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Saw this on a friend’s timeline on Facebook recently, and it really hit home with me

only mistakes

It’s a sad indictment on our society these days that many are more interested in pointing out others flaws and mistakes rather than noticing that their mistakes maybe down to some underlying sadness or pain.

Let’s try and see past others mistakes and see what’s going on behind their tears. Be the difference in someone’s life today.

How has your week been?

Have you felt God’s presence with you during your week or has your week been one in which God has been far from your mind and so you’ve got through the week on your own?

I hope the following doesn’t describe your week..

without God

Make your week strong, let God in and let Him help spend the week with you.


…everything to me

Bold words, but words I really do mean.

How about you, what does the cross mean to you?

For many these days it’s just a shape/form they see regularly on church steeples, in cemeteries and also in jewellery. These are just some of the visual things that the word “cross” can conjure in our mind, however for me, the cross is so much more than just a visual image!

The cross certainly does not tell me that life will be easy and that I’ll never encounter difficulties or struggles. It doesn’t mean that God answers my prayers when or even in the way I want Him to!

The cross does however assure me that no matter what difficulties or problems I may be facing, God is with me through it all. In doing that if offers me the promise of eternal life. I know my family and friends and myself will not always stay safe and health, but because I believe in God, and in the power of the cross, I am assured that we will all see each other one day in eternity and God will wipe away our tears.

The cross means everything to me, Christ means everything to me – How about you?


Ever thought that God doesn’t really know what He’s doing?

I have! Yes, when I’ve found life a real struggle (and that includes these last few days), I wondered Is God really there? and Is He really listening to me? because sometimes it has seemed liked days, even weeks since God has been there for me.

As the words of this song remind us, maybe when we haven’t been expecting it, God has actually been talking to us:

What if Your blessings come through raindrops?
What if Your healing comes through tears
What if a thousand sleepless nights
Are what it takes to know You’re near?
What if trials of this life
Are Your mercies in disguise?

Maybe we all just need to listen to God a bit closer!

When I say first “day” of work 2011, I’m using the word “day” very loosely as I was only at work for half a day!

I’ve spent the last few days stressing about going back to work today for the first time since before Christmas last year. I wasn’t stressing about going back to work because I didn’t think I was ready to go back, but because of my own fear of people fussing over me, or asking me how I am – Don’t get me wrong it’s not because I don’t think people care about me (as I do not think that is true), but just my usual irrational fear of falling apart in public. Irrational or what!

I try and put on a strong exterior when in public, which can be very hard at times as I’m often falling apart inside…but that’s just the way I’ve always done things and I can’t see me changing now. It’s not that I never fall apart, because that certainly isn’t true, but more that I prefer to be “in control” of where and when that happens.

Anyway back to today…after all my worries about how I’d cope today, I have to say that (as often is the case) all was fine, although I did have a few moments when I nearly fell apart when talking to one of my managers about all that’s been going on in the last few months…she has been having a tough time this year so was very supportive and understanding.

The morning went by quite quickly after having an update meeting/return to work meeting with my main manager (which in many ways made me feel like I’d never been off!), then a chat with my other manager, and of course trying to plough through my inbox of 997 emails! By the time I left at lunchtime I’d managed to get my email inbox down to 210, though some of my colleagues were threatening to fill my mailbox up for me this afternoon…I think they were joking! 🙂

So what’s next for me and work? Well it’s been agreed I’m just going to work morning’s this week and see how I get on, and then maybe try and do one full day and the rest half days next week, though we’ll agree that later this week, as I probably need a day off next week when hubby goes back into hospital for followup operation from last week.

When I got home this afternoon I was totally shattered so had an afternoon siesta – I’ve never been so glad to just be working half days!

So Day 1 of work 2011 completed successfully – well it was successful as far as I was concerned! Let’s see what Day 2 brings…

This is what today, Easter Friday, is all about…

This song and this video always move me, and touch me very deeply. Even as I watch it again as I write this blog post, I find my tears streaming down my face once again…all because of just how much Jesus gave up for me….His life!

He Had To Hold To Calvary by Garry Druery
He could have left that cross that day
To feed the hungry who were there
He could have wiped the children’s’ tears away
To show them He still cared
He could have once again reached out His hand
To give sight to the blind
He could have kissed His mother one more time
But He had to hold to Calvary
To ever hold to me
He could not free himself and set me free
He had to surrender
To win my victory
He could not save himself and save me
He could have proven to Jerusalem
That He truly was God’s son
He could have shown those who scorned Him
That He was the mighty one
He could have grieved the crown and filled the sky
With angels to set Him free
He could have walked away from Calvary
But He had to hold to Calvary
To ever hold to me
He could not free himself and set me free
He had to surrender
To win my victory
He could not save himself and save me
But He had to hold to Calvary
To ever hold to me
He could not free himself and set me free
He had to surrender
To win my victory
He could not save himself and save me
He had to surrender
To win my victory
He could not save himself
He could have walked away from Calvary
He could not save himself and save me


Thank you Lord for the cross and all that means and represents to me and other Christians throughout the world.

Last night Sandy and I sat down to watch Sport Relief 2010 on the BBC. Almost from the start of the programme, I found myself crying and this continued through the evening. I was crying, not because the programme was so bad, but because of the very moving footage they showed giving us details of some of the people and situations the money raised would be going towards.

Wow, it was heart wrenching. It reminded us just how lucky and well off we are here. We donated to Sport Relief to try to help make a small difference in someone’s life, you can too, just go to the Sport Relief website and donate what you can.

Please watch the following video which include some clips from last night’s show, including some of the footage I mentioned above.:

I hove you have been able to give to this wonderful cause. I thank you for what you have given on behalf of all those who will benefit from your donation.

Finally, last night Annie Lennox performed Bridge Over Troubled Waters live in the studio with so much feeling and emotion I ended up in flood of tears then too! I have been unable to find a video of last night’s performance but I hope you feel the passion in her performance of this song from 2007: