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Do you ever feel like you just want to scream, to cry out as loud as you possibly can?

Sometimes life can make us feel like we want to scream out, but if we do, does it achieve anything?

But instead of physically screaming out loud when life is difficult, scream to God, because He will hear you – He will understand and He will help you.

Have you ever questioned God presence in your life?

Has it ever felt like God has deserted you and left you to your own devices?

Have you ever felt like God should have been there for you, but He wasn’t? That He could have helped you, but He didn’t?

I have!

The thing is, at the time my answer to all the above questions would have been “Yes”, however I have realised that instead of questioning God, I really should have been questioning myself!

The question we really should ask ourselves when we feel God’s deserted us is not, “Where is God?” but, “Where is my faith?”

During my darkest days, I honestly felt all alone, and that no-one including God cared about me, but ultimately God pulled me through. How do I know it was God’s doing and not just my own strength that got me out of that dark pit of despair? I know because I had no strength left to face another day, to fight another battle, I had nothing left. So where did my strength come from? I truly believe it came from God.

So if you ever feel God has desert you, think again because I’m certain God will NOT have deserted you, but instead you may have turned away from Him.

We’re always told that we should encourage others, but sometimes it can feel as if it’s an unthankful or unrewarding task. However please do not ever underestimate the impact a word of encouragement can have on a person, as often it we will not see the results of the encouragement we have given until a much later time, if at all.

Don’t ever let that discourage you from encouraging another just because you don’t think it will make a difference.  You may never know the difference a few words of encourage make in someone’s life so please continue to encourage your those you come into contact with.

Who do you need to encourage today? Do it!