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Are you looking for simple ways to encourage your heart and nourish your soul?

In the last while I’ve given you some ideas which will hopefully inspire you to implement them in your own life, and over the coming weeks I’ll share some others with you.

So here’s today’s suggestion:


Someone once told me that there is a writer in all of us, and if I’m honest I really didn’t believe them because after all, how could I write a book! It turned out that they didn’t actually mean every one of us could write a book or a novel, but maybe we could all write a blog, a short story, lyrics for a song etc.

So today I want you to think about what you could write? Are you the type of person who finds it easier to communicate in writing rather than verbally or face to face? Perhaps you’ve already had some thoughts about “if you wrote a book or a blog or poetry, it would contain…”.

So what’s stopping you writing? You’ll never know whether others want to hear (read) what you have to say if you never write your thoughts down. Something you have to say may just touch one person and inspire them, and wouldn’t that make your writing worthwhile? So write your thoughts because in doing so you’ll get a sense of achievement in actually getting your thoughts down on paper (even if it is electronic paper!) and that in turn will brighten your day.




Inappropriate Singing

Posted: August 16, 2010 in music, religion
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Yesterday I talked about us singing songs in church without really thinking about or believing the words we sing (Don’t Just Sing). Today I want to think about other non christian music we sing along to, in our car, in our house, in clubs or other places we find ourselves. In particular, I want us to think the words and the message relayed by all the songs we sing-along with.   

So you’re listening to some music, you like the tune and the rhythm of the music, so you start singing along with the words. Do you ever stop to think what the words you’re singing are actually saying? Do you even know whether the song is one appropriate for a Christian to be associated with?   

 My husband is a music fanatic, he buys CDs, downloads almost on a daily basis, so quite frequently he gives me some “new” stuff to listen to in my car. A few weeks ago, he did just this. After listening to a few tracks I found myself getting quite into the music, the singer had a pretty good voice, the melody/tune quite listenable and the accompaniment pretty good. What I hadn’t paid quite as much attention to was the words…that is until a number of days later, having now memorised the music/melody, I was now paying more attention to the words as I started to “sing-along” in the car. To my horror I found the words of one song was particularly offensive to me, as it talked about there being no God and that the bible was full of untruths.   

What did I do? I have now put this music on my “banned” list, as I do not want to be associated with the words contained in the song – After all what would others think of me if they were in my car and that music came on, as it goes against all I try to portray by the way I live.   

I’d urge you now to look through your playlists and get rid of any music that is inappropriate for a Christian to listen to – I have!  

 Enjoy You Write The Words by FFH:   

You Write The Words (FFH)  

I don’t know what to say
That hasn’t already been said
I don’t know what to write
That hasn’t already been read
I don’t know what to play
That You haven’t already heard
So here’s my song, You write the words
Here’s my heart, You write the words
“Amazing Grace” has already been written
“Jesus saves” has been done before
And the “Hallelujah Chorus”
Has been sung a million times or more
So who am I to make any difference
Tell me why I pour out my heart
And struggle for the words
That I know might not go very far
There are days when I sing for the masses
When my songs get repeated back to me by thousands
And there are days when I know
That the only one who hears me is You
So what do I do – when
heres my life you write the words