Welcome to my website!

I am Dorothy Neil. I was born and brought up in Glasgow, Scotland.

I’m married. I am a Christian, and have attended the Salvation Army all my life – Rutherglen Salvation Army until Easter 2002 when I transferred to Bellshill Salvation Army. I play trombone in the band, and am the assistant band sergeant.

I am an IT professional, with 30+ years experience in designing, developing and project managing IT systems and solutions for both business users and customers.

As well as being a member of Bellshill Salvation Army band, I also update and maintain the band’s social media presence and website.

The trombone isn’t the only musical instrument I play, as I also play the piano…and have done since I was seven! For a number of years I also played the clarinet, however it’s been quite a few years since I last attempted to play that, so I don’t think I can honestly still say I play clarinet any more.

The main reason for creating this website is for blogging, however I’ll also share  details of songs and lyrics by some of my favourite artists/groups, particularly one which I’ve struggled to find the lyrics for. 

So keep coming back daily to read my blog posts. Please like and share my postsI’d love to hear from you about individual blog posts as well as general feedback, so please leave me feedback. If the particular you’d like me to cover/not cover, just let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

I created this website a number of years ago when I decided to start blogging. I had never intended to blog daily, or for my blog to mainly by about my faith and religion, however God has had different ideas for me, so you’ll find I normally post a new blog post every day. My blog posts vary in their subject matter, although they will reflect the tag line of this website “The thoughts, experiences and views of the unique person God knows as me”.

As I’ve said, my blog posts vary in their subject matter, but will normally relate to my main interests

  • Music – playing and listening too
  • Football – I’m a big Rangers fan
  • Tennis – I used to love playing tennis but I haven’t been able to do so for a number of years
  • Technology – because I’m an IT person I like to keep up to date with all the latest in technology

While writing my blog posts I’ve discovered that there are a lot of song that I just couldn’t easily find the lyrics for online, so I also share the lyrics of some of my favourite songs on my website.

So that’s a bit about me, and why I created my website. Thank you for visiting, and please coming back each day to read my blog posts. I’d love to know if you like my blog posts so please like and share them if you do. I’d also like you to give me feedback, negative or positive about my blog posts.

Thank you for visiting, come back soon!