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Why do opportunities not come with big signs on them, so it’s obvious they are opportunities!

Opportunities don’t just fall into our laps, we have to identify them and then put the work in to grab the opportunity, even if that means we have to work hard to achieve it.

life's failures


When you look back on your life, can you think of any times when you gave up on something, when actually looking back at it now, you were probably so very close to success?

If you answered “yes” to that question, I bet you feel disappointed with yourself for giving up when you did. Just as I said in yesterday’s blog post Breakdown, I guess it’s at times when we are about to give up, that if we just force ourselves to keep going just for a little longer, we may just make that ultimate breakthrough, and gain success in whatever we were trying to achieve.

So when you feel like giving up, and giving in to failure, keep going just for a little longer, as you never know that little extra effort may be the difference between success and failure!

Thomas A. Edison once said…

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up

I’m sure we can all think of times when we’ve struggled with something, and have considered giving up because it’s either seemed impossible to achieve, or too difficult or time-consuming to achieve. But did you give up?

It’s often when we feel we can’t go on any more and we consider giving-up, that by just persevering for a little longer, we succeed!

Life can be a bit like that…when life is tough and we feel we can’t go on, if we just persevere for a little longer life take a turn for the better. Why is that? Well for those of us who are Christians, I believe it’s because God only let’s us endure as much as He knows we can cope with, and therefore when we’re struggling, He ensures that just before we can’t take any more, our struggles decrease.

So whether your almost within reach of your goals and success, or are your lowest and struggling to see a future, trust God to be with you and help you through your struggles.

Do you think kindness is something that everyone can appreciate? I do!

No matter how young or old, deaf or blind, black or white, Christian or Muslim, or in fact any person, I would suggest that we all enjoy someone showing us a little kindness. I found the following quote from Mark Twain, and this backs up what I’ve been saying:

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see

So, as I said earlier this week, it doesn’t hurt to be kind to others, so let’s spread some kindness wherever we go. A little bit of kindness goes a long way, and can be fully appreciated by everyone.

If I were to ask you what your greatest weakness is, what would your answer be?

Thomas Alva Edison once said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.” – Would you agree with that statement?

I certainly think there’s a fair element of truth in that statement, as I can think of situations in my own life where I gave up just because things were getting a bit difficult. I’ve also seen friends and colleagues give up on their dreams and aims, because they haven’t had the confidence in their own ability or they’ve listened to some people around them who think they know better and have told them not to be so daft trying to do x or y as they’ll never do it!

That surely is a good example of how not to encourage or motivate others!

The greatest motivator you will ever find is God, as He believes in you always, no matter how ridiculous or far-fetched others may think your dreams are. So don’t give up, trust the great motivator, God, to keep you going and reach your goals.