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There is a purpose for everyone you will ever meet. Some will test you, some will teach you, and some will bring out the very best in you ~ Nicky Gumbel

Everyone we meet in our life is there for a reason.

Every situation we find ourselves in, helps build our character.

So accept that you may be friends with some of the people you meet, but also accept that there are some you will never see eye to eye with. That’s ok though as each person will help make us into the individuals we are today, so let them bring out the best in you.


Spending time with good friends restores the soul, renews your energy and refills your emotional tank. ~ Nicky Gumbel

When you spend time with good friends, and they help refill your emotional tank, do you tell them? Our friends may not realise just how much you have needed time with them, so make sure you let them know just how much you appreciate the time and support they have given you.

Ever noticed how we are quick to accept praise from others but equally as quick to take offence when they criticise us?

I came across the following quote from Nicky Gumbel about this:

When people praise you, don’t let it go to your head. When they criticize you, don’t let it get to your heart.

It’s true isn’t it, we need to keep our feet firmly on the ground when we receive praise and when we receive criticism. If we manage that, we can

So accept praise and criticism equally, and make sure we learn and grow from our experiences – that may even mean we have to change in order to improve ourselves.

In this new year, do you want to make a new start? If so, here’s a great suggestion which I’m sure we could all do with implementing:

Life is so short. Grudges are a waste of time. Laugh when you can, apologise when you should, and trust God with what you cannot change. ~ Nicky Gumbel

I pray that 2017 may be a year of good times, health, laughter, great relationships, lasting friendships and many blessings.

God designed you with a purpose in mind. You are not an accident. Your life has huge significance. God loves you. You are of infinite value ~ Nicky Gumbel

Sometimes it can feel as if you are insignificant and no-one loves you. However as Nicky Gumbel says, God does love us and made each of us for a particular reason.

You are not insignificant. You are infinitely loved.

We can all be very judgemental of others at times simply because of what we see when we look at them. However what we see of people in public is often just a small part of them, so remember what you see of someone is probably not the “real” person.

Sometimes the strongest people are the ones who love beyond all faults, cry behind closed doors and fight battles that nobody knows about. ~ Nicky Gumbel

Struggles in life can be hard at the time, but they definitely make us stronger people, and make us the person we are today. Don’t judge someone by what you see, as they may be fighting some battles in private, behind closed doors.





Are you someone who notices all the flaws in your church or do you see the potential in your church and it’s members?

Because we as we as individuals are imperfect, so our churches are also imperfect. Therefore I am never quite sure why some move from one church to another citing failures in the church or its members are their reason for moving, because isn’t it us as members of a church who contribute to that church being imperfect?

Nicky Gumbel sums up my thought well in this quote:

Stop looking for a perfect church. It does not exist. Join an imperfect church and serve in every way you can to make it nearer perfection


You’ll have gathered by now that I am a fan of Nicky Gumbel. And today is no different as I want to share another quote from Nicky Gumbel that I really love:

The reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have come.

I’ve heard it said many times that you should never look back but instead look ahead. However it can be tough when your goals continue to seem a long way off, and don’t seem to be getting any closer to you. That’s why sometimes it is good to look back, because only then will we realise just how much we’ve already achieved and how far we’ve already come.

Our goal might just seem a more within our reach when we realise how close it is in comparison to how far we’ve come. So don’t give up until you’ve at least reminded yourself how far you’ve already come.

People will hurt you,
God will heal you.
People will humiliate you,
God will honour you.
People will judge you,
God will justify you.

I came across this Nicky Gumbel quote a few weeks ago, and it’s stuck with me. No matter how badly people treat us, we can always rely on God to be on our side and to support and lift us up.

So don’t let people get you down, instead, let God lift you up.


Is your church famous?

Nicky Gumbel stated that

The church should be famous for its love. Unconditional love breaks down barriers, puts people back on their feet, restores and heals.

Does this sound like your church?

If not, it’s down to you and everyone in your church to make your church famous instead of infamous, by breaking down barriers.

break down barriers