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Yes, saying thank you to God is a great thing to do, but is it really enough?

I’m not so sure it is – For me I think we also need to say, “Forgive me”, and we need to say it only when we really mean it. Only then do I think we will have said all the words we need to say to God in prayer.

So we need to say, “Thank you” and “Forgive me” to God. I personally need to say both those things to God regularly – He does so much for me that I forget to thank him for, and I say and do things which I know disappoints him. So while I’ve said those words to God before, I know I have to say them to God on a regular basis…I know I need to say thanks to Him and seek his forgiveness, how about you?

what we thanked god for yesterday

This statement get’s you thinking doesn’t it?

If I was put into that situation today, I’m not sure I’d actually have very much today. How about you, how much would you have?

Two small words – thank you – but words which we can often take for granted, and if we’re honest, we can forget to say to those who mean the most to us, and that includes God.

I’m grateful to God for all He does for me on a daily basis, particular when I’m struggling. I know I really should say thank you to Him each day for everything He does for me. We can be quick to ask others, including God for things we want, but are we as quick to say, “Thank you”?

Please join me in making a commitment to ensure we thank God each day for all He does for us each day.

i love you lord

Life is busy, we all have so much going on, and there’s so many people and situations that we want to ask God to help that sometimes we can be so busy asking God for help that we can forget to say thank you for all the things He’s done for us today.

Have you thanked God for the gift of today, whatever that day may have included?

Did you thank God for the people who love and support you who were there for you today?

How about the roof over your head, or the food on the table, did you thank Him for them?

How about those prayers you’ve already uttered, have they been answered, and have you thanked God for answering them?

Thank you Lord for today, and the opportunities you’ve given me and the love and support that has surrounded me. Without you Lord, my days would be incomplete, so thank you for loving me.

Are you looking for simple ways to encourage your heart and nourish your soul?

In the last while I’ve given you some ideas which will hopefully inspire you to implement them in your own life, and over the coming weeks I’ll share some others with you.

So here’s today’s suggestion:

Appreciate the love that surrounds you

We are all so very busy these days, so we can often take others for granted, especially those who love us. So today, take a few moments to think about those who love you, and just thank them for loving you. Not only will it brighten your day, but I’m sure it’ll make their day too!



Sometimes it’s only when you consider how things might be under different circumstances, you come to realise how little we truly give back to God.

what we thanked god for yesterday

If the above happened to me today, I have to be honest and say I would have very little. In the last while I’ve been finding life quite tough, and although I’ve still being spending time in prayer each day my prayers have been more about asking God to guide and strengthen me and my family than about saying thank you to God.

I am grateful to God for all He does for me on a daily basis, particular during the times when I’m struggling most, and really should say thank you to Him each day for getting me through the day, plus all the other things He does for me. How about you, do you say thank you to God each day for everything He does for you?

Thank you seems to be something that is said less and less these days, as everyone seems to take so much for granted (including other people), but please join me in making a commitment to ensure we thank God each day for all He’s done for us during the day.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I’m finding life difficult, and everything seems to be going against me, saying “Thank you” to God for what he’s doing for me, can feel like one of the last things I want to do. However I have learned over the years that even though it might feel like everything is going against me, and God has deserted me, God is most definitely still with me, guiding and directing me.

It is therefore at these times that I now know I must still give thanks to God, because it’s through these experiencing that I grow spiritually, and learn not only more about myself, but also more about God, and in doing so become closer to Him.

So regardless of circumstances, good or bad, I urge you always say thank you to God:

Rejoice always,  pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NIV)


I don’t know about you, but there’s one thing that I really do not like is people saying, “Thank you”, but really not meaning it!

You can tell by the way they say, “Thank you”, whether they really are grateful for what you’ve done, or whether they are just saying thank you out of habit, or because they think they should say it.

Yes, insincere thanks is annoying, but people not saying thank you at all, can be just as annoying, can’t it! When you’re doing something that’s part of your job, or is something you do every day and have done for years, it doesn’t mean you don’t like to be appreciated, and thanked for doing it.

It’s nice to be thanked, and it’s especially nice to be thanked when you know the person saying thank you really means it. So whenever someone does something for you, no matter how small a task, or how many times they may done that same task for you in the past, remember to say, “Thank you”, and please say it as if you really mean it!

thank you

thank you candle


Yes, acknowledgement of just how much God has done for you and continues to do for you in your life, is all God asks of us. Therefore thanking him sincerely for that is all he asks of us.

Ever wondered just how much we should thank God for all He provides for us and all He does for us?

Well just last night I found myself considering that question. So what were my conclusions?

My conclusion was that we can never thank God too much for all He has done for us, and all He continues to do for us! Whether we thank God once a week, once a day, or a hundred times a day, it will never be enough to truly thank God for everything.

You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give you thanks for ever (Psalm 30:11-12 NIV).

For this reason, ever since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all the saints, I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. (Ephesians 1:15-16 NIV).

So if we can never say thank you enough to God, how do we thank Him?

We serve Him and do His will…that’s all He asks of us!

How Could I Ever Say Thank You by Kathryn Scott
How could I ever say thank You
When the whole of this life’s not enough
Though I offer each breath back in worship
It never could match Your great love
So great are Your ways
Such encompassing grace
Love that reaches beyond each defense
Your mercy disarms the most broken of hearts
Such complete and profound faithfulness
How could I thank You
How could I ever repay You
When You laid aside Heaven for me
You came to the earth its Creator
Incarnate to set sinners free
I love You Lord
I love You Lord
I love You Lord 
I love you Lord

1 Chronicles 16:34 (The Message)

Give thanks to God—he is good and his love never quits.

God calls us to thank Him regularly for all He provides for us, and for all He does for us. Therefore, in our daily prayers we must make sure we say “Thank you” to God.

God is good, and show His goodness to us every day in many ways. So give thanks with a grateful heart.