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It’s two days to Christmas, and I’m sure we’re all trying frantically to make sure our homes are ready for Christmas and all the family who will descend on us. But have you stopped to think of those who have family members who won’t be home for Christmas this year, and how empty their home feels to them this Christmas:

  • Some may have family who are serving in the armed forces somewhere;
  • Some may live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from their families;
  • Some may have lost a loved one to illness or old age in this last year, so may be alone;
  • Some may simply have no family to share Christmas with.

So spare a thought this Christmas for those who may not be finding Christmas such a joyous occasion, as for them Christmas may just be reminding them of their loneliness.

For those of you awaiting the arrival of loved ones this Christmas, cherish them and enjoy your celebrations together, as you are fortunate to have family to share this special time with.

Did you used to celebrate the birth of Christ as Christmas time, but now you don’t?

Did you used to look forward to giving and receiving presents at Christmas time, but now you don’t?

Let’s get back to basics this Christmas, and feel Christmas like a child.

I want to feel Christmas, how it used to be
With all of it’s wonder falling on me
This season has felt so empty, oh for quite a while
I want to feel Christmas like a child

I want to see snowflakes fall to the ground
My brothers and sisters all gathered around
Singing “Away In A Manager” as we sit by the fire
I want to feel Christmas like a child

It’s been so long now, I can’t say
Just when I lost my way
But I’m going back to how it was
When this day meant everything
And we spent our time remembering 
The baby Child born for us

It’s all about Jesus, asleep in the straw
This infant, this King, this Savior for all

So I don’t need bells to be ringing
‘Cause I’ll join with angels singing
And I can feel Christmas like a child
I want to feel Christmas like a child…

There are many people in this world who feels as if their life has no hope. I personally find that very sad and am challenged to do something about that. Surely as Christians we must work together in Christ to let these people know that there is hope and that Christ can provide them with all they need.

I found myself getting very upset while watching various adverts that restarted on TV over the Christmas period, and are still continuing now – I’m sure if you’re in the UK you’ll have seen them too – various charities asking us to donate money to help them provide assistance and aid to adults, children and animals in third world countries and in our own country…boy do they pull at our heart-strings, don’t they!

I’ve now got to the stage where I have to go out the room now when these adverts are on as I just get too upset otherwise. What really gets me in these adverts is that they talk about the children and adults in these countries having “no hope”. Saying they have no hope suggests that no matter what any of us try to do for these folks, it will be futile. I however believe, as I’m sure many of you will too, that as long as there is God, there is hope.

Psalm 62:4-5 (NLT)

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will not be shaken.

Never give up hope, because God is still here!

I don’t know about you, but over the last couple of weeks, particularly the week leading up to Christmas, the shops were mobbed but everyone seemed happy to speak to the person next to them in the queues, even although they’d never seen that person before, and probably likely to never see them again.

Funny that, because every other week of the year you go shopping, no-one is interested in speaking to you unless it’s to give abuse or complain about something. Isn’t it funny how the spirit of Christmas seems to make everyone nicer to each other.

Wouldn’t it be good if that Christmas spirit of friendliness towards others could remain all year round, not just for the few days of Christmas.

Today is the first of my blog posts focusing on Christmas, so when I saw the following picture posted on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, I felt it was very apt, so I wanted to share it with you:

Stable influence

There are so many awful things happening every day in our world these days, so for me, the world needs God more than ever.

Therefore. let’s make a huge effort this Christmas to make sure we remind all those we come into contact that Christmas is all about Christ! Let’s tell them that although Christmas is all about Christmas, Christ isn’t just a one day a year saviour, Jesus is a Saviour for the world every day.

For most of us, Christmas is a joyful and happy time of year, when we look forward to spending quality time with family and friends, and giving and reciving Christmas presents and cards. Sadly though, this isn’t the kind of Christmas everyone experiences.

There are many who have never had a Christmas where they’ve been surrounded by family, friends and presents. For many Christmas is just like every other day of the year, lonely, cold and depressing.

It’s our job as Christians to try to not only spread the real message of Christmas to those who don’t know it or believe it, but also to help make Christmas a sprecial and memorable time of year for others.

It’s my hpe this Christmas that not only will many other come to believe in the true message of Christmas, but that many others will be able to experience the wonder and hope inspired by the Christmas season in the knowledge that this season is all about the love of God.

The Christmas Hope by Newsong

Her wish this Christmas
Was that Christmas would just pass her by
Nothing could reach her
Or answer her questions why
She feels so alone
And she wonders if all hope is gone
Hope is a candle
A light in the window
Showing the way for
A heart to come home
Hope is a Savior
Who was born in the manger
Sent down from Heaven
To rescue our hearts
Our Christmas hope
She never imagined
That for her there was hope to find
But isn’t it amazing
How God brings a heart back to life
She’s smiling now she’s finding out
What Christmas hope is all about
Hope is a present
A gift freely given
To all who receive
And open their hearts
Hope is a promise
For a better tomorrow
In a world filled with sorrow
We always have hope
Our Christmas hope
Our Christmas hope

Have you had a busy Christmas Day? Have you eaten too much? Did you get all the presents you were hoping for?

However your Christmas Day has gone, good or bad, I hope you have taken a few minutes out of your busy day to rejoice in the knowledge that Christ was born on this day many years ago.

Please don’t forget the reason we are celebrating Christmas Day…Jesus!

Welcome To Our World by Michael W Smith:

When I’m at work I quite often go to a sandwich shop just along the road from my office at lunchtime to get myself a baguette or a sandwich. Having been doing this for quite a while now, the folk who work in there have got to know me so we often chat while they are preparing my lunch for me.

Never at any time in my previous visits to this shop do I remember making any statement to them indicating I am a Christian, so today I got a bit of a surprise when I went in to get a baguette for my lunch…

There were 3 or 4 people already in the shop when I went in, and the staff in the shop were chatting away to them as they usually do with their “regular” customers – They just seemed to be talking about the usual sort of stuff…the weather, how cold it is, whether they’d bought all their Christmas presents yet etc.

They finished serving everyone else (I was now the only customer in the shop), so served me. During this the guy started talking to me about whether I was organised for Christmas etc and I replied I just had to wrap a few presents, but that other than that I was all organised. I was then surprised when he then commented on how commercial Christmas is and that it upset him that “everyone forgets the real meaning of Christmas“!

Although I was quite surprised by his comments – not just that he had made them but that he’d made them to me and none of the previous customers – I totally agreed with him and said it is very disappointing how few people celebrate Christmas for what it’s really all about.

This whole conversation has been bugging me somewhat all afternoon, here’s why:

  • Why did he make those comments to me?
  • Why did he not make those comment to the previous customers or those who came in while he was serving me?
  • Did he see something in me that made him believe I am a Christian?

Obviously I can’t answer those questions, however I pray that this Christmas and every day, others may see a little bit of Christ in the way I live my life.

Please remember the true reason for Christmas this year. After all, without Christ there would be no CHRISTmas!

Christmas IS a time to LOVE…

One week today it will be Christmas Day, when for many of us we will spend the day celebrating Christmas with our family.

Although Christmas can be a time of happiness and togetherness for everyone, that can’t be further from reality for many.

Today I’d therefore like you to take a few minutes out of your preparations for Christmas, and spend a few moments thinking about those who will find this Christmas difficult. e.g.:

  • the unemployed
  • the ill, and their families/friends
  • the lonely
  • the homeless
  • the elderly
  • those who have been bereaved, particularly those bereaved in the last year
  • those separated by many miles, from loved ones this Christmas

If you are finding/will find this Christmas difficult, I pray you will some happiness this Christmas.

If you know of anyone who is struggling/will struggle this Christmas, please pray for them that they will find peace and happiness this Christmas.

What 3 things are you looking forward to before the end of this year, and why?

For me my 3 things are (in no particular order):

  • Holidays…i.e. No work – I’ve got 10 days holidays left to use! I don’t think I need to say anymore do I?!
  • Spending Christmas Day with my family
  • Christmas presents – I love giving presents and seeing the expressions of the receivers face when they see what they’ve been given

So that’s the 3 things I’m looking forward to, but what 3 things am I least looking forward to in the next few weeks, and why?

For me my 3 things are (in no particular order):

  • The weather! – We’ve had so much snow and freezing conditions in the last week, that I don’t want any more.
  • Going back to work after my holiday! – I don’t think anyone likes going back to work after time off, and I’m no different.
  • Shopping – I hate going shopping at the best of times, but I detest it even more at this time of year as the shops are so busy and the queues are so long

Let’s hope the next few weeks are full of joy and happiness for us all and that even the things we’re not looking forward to turn out to be not as bad as we’d feared.