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Reflection of ChristIn the last few days I’ve spoken about our own reflections and how what we see in the mirror is how others see us. But what about how God sees us?

God sees more than just our physical image, He knows what’s in our heart, He knows our thoughts and knows our deepest feelings and emotions, including those we’ve never shared with anyone else, and those we haven’t even understood ourselves yet!

We can all “put on a public face”, some of us better than others, but God always sees the real us. Is the real you, pleasing to God?

I’m just as guilty as the next person of doing and saying things which I know disappoint God, but I pray God will continue to help me change so that my image, inside and out, truly reflect Him.

God know us better than we know ourselves, so remember God sees our inner image as well as the public image everyone else sees.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered who the person was that was looking back at you?

old_woman_mirrorSometimes when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I don’t think anything of it, but other times it can seem like a stranger looking back at me. Yes, it still looks like me, but a much older version of me! It sometimes feels like a whole chunk of my life has gone missing, and that I’ve suddenly aged by 10/15 years!

It’s strange isn’t it, as I obviously see my reflection in the mirror every day, yet sometimes I don’t recognise my own reflection! Before you say it, my eyesight is fine – yes, I need glasses for reading, but otherwise my eyesight is absolutely fine.

The daft thing is, while the current mirror image of me sometimes seems unrecognisable to me, it’s the inner me from years ago I no longer recognise! I sometimes look back and wonder “what was I thinking” about my clothes, hairstyles, actions and my words, but realise then that if it hadn’t been for all those situations and events in my past, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Yes, in another 10/15 years, I’m sure my mirror image will be very different again, but I also hope the inner me is also different, as I’m so very aware of so many things that I need could do so much better, especially when it comes to my words and my actions!

How about you, how’s your mirror image?