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I did, at one point in my life, wonder if there really was any reason to carry on living. There seemed to be one problem or issue after another in every aspect of my life, that I just could see how I would ever get through that time.

Having got through that very difficult time, I realised that those days when I should have let God take full control of my life, were the days when I completely ignored God, because it seemed to me as if he had forgotten me. I really should have known better, after all I’d heard so many time before how God is always with us and has a plan for each of us. I forgot God’s timing wasn’t necessarily my desired timing, and so instead of trusting God, I turned away from him.

My faith is now stronger than ever as I know now I only got through those difficult days because God did not desert me. I also am now confident that God really does have a plan for me, and therefore I want to fulfil his plan for my life – I therefore have a reason to live because I believe in God.

So believe in God because He alone gives us a reason to live!

true identity

If you own a bible does that make you a Christian?

If you attended Sunday School as a youngster, does that make you a Christian?

If you wear a cross on a chain/necklace, does that make you a Christian?

If you go to church for the Christmas service every year, does that make you a Christian?

If you go to church every week, does that make you a Christian?


The answer to all of the above questions is a definite “No“!

Being a Christian isn’t about church, it’s about whether you believe in God and whether you have given your life to Him. The way in which you live your life must reflect Christ 24/7 or your life as a Christian is a sham.

Are you “going through the motions” of being a Christian when it suits you, and not 24/7? If so, others will not see Christ in you, and you will find you are not fulfilling your true potential in life. So stop living a sham, and give your all to God today, so you can start living your life as a 24/7 Christian.

Forevermore, You are holy
Forevermore, You are worthy

God can take the broken and the weak and make them into superstars. He does this for every individual who gives their life to Him, and in return He promises to love us all forever.

God will be with us forever, He has planned our lives out before us, and in doing so proves again just how much he loves us, and will always love us. So how should we repay Him? By loving Him and giving our heart to Him today.

All my life, all that I hope
It rests inside Your plan
Your love, Your grace, Your truth alone
Forevermore will stand
You have called me Your redeemed
And hidden me in the shadow of Your wings

Are you competitive?

Are you competitive in everything you do?

Yes I’m competitive and yes I’m competitive in all I do!

Why? As I think I’ve told you before in I Want Perfection, I’m a perfectionist, and as a perfectionist, not only do I expect myself to do everything perfectly, I also expect myself to win at everything I do, hence my reason for saying I’m competitive!

So when I don’t win, how do I feel? Disappointed in myself, sometimes annoyed, and usually frustrated at myself.

Once again I think I’m proving that I expect too much of myself, and often put too much pressure on myself to do well, while also tearing myself apart when I don’t do as well as I want or expect.

It gets worse…not only do I expect myself to win all competitions I take part in, if it’s a team game/competition, yes you guessed it, I expect my team to always win!

Fortunately having recognised the fact that I’m a perfectionist and am very competitive, I do try not to show my utter disappointment/annoyance at myself or others when I/we don’t win!

It’s tough being a perfectionist, and it’s just as tough being competitive.

So why do I want to win at all I do?

I was taught as a child to always do my best, and that my best was always good enough…no matter whether I won or lost.

I was taught as a child that no-one should expect to win all the time. Only one person on earth has ever had the right to be the best at what they do and that was Jesus.

Therefore all we humans should expect of ourselves, is to do our best and not get caught-up in whether we win, lose or draw. However we can always strive to be more and more like Jesus.