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Posted: April 29, 2015 in blogging, nature, religion, weather
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I came across the following picture a few days ago when I was searching the internet for a specific image to use in another blog post.

message from god

I loved this picture, it made me smile.

It’s funny isn’t how easy it is to forget that nature is all controlled by God! Sometimes it takes just a little reminder, like the above picture, to remind us that the rain, sun, stars etc are all God’s work.

So remember your umbrella, and remember who water’s the plants!


I’ve done a few Word Associations with you over the last few months, and today, it’s time for another one. So as usual I’m going to throw some words at you  and I want you to note down the first word that comes into your mind when you read each word.

So here goes…

  1. wordsSunburn
  2. Nature
  3. Language
  4. Suit
  5. Heater
  6. Lunch
  7. Weekend
  8. Disney
  9. Customers
  10. Noah

So how did you get on with those words? Did you find it easy? Did your answers surprise you or were they just as you expected?

Well here’s my responses to my questions:

  1. Ouch!
  2. God
  3. English
  4. Work
  5. Nice and warm
  6. Soup
  7. Over too quickly
  8. Tigger
  9. Service
  10. Ark

Were any of your answers the same as mine? Did any of my answers confuse you? Did any of your own answers confuse you?

I’ve said in previous word association posts that I find I get a bit stressed when I’m doing them as I put a lot of pressure on myself not to over think my answers! Are you relaxed when you do them or do you find it stressful too?

I still believe that when we respond with the first words that come into our minds, our answers tell us a lot about our emotional state, and what’s important to us at that particular point in time.

Bearing all this in mind, review your answers, does my theory hold true?


Posted: April 23, 2009 in Glasgow, life, religion
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Well I should have known better…write a blog about the wonderful sunny weather we’re having and what happens…within a day the sun’s gone and it’s wet and dull again! Sorry!

I said in my blog yesterday that when it’s sunny it seems to lift our spirits and make everything seem a bit brighter. Well today I think I’ve seen the opposite apply:

  • Damp and wet this morning when I left for work which after the weather of the last few days, made it less appealing to go out in.
  • I then got stuck in a traffic jam for a while because part of a raod had been shut because of a collapsed man hole.
  • That in turn meant I got to work much later than I was supposed to.
  • The air conditioning in my office is broken and needs a part which won’t be available until Monday, so the office is like a sauna again.
  • Had to go out at lunchtime to get a birthday card for my Dad, forgot my umbrella so got soaked.
  • Had a meeting this afternoon which went on until about 5.45pm, by which time my head was thumping.

So dull and damp outside today. Feeling pretty down today too as it’s been a very long day, I’m exhausted and a lot of things I was involved in to day just didn’t quite go as planned.

Sunny bright days outside seem to make it easier to be positive, so when you’re having a “grey” day, don’t focus on the negative things around you, think of a time when you were happy and try and stay positive. Pray! God doesn’t desert you when you’re having a bad day, He’s there to help you make everyday a sunny day.

Stay positive no matter how your weather looks!

By the way, Tigger’s back to sleeping on our bed again as the window doesn’t seem so appealing today!