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Do you sometimes find it difficult to pray, or more specifically, do you sometimes find it difficult the words you want to say to God when you pray?

I certainly do! I’m not the best at putting my general thoughts and feelings into words generally so it’s not really a great surprise to me that I find it difficult to find the words to say to God. Thankfully, God doesn’t really care about how we vocalise our prayers, because He already knows what’s in our heart – He knows our thoughts, our feelings, our joys our sorrows.

Even when we find it difficult to pray, God still understands what we are trying to say to Him, and will answer our prayers in ways far better for us than we could ever imagine.

God’s answers are wiser than our prayers ~ Author Unknown

Today’s blog post, follows on from my thoughts yesterday, when I stated that life’s events happen for a reason…

God will not allow a trial to come into your life unless He has a purpose. He doesn’t send the storms, but He uses them.

Don’t allow the tough times in your life to become the Godless times in your life, as it’s during the difficult times that we need God most. Trust me, I’ve been there and thought I could do it on my own because I thought God had deserted me. However it was only when I realized He was still with me, and put my trust fully in Him, that the difficulties I was facing, became ones I felt I could overcome.

So don’t despair during the storms of life, accept them and let God use you to learn and grow from the experience.

I’ve done a few Word Associations with you in the past, and last Saturday I did the first of these for a wee while, so I thought I’d do another one today. When you read each word, please note down the first word that comes into your mind when you read each word – Don’t take time to think about your answer, as it’s your initial response that’s important here.

So here goes…

1. Glasgowpower-of-words

2. Money

3. Frightened

4. The armed forces

5. Video

6. Shopping

7. Water

8. Arthritis

9. Child abuse

10. Language

So how did you get on with those words? Did you find it easy? Did your answers surprise you or were they just as you expected?

Well here’s my responses to my questions:

1. Home

2. Bank

3. Scared

4. War

5. DVD

6. Chore

7. Swimming

8. Pain

9. Criminal

10. English

Were any of your answers the same as mine? Did any of my answers confuse you? Did any of your own answers confuse you?

I’ve said in previous word association posts that I find I get a bit stressed when I’m doing these, as I put a lot of pressure on myself not to over think my answers! Are you relaxed when you do them or do you find it stressful too?

I still believe that when we respond with the first words that come into our minds, our answers tell us a lot about our emotional state, and what’s important to us at that particular point in time.

Bearing all this in mind, review your answers, does my theory hold true?

I sometimes just pick some really random words and just try this myself just to see what my answers are – I know that really does sound sad, but I often find it illuminating to discover what is occupying my subconscious…I’d urge you to try it out for yourself.

Everything we are, everything we believe and everything we become, all starts with a thought. Joyce Meyer said:

Your thoughts become your words; your thoughts become your actions. Your thoughts become your life.

While for many of us it is reassuring to know that what we think ultimately moulds who we are, it can be less reassuring when we think about those who don’t believe in Christ as what of their thoughts? What do they mould that person into? I just pray today that as each day many thoughts go through my mind, they are ones which have been founded in my love for Christ, and therefore help to lead a life more like Christ.


Here are five things you probably didn’t know or never really thought about:Love

  1. At least five people in this world love you so much they would die for you.
  2. If not for you, someone may not be living.
  3. If you have a great friend, take the time to let them know that they are great.
  4.  A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don’t like you.
  5. You are special and unique.

I particularly like #5 as this reminds us of exactly how God considers us…special and unique, just the way He made us!

attitudeI’m sure we have all either said or heard someone say, “They have a shocking attitude”.

Everyone’s attitude towards themselves, others and situations/events around them, is all determined by you, and no one else.

Some people are naturally positive all the time no matter what’s going on in their life, while others seem to constantly see the negative in everything.

God tells us though that our attitude to life is important and that positivity towards all life throws our way is the key.

Keep a good attitude no matter what is going on in your life ~ Colossians 3:12

I recently came across the following, and it touched me, so I wanted to share it will you all:

Mary is loved and thought of by everyone…

Just today her daughter thought about taking her to the doctor, her old friend thought about taking her shopping, her granddaughter almost stopped by for a visit, and her neighbour almost took her dinner.

Mary almost got that much needed doctor’s visit…she almost got some much needed groceries…she almost had the first visitor in months…and she almost had a hot meal.

Mary almost knew how much everyone loved and thought about her before she passed away…alone.

Make sure you don’t “almost” do thing…because it may be “almost too late”.

We all have particular things/events that make us happy – What makes you happy?

Here’s a few things that make me happy (in no particular order):happy people

  1. Listening to one of my favourite pieces of music
  2. Getting positive feedback about my blog
  3. Watching a good comedy
  4. Waking up thinking it’s time to get up, but finding there’s another few hours before the alarm will go off
  5. Finding something I thought I’d lost
  6. Making something (food) I’ve never made before and finding it’s delicious
  7. An ice-cold drink on a hot day
  8. Looking out on a snowy day knowing I don’t need to go out in it
  9. Getting a bargain in the sales (this doesn’t happen to me very often)
  10. Being told presents I’ve bought others are “just what they needed”

Have any of these things made you smile or think of a similar situation that you were in?

If your answer is Yes, I’ve done my job and made you happy, just by talking about my “happy things“.

Keep thinking happy thoughts!

Happiness is really quite a strange thing isn’t it…different things make different people happy while we all express our happiness in different ways!

You ever noticed how some people always seem to be happy? I am confident that these people are not in fact happy all the time, as I’m sure that just like you and me, they have their problems and challenges in life, however they are just able to cope better or “put on a happy face” when in public.

Happiness is not the absence of problems it’s the ability to deal with them ~ Steve Maraboli

Just as this quote says, it’s all about how we deal with life’s challenges that determines our happiness level. I for one, try my best when in public to “be happy”, not because I always am, far from it, but because I find it so much easier to cope that way, as I find it difficult to talk about myself and my feelings with other, so would rather pretend everything was ok and try to put a smile on my face.

Life would be boring if we were all happy all the time, so life’s problems are God’s way of keeping us on our toes!

I recently heard someone quote the following, and have since found myself thinking about it quite a lot…

If Christians spent as much time praying as grumbling, they would soon have nothing to grumble about.~ Unknown

What do you think?

Well the first thing I want to say is, yes, I know I moan about things just as much (if not more) than the next person. I could try and justify myself by saying that these last few years have been very tough ones for myself, my hubby and my Mum and Dad on the health front, but that would simply be me making excuses.

At the end of the day, what do I gain from moaning or grumbling? Not a lot other than a whole lot of negativity, which if you refer back to my blog post last Saturday (Negativity) you’ll find I spoke about how the negativity of those around us can bring us down – and that folks it not what I want to do today or any other day.

Imagine a world where instead of moaning or grumbling, we got down on our knees and prayed – Are you smiling now thinking of the folk who seem to moan constantly being on their knees all the time?! I am! Keep that smile going and keep those happy and positive thoughts going, it will make a difference to you and those around you.

Let’s all try and stop grumbling and moaning and try and have a positive impact on those around us instead of spreading our own negativity.