silence with for ages and never feel uncomfortable with? They are the folk you love and trust, and that is why silence is so easy to cope with and not uncomfortable at all.

So, yes, there are some times when quietness or silence is uncomfortable, but then there are also some situation where the silence is just so natural. Hold onto those relationships where silences are comfortable as they are your important and valuable relationships.


Ever been on holiday and sat either late at night or early in the morning, sitting looking out over the sea, at the calmness of the water, with just the noise of the sea lapping on the sand and the sound of a few birds or insects? If you’ve ever experienced it you will never forget it, it is so peaceful and so relaxing.

Have you rowed out into the middle of a deserted lake or loch and then just sat there looking around you taking in the scenery? Stunning isn’t it, and so tranquil.

What about just being alone in your home, wearing your jammies and curled up on the sofa with a blanket, with no TV, radio, CD playing in the background? Isn’t that quietness awesome!

It’s good to be able to sit and just listen to the sounds of nature around you, instead of the busyness of our everyday lives. It’s during times like these that we can focus our minds on the important things in life, and even make important decisions about our future.

During these times of quietness is also when we should spend time enjoying being in God’s presence and thanking Him for all the amazing things He does for us.

How often do you spend a few minutes in complete quietness? I must admit I don’t do it very often, maybe together we can make a promise today to spend more quiet time with God.

You Time

Posted: January 8, 2010 in life, religion
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When you’ve had a stressful few days, how do you relax?

He’s an extract of a message I received recently:

Just reminding you not to forget about a very important person today, YOU! DO something 4 only you today : ) You deserve it!

Isn’t that good advice? I certainly think it is. Sometimes when life has got on top of you things have been stressful and you’ve been struggling, put some time aside just for YOU, to pamper yourself, give yourself a treat, do something you enjoy, or simply relax and chill.

Most importantly though, to find complete rest we must take time to spend some “quiet time” in God’s presence – He alone can give you true rest.

Busy Lives

Posted: September 9, 2009 in life, pray, religion
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We all lead very busy lives these days. We spend most of our days working or rushing from one task to another. How much time do we actually put aside for ourselves, or more specifically, how much time do we put aside to spend in quiet prayer with God?

The following song entitled Mid All The Traffic Of The Ways talks of how busy we are, but also remind us that we need find a quiet place where we can spend time with God.

Make sure you take time out from your busy life to spend some quiet time with God.


Posted: July 17, 2009 in life, religion
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Even if we try not to overload ourselves, chances are we still end up carrying a heavy load. Troubles, burdens and stresses are after all, part of everyday life these days.

When you are feeling overloaded and struggling to cope with the pressures of life, how do you cope?

Well for many of us, we try to withdraw to a private place, a place of quietness, where we can be alone with our thoughts. But how would you feel if you tried to have some “alone” time, but someone interrupted your plans, seeking your help?

Well this is exactly what happened to Jesus after He received the news of John the Baptist’s murder (Matthew 14:1-12).

Matthew 14:13-14 – The Message
When Jesus got the news, he slipped away by boat to an out-of-the-way place by himself. But unsuccessfully—someone saw him and the word got around. Soon a lot of people from the nearby villages walked around the lake to where he was. When he saw them coming, he was overcome with pity and healed their sick.

Jesus was certainly God-focused during this time when He really wanted to have some time by himself. He could so easily have focused purely on himself, but He didn’t, He was selfless. That must have been so difficult for Jesus to find the strength and motivation to help others rather than focus on himself.

Jesus accomplished this simply by turning to God for His strength and motivation, as He knew God would give Him the power to do all He needed him to do.

Take heart from this, allow you daily stresses and strains to make you more like Jesus: God-focused. This is how Jesus coped, so if it worked for Him it will definitely work for you and me!

God will help you get through, even when things seem impossible!

God Help Me by Rebecca St James