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Why am I so scared of all spiders…big or small!

Why do we have mental blocks about how to spell words we use every day?

Why are some illness so cruel?

Isn’t it funny how it’s always the days you forget your umbrella, that it rains the hardest?

Why do some people not seem to have an “indoor” voice…or at least one that they use!

Why do we Scots always think that this tournament might just be the one our football team will do well at…will we never learn!

Why does my cat always know when I’m getting food for him, regardless of where he is or what he’s doing!

Why do some people feel it is their duty to share with you little thing they achieve during their working day?

Why do all the light bulbs in one room always blow on the same day?

Why is it so hard to find a 90th birthday card?


…which in the UK is known as Boxing Day.

Why is today called Boxing Day? And what has that got to do with Christmas?

Boxing Day – When

Boxing Day is a public holiday that is celebrated the day after Christmas. It was originally the first working day after Christmas Day, but is now always celebrated on December 26th, regardless of which day of the week it falls.

The 26th of December is also called St. Stephen’s Day.

Boxing Day – Origin

There are several thoughts on this…

  1. In the 17th century Christmas boxes were earthenware boxes used by the poor (servants, apprentices etc.) to save money throughout the year. Then at Christmastime, the boxes were opened and the savings shared to fund the Christmas festivities.
  2. The tradition though that has stayed with su until the current time, but dates back almost as far as the first suggested origin, is where Christmas boxes are given as gifts, usually money, to tradespeople or others who have rendered some service throughout the year but who aren’t normally paid directly by the giver. e.g. paperboys, milkmen, office cleaners.


So Boxing Day is all about Christmas Boxes, this actually confuses me more, as I’m still confused why it’s actually the day after Christmas the Christmas boxes seem to relate.

Whether you’ve been giving Christmas boxes today, or simply relaxing after a busy Christmas Day, I hope you’ve had a relaxing and enjoyable Boxing Day!