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It’s funny isn’t it, how quickly things can change – one minute things are going well, then the next you hit an all time low…it’s rotten isn’t it?

Well in the last few days I’ve felt just like that, as this last weekend I was away with Bellshill Salvation Army Band at Guisborough where we lead the praise and worship meetings at the Salvation Army there on Saturday night and then Sunday morning and afternoon. What a fantastic weekend that was with the band playing brilliantly; the spiritual challenges given by both the music and those who lead the various devotional periods both before the meetings and during them.

Life-Mental-HealthBy the end of the weekend though on Sunday night, things were beginning to turn for me as, as I had expected my pain levels were starting to go through the roof with my pain killers not making any difference to my pain at all, plus extreme fatigue was taking over again.

Then today, Monday, it was a struggle to get out of bed as between pain and extreme fatigue it took a great effort. Thankfully I had planned today would be a day of nothingness as I anticipated I would be feeling like this after a long busy couple of days. If only it had continued as a day of nothingness…

First of all, just after lunchtime, my husband got a phone call from one the guys from work that he’s good friends with, to tell us that one of the other guys at work that they are friends with had been found dead in his home this morning. We were both shocked and stunned by this news as it had come completely out of the blue…

Not long after we’d received that first bit of bad news, we received a second bit of bad news…my Aunt Mabel, my Dad’s sister had died yesterday. She, like my Dad had dementia and, just like Dad had, had a fall, and had never really recovered from it.

What a rotten year this has been, that’s now 3 of my close family members, my Dad, then Aunt Mae, and now Aunt Mabel died, plus one of my husband’s cousin’s also died at the start of the year. How quickly the great highs of a fabulous challenging weekend and be put to one side when death strikes.

If you are a praying person, can I make two request of you please: firstly that you pray for the family and friends of my work colleague who has passed away suddenly; and secondly, can you pray for my family as this is our third family bereavement this year, and my Mum in particular is taking this hard.

Thank you.

After a fantastic inspirational weekend at the Salvation Army UK Territory’s congress in Glasgow, what else could I blog about tonight!

I watched the Saturday night and Sunday morning meetings from the comfort of my house via the live webcast, but I have to say I still felt as thought I was part of the meetings even though I wasn’t actually there in person. So well done to all involved in broadcasting the webcast.

On Sunday afternoon our band, Bellshill Salvation Army Band were playing from 2.30 – 3pm on stage in the Clyde Auditorium, so I was there for that and then stayed for the BugleTweetafternoon meeting.

The afternoon meeting was a whole new experience for me, as I wasn’t just there to listen, I was also there to Tweet! Martin Cordner, a Salvation Army Officer & brass band composer, created BugleTweet, on Twitter and Facebook, to post updates from SA band and other concerts from around the world. So it was a privilege to be asked by Martin to Tweet for BugleTweet. I just hope that I was able to give those following the tweets, a good feel for what was happening in the Sunday afternoon meeting, even though I lost signal for about 20 minutes at one point!

Back to the meetings themselves..All those who took part in the main meetings of the weekend as well as pre meetings in the foyer and main auditorium were great – the staff songsters, staff band, various corps bands and songsters, youth band and youth chorus, puppets and kids club – all were fantastic and I know blessed many through their message.

And then there was our leaders for the weekend, Commissioners Clive and Marianne Adams, what an inspiration! The recurring message throughout the weekend was transformation, challenging us to transform our world, our nation, our communities and ourselves! Quite a task, but as they said, if we let God start the transformation from within us, anything is possible! Thank you Commissioners Clive and Marianne you inspired so many of us to get out there and start the transformation.

Commissioners Clive and Marianne Adams

The congress is now over, so let’s make sure we keep the momentum going by getting this transformation going – Are you up for the challenge? I am!

The title of this blog post is the motto of the Salvation Army band I play in, Bellshill Salvation Army band.

Pro Causa Optima means For the Right Reason.

It’s funny how some things work, as in the last few weeks, I’ve had conversations with a number of people, in various situations and circumstances, where we ended up discussing the decisions and actions taken by other individuals, and whether in fact they were being taken for the right reasons, or simply to try to enhance their own reputation.

This in turn has got me thinking about me, and got me asking myself not for the first time, “Do I blog to get recognition for myself or to spread God‘s message?” and “Do I look after the band’s website for my own glory, or to promote the band, or to promote God’s message through the band and the website?“.

Some tough questions which, if I’m honest, I haven’t always done either of those things for the right reason. However, I do pray regularly that whatever and wherever God needs me, I will do it for His honour and glory, and not for my own selfish reasons.

How about you, is there anything in your life that you may not be doing for the right reason? If there is, take it to God, He can help you refocus your efforts on Him.

In yesterday’s blog post, His Advert, I briefly spoke about the fact that we are advert for God, but are you a good advert for God?

Are the words you say in all situations, honourable to God?

Are your actions those God would be happy with?

If you answered “Yes” to either (or both) of the above questions, don’t worry, you, like me, are only human! However all is not lost, as we are not beyond help…help from God!

If we pray, study God’s word (the bible) and listen to God’s message to us, we can become more Christ-like in all we do, and thus become a fantastic advert for God. So it’s down to us to let God mould us into the great adverts He needs us to be…so let’s get praying!

Here’s the International Staff Band of the Salvation Army playing Just Like Him by Terry Camsey:

A few days ago I read the following somewhere:

If we allow the kill-joys to stop us from celebrating as Christians then we might as well all give up and go home.

…but should we allow other non-believers to spoil Christmas for us?

Definitely not!

There’s so much talk these days of discrimination against various groups of people or their ethnicity. But here’s a thought for you…do you feel Christians are discriminated against?

Personally I think that indirectly, yes, we are. However I think in many instances it’s done unintentionally…but that still doesn’t make it right! I think everyone is almost over eager and too sensitive to the beliefs of others that we forget this country is traditionally a Christian country, so please, please, please let us celebrate the birth of our Saviour this Christmas and every Christmas.

Don’t let non-Christians stop you from celebrating the true meaning of Christmas this year.

Bellshill Salvation Army Band and Songsters were out at Calvary Church in Motherwell tonight, and Olwyn Mathie sang the song Hallelujah Light Has Come, and I was really touched by it, and wanted to share it with you so here’s BarlowGirl singing this song – I’m just sorry I don’t have a recording of Olwyn singing it.