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Imagine you had no constraints. i.e. Money is no issue, you have no time constraints, no responsibilities, no health issues. In other words you can go where you want, what you want, when you want. So what would you do, where would you go?

Would you go on holiday?

Perhaps you’d buy yourself a new car or a new house?

Maybe you’d learn to do something you’ve never had the time or the money to do before, such as learning to fly a plane?

Even if you have unlimited resources, it doesn’t mean they will last forever. So whether you have little money or lots of money, have lots of health concerns or as healthy as you could be, have family or work responsibilities or on your own and unemployed, we still need to look after what we have.

We need to take care of ourselves, our possessions, our friends and family, and make sure we use our time wisely.

Yesterday in the first part of my Poverty In The UK series of blog posts, I gave you the shocking news that there are millions of people living in the UK, as supposedly large economy, who are living in poverty.

Today I want to have a look at some of the factors that cause poverty…


The recession in the UK has led to huge increase in unemployment levels in the UK, and as the recession continues to grow deeper, unemployment levels are set to rise further.

Those with fewer skills are at higher risk of being unemployed. Those from some minority ethnic groups are also at higher risk of unemployment. The area in which you live is also a huge factor in determining your chances of unemployment, as if you live in an area of high unemployment, you’re even more likely to be unemployed.

Low Wages

Just because you have a job, doesn’t guarantee yu will be poverty free. Low wages, part-time work and not having two working adults in work all increase the risk of poverty.

Inadequate Benefits

There are benefits and tax credits available which are supposed help those in need. However, in my opinion, they are too low to help those who are most in need of help.


There are thousands, if not millions of people around the country who are in debt. Some are managing their debts, while others have let their debts get out of control and so are now struggle to make repayments, and so are sinking deeper and deeper into a downward spiral of debt.

These are just a few factors which can contribute to families being in poverty.

Shocking isn’t it that these factors can have such a catastrophic impact on so many lives in the UK.

No not my retirement!

I’m sure you’re all very aware of all the cutbacks in both finances and resources within many councils around the country. Well, as both hubby and me work in the same IT department of the same local council it was obviously concerning when cutback were announced.

To facilitate some of the cuts, a restructure of our department was announced a few months ago, and this highlighted that both our jobs may be in danger.

To cut a long story short, as hubby’s post was no longer even going to exist and him and the two others in their position would potentially have to compete for the one job, we investigated the options for him to take voluntary severance/early retirement. The outcome of this was that he applied for voluntary severance/early retirement, and just a few days ago this was approved!

So in a few months time, I’ll be the only working person in my household! That’s going to be a bit odd, but I guess it’s for the best as at least going now when hubby’s is still well enough to get some enjoyment from retirement is better than what may have happened at a later time when potentially his health could be much worse.

I still find it quite odd to think that hubby is going to be “retired”…but then he is a few years older than me! LOL

Before any of you ask….yes we have already started compiling a list of “things to do around the house” for hubby when he’s got lots of free-time on his hands! Although I’m sure if he got any better offers, they may be considered 🙂

How many of you have been watching The Scheme on BBC1? It’s a documentary about the high and lows of life for a number of people who live in a large housing estate in Kilmarnock (near Glasgow).

I’d heard a number of people talking about this series…not always in the best light, so I thought I should check it out for myself. So on Monday night I watched the final episode in the series…and boy did it pull at my heartstrings. The reminder that there are so many people so close to home living below the poverty line, feeling as though they have no hope for tomorrow, really troubled me.

I’m sorry to say I’ve heard a number of people say this programme should not have been shown as “it’s a disgrace and shows Scotland in a bad light. All I have to say to that is Yes and Yes…It is a disgrace and it does show Scotland in a bad light, but unfortunately that’s how things really are. Surely that shouldn’t mean the programme should not be broadcast?

We should be embarrassed by this programme, not because of our nationality but because we are supposedly living in a developed nation, one that has enough money to look after its own people but yet we still have people living in atrocious  and chaotic circumstances. There really is something wrong with that!

Kilmarnock isn’t the only place in Britain where people find themselves living a life where they have no prospects of a job, and no hope for their future other than unemployment, drug abuse, alcoholism and prison. Funny how we don’t mind watching these programmes about people living in these circumstances when they live hundreds or thousands of miles away from us. However when it’s people in our own country, living just a few miles from us, it’s all just too close to home for many of us!

Maybe it’s just that we all live in our own wee comfortable world most of the time. One where it’s easy to forget that right on our own doorstep there are many needy people.

People who need us, people who need hope, people who need God!

When giving to charity, I’d ask that you consider donating some of your time and/or money to charities/organisations in your own area that give help to those in need.

They Need Christ (John Gowans)
There are people living in the world out there…
They need you, they need me, they need Christ;
There are children crying and no one to care…
They need you, they need me, they need Christ.
And they’ll go on hurting in the world out there,
And they’ll go on dying, drowning in despair,
And they’ll go on crying, that’s unless we care:
They need you, they need me, they need Christ.

There are people living who would rather die…
They need you, they need me, they need Christ;
And their Christian neighbours simply pass them by…
They need you, they need me, they need Christ.
There are people sitting by a silent phone,
People cold and hungry, people left alone,
Suicides for reasons that remain unknown:
They need you, they need me, they need Christ.

There’s the prostitute and there’s the prisoner too…
They need you, they need me, they need Christ;
There’s the ‘skid row’ fella who has lost a shoe…
They need you, they need me, they need Christ.
The compulsive gambler dreaming of his yacht,
And the lad that’s stealing just to get his ‘shot’,
And the kid that’s pregnant and pretends she’s not:
They need you, they need me, they need Christ.

There are runaways who want a place to go…
They need you, they need me, they need Christ;
There are alcoholics who don’t seem to know…
They need you, they need me, they need Christ;
There are God-less people who have lost their way,
And they need God’s love but they’re afraid to say.
If we close our eyes perhaps they’ll go away
Without you, without me, without Christ;

They need you, they need me, they need Christ.