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In so many areas of life we find people who freely give up their own personal time and talents to help others, expecting nothing in return except the knowledge that they’ve helped others.

Whether it running a kids’ football team, working in a charity shop, taking on a position within your church, helping those with disabilities, helping to educate others by leading evening classes, or some other voluntary act, people do these things voluntarily, and that is what others need to remember.

We can all be quick to make derogatory comments about the ability of the person who has volunteered. Many will think they can do better than the person who is in charge, but can they?

From experience, probably not! Even if we were capable of doing a job better than the person who has volunteered, we should be supportive and helpful towards the person, after all they have given of their time and talents freely, while we haven’t! They may not be perfect at the job they have undertaken, but they are doing their best – They wouldn’t have been given the job if those in charge didn’t think they were capable of doing a good job.

Volunteers aren’t in it for their own glorification, but are there to help others, so if you find yourself putting your trust in volunteers to lead, help, train or educate you or your family, don’t put them down or tell others you could do better.  Instead, always give them your support and encouragement.

Have you ever wondered what your walk looks like to others?

Would your walk look like it belongs to the Ministry of Silly Walks?

ministry of silly walks

Our walks may be different at different times depending on how we’re feeling or what shoes we’re wearing. Similarly our walk through life can have it’s funny times and it’s more difficult times. How about your walk through life with others? Are you there for others when they need you? Do you focus your attention on those who are strong and not in need of support?

walk with the broken

Look around you, and be there for those who need you.




We’re often told that God is always there for us, during the good times as well as during days of deepest despair. So why is it that when we are in greatest need of support and guidance, that it’s then we so often forget about God, and try to make it on our own?

Why, because we’re human!

Can I suggest another reasons why we try to do it on our own rather than turn to God? Have you considered it may be because our faith in God isn’t strong enough?

I can certainly tell you that in my experience this is why in the past I found myself trying to go it alone – I believed in God, but really hadn’t given my all to Him, so when the difficult times came, I simply forgot about God because I felt he’d forgotten about me (which I know now was not true), and tried to get by on my own. Needless to say I failed miserably, and when I did I realised God was still there reaching out to me, and when I reached out to Him, He lifted me out of those dark days, not immediately but slowly and steadily.

Now I can honestly say that I turn to God when things are going well, but I also turn to Him when I’m struggling and wondering how I’m going to get through, as I know God is with me and will guide me through each day.

How about you, do you turn to God when life gets tough, or do you try to go it alone?

It is God who arms me with strength (2 Samuel 22:33)

God can provide all the strength you need. It may be you’re facing money worries, health issues, family or relationship problems, problems at work etc, the list is endless because it really doesn’t matter to God why you need Him to strength and support you, because He will always strengthen and support you.

You are my strength
Strength like no other
Strength like no other
Reaches to me
You are my hope
Hope like no other
Hope like no other
Reaches to me


struggle3I spoke recently about how even if we got to church regularly, that doesn’t make us a Christian (in Going To Church). Today I’d like you to consider whether you are ready and willing to help those around you in their hour of need.

I’m not talking about our close friends and family, but just those who maybe attend the same church, or who work in the same office or live in the same neighbourhood…are you there for them, or are you missing in action when they need a friendly, supportive friend, a Christian friend, to help and support them?

As Christians we must be ready to reach out to those around us when we see them struggling and in need or support – That support may simply be to give them a hug, offer them words of reassurance, listen to their concerns and fears, give them practical advice or even give them some practical help with tasks that they need done.

You may think you will not know what to say or do to help someone in their hour of need, but I know from experience that if we trust in God, He will guide us and direct us so that we are able to offer the love and support the person in need, requires. I therefore hope and pray that you are not found to be missing in action when someone around you needs help and support.

tearsThere are some things which can seem endless. Some that are good and some not so good. Things like the love and support from family and friends can feel endless which is obviously good. While a continual string of bad or events which affect your life are the complete opposite.

I’ve felt for the last few years that my life has just been one constant struggle after another between my own health problems as well as health  problems and other issues affecting other members of my family. This has all culminated in the last few weeks with my Dad passing away and now my 90-year-old aunt being admitted to hospital a couple of weeks ago with a bad chest infection and not eating or drinking, and then just a few days ago being told my aunt had probably had a stroke and it was unlikely she’d pull through.

How does that make me feel? Well at times I question God, as I’m sure we all do sometimes, “why me?”, but other times I acknowledge that God wouldn’t let me go through these experiences if he didn’t think I could handle them.

That doesn’t make me feel any better during these tough days, and it of course doesn’t make my life any easier, but it does remind me that God lives me and walks beside me in all situations, even though it may feel to me that he’s deserted me.

So when you are going through what seems like an endless string of bad things, remember God is there and is supporting you in all at all times.

The following video of Susan Best singing God is Always There will hopefully help you remember that God is always there for you:

I was deeply saddened recently when i thought a fellow Christian was
accusing me of being unchristian because my blog mentioned depression and linked to other sites about depression.

depression and anxietyI couldn’t believe it, as sadly depression can be experienced by anyone at anytime – It’s an illness, and one which doesn’t care what nationality you are, your ethnicity or your religious beliefs (if any). i.e. Depression can hit anybody at any time in their life.

Depression is something many consider to be a taboo subject i.e. something we shouldn’t talk openly about. However I personally I feel its only a taboo subject for those who have never suffered from depression, as in my experience those who have suffered depression at some point in their life, are more willing to talk about it to others because when you’ve suffered from depression, you then realise how important it is to for sufferers to be able to talk about how they feel and their struggle to cope.

It’s a horrible illness which can leave the sufferer feeling lonely, isolated and even unwanted or unloved. So let’s not hide from the elephant in the room which is depression, but instead let’s talk about it openly about it, so we can give those suffering from depression all the love and support they need to get through their illness.

Let’s #taketimetotalk

a-friend-in-need-is-a-friend-indeedIn the last few weeks, I think it would be fair to say that I’ve been struggling physically and emotionally with a few things. So much so that there have been several times when I have been about to contact a close friend of mine to chat to them, as they are always very supportive and understanding towards me.

Nothing unusual about that is there? Well actually there is….the person is question that I was going to talk to passed away a while ago! I hope you don’t find that creepy, I’m only trying to convey to you how strong a relationship we can sometimes have with other who are not related to us but who are very close friends.

Since my friend died, I’ve found myself often thinking of calling x, but I’ve always managed to stop myself calling them before I’ve actually picked up the phone!

So what now, who did I contact? Well I quickly reminded myself that while It’s fine to have close friends we can truly rely on, I must not to make them the first person I turn to when I’m in need, God must always be the first person I turn to for help and advice.

I know that although my friend has passed away, they are still watching over me from heaven, and while they may can no longer give me the advice and support they used to, God will provide the support I need today and everyday.

God is always here for us…here’s Mark Schultz singing He Is:

Why is it when you try to help some people you just get your head bitten off and they go all defensive about what they’re saying it what they are trying to do?

As you’ll be aware if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, my Dad suffers from dementia and so I’ve been doing my best to support and help my Mum as much as possible, particularly over the last 12 weeks or so while Dad was in hospital. I’ve been trying my best but much of the time it has felt like my best just isn’t good enough, as no matter how much I’ve tried to help and support my Mum, she’s made me feel at time like I’m not helping, or that I’m saying things that aren’t helpful, and so she gets annoyed me with.

I know Mum doesn’t mean it to come across like this, as I know she does appreciate my help and support, it’s simply that she’s finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that Dad will never be home again, and after more than 55 years of marriage that must be so hard for Mum to cope with. So I guess it’s simply been that me saying things as they really are is hard for mum to hear as she’s still finding it difficult to accept how things are with dad these days.

No matter what people say or do sometime when you try to help them, don’t ever stop trying to help them, as often those in most need are those who “push” those trying to help them away.

Stay strong and continue to reach out to those in need.

In yesterday’s blog post Always Special I asked you to think about the special people in your life who have had a big impact on your life.

How many special people have you had in your life? Personally I’ve had a few.

However there is one person who has been a very special friend to me for many years now, and despite all my faults and the many times I’ve let them down or disappointed them, they still love me, support me and help me, and even better than that, they are always there for me no matter where I am or what time of day or night it is.

You may know my special friend…it is Jesus!

Yes, I’ve turned away from Jesus many times and refused to do what He’s asked me to do, but He keeps on loving me, and He never lets me down. I can honestly say I have never had another friend like Him, and I know I will never find anyone else just as loving and forgiving as Him.