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The last couple of days in Revive Me and Lead Me I’ve been talking about how we can get our life’s sorted out, particularly when we are struggling with the situations life throws our way. Now if we’ve asked God to revive us and lead us to Him, we can be assured that He will always be by our side – We will have no more lonely nights, because God will have brightened our life.

How will God achieve this?

He will reach out to us and place his loving arms around us.

Straight To The Heart by Michael W Smith

When I’m down when my soul’s in need of rest
Come your words of comfort and of hope
I see your face always smiling back at me
A stream of light shining straight to the heart
Child of God, child of light
There’ll be no more lonely nights
Cause you have brightened up my life

There’s a road that leads me to this place
A path of love running straight to the heart

Over the years I’ve learned one important thing
It’s that real friends shall never truly be apart
You were there in my darkest time of need
With a hand reaching straight to the heart

Child of God, child of light
There’ll be no more lonely nights
Cause you have brightened up my life

Take this gift, it is all I have to give
A prayer of love forever straight to the heart 


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Have you ever spent your time trying to avoid someone or something? If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably have found the more you try to avoid something, the more you “bumped” into it!

Should that tell us something?! Maybe we shouldn’t try to avoid the things we don’t want to face. After all, all that does is just stretch things out even more, because inevitably some day, at some time we will have to face what we have been avoiding.

Do you try your best to avoid God and all he stands for? Why? Are you a non-believer? Or a believer who has fallen along life’s journey?

Do you think you can avoid God forever?

It’s impossible, because God is all around us everyday, everywhere we go. God can make a huge difference in your life – He can lift you up when you’re at your lowest, and He can direct you when you’re not sure which of life’s paths to take. Whenever you need a friend or someone to listen to you, God is there.

Don’t carry on avoiding God, just reach out and He will take your hand.

Dying To Reach You by Point of Grace

He looked through temples of time
To see you right where you stand
He emptied all of Himself
So He could reach out His hand
To give hope and meaning
To the wasted away
And you are one of the ones
That He was dying to save


He was dying to reach you
Trying to meet you
Where you need Him most
You’ve been living in search of
The whole truth and real love
Your whole life through
You can open your heart
‘Cause He’s dying to reach you

He’s standing there at the door
You can hear Him call you by name
He simply waits to forgive
All of the guilt and the shame
He gave up His own life
And He still bears the scars
He only wants to receive you
So come as you are


Oh, He has waited time and time before
You must be still and know that He is Lord