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Crying out

Posted: February 19, 2017 in bible, depression, life, music, quotes, religion, stress
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Whatever we need, whenever you need it, God will be there when you cry out to Him, when you need help.

God can and will heal all your wounds and take away all your worries.

Following on from yesterday’s blog post Music is, here’s some more thoughts about the impact music can have on our lives.

We can listen to the same song or piece of music many times but never really hear the lyrics, until that one time when the lyrics are just the lyrics you need to hear at that moment in time. Here’s what I mean:


So did you stop and think the last time you really paid attention to the lyrics of a song, and what your mood was at the time?

Once again, this proves just how much music and their lyrics can express our deepest feelings even when we can’t find the words to say ourselves.

If you look at the world, you’ll be distressed. If you look within, you’ll be depressed. But if you look at Christ, you’ll be at rest. ~ Corrie Ten Boom

The world is a dark and daunting place these days, so it’s not surprising that we get distressed about it.

It can be tough knowing that we fail and disappoint God on a daily basis, so again it’s not surprising that can depress up.

But despite all these things, God’s love shines through it all, and that is why if we keep trusting in God, we can find peace in this dark world.

When things go wrong in your life, or you struggle to face each new day, who do you turn to?

Always go to God first when you have a problem. Do not go to the phone. Go to the throne. ~ Joyce Meyer

Sadly for many, even although they know God is the one person who can help us in every situation, the first person they will turn to when things go wrong are friends or family. Maybe we just need to keep reminding ourselves that God must always be the first person we turn to, so that it will become habit for us.

Let’s all make God our 1st choice in every situation.

It’s not a nice feeling is it when someone deliberately ignores you. So imagine how God feels when he reaches out to help and guide us but we turn away and ignore him. Sometimes we may ignore Him because we think we know better than Him and can get there on our own, but there are other times when we may just have forgotten God is there just waiting for us to ask Him for help.

So don’t ignore God, because He is there by your side each and every minute of each day!

When you’re told not to panic, do you find it helps?

I guess it depends on the situation and the circumstances whether your panic is full-blown or whether you’re just on the verge of panic setting in.

There is one thing that should calm us when we feel panic is taking over, and that is the reassurance that no matter what our circumstances, God is with us and will give us the strength to get through whatever we’re facing.

god is with you

100% success

Posted: January 26, 2016 in depression, stress
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We all have tough days sometimes, however on days when I’m struggling to face another day I remind myself of the following:

100% success

Yes, I’ve been through some really tough times as several points in my life, but I got through them, by trusting God to guide and support me. Because of that I’m 100% certain that I can continue to get through anything that comes my way…that doesn’t mean I’ll not find it difficult or wonder when it’ll come to an end, it simply means I’ll remind myself I’ve been in some tough situations before, and I’ve survived them.

I know that with God by my side, I can get through anything! Do you?

There will be a day with no more tears, no more pain, and no more fears
There will be a day when the burdens of this place, will be no more, we’ll see Jesus face to face
But until that day, we’ll hold on to you always

It can be difficult to cope with life sometimes, can’t it? However, I believe that no matter what problems and difficulties we have to face in life, we will be free from pain, heartache, sorrows and problems  and all our tears will be wiped away when we meet God face to face.

So hold on to God, because He can wipe away all your tears.

I try to hold on to this world with everything I have
But I feel the weight of what it brings, and the hurt that tries to grab
The many trials that seem to never end, His word declares this truth,
that we will enter in this rest with wonders anew

But I hold on to this hope and the promise that He brings
That there will be a place with no more suffering

There will be a day with no more tears, no more pain, and no more fears
There will be a day when the burdens of this place, will be no more, we’ll see Jesus face to face
But until that day, we’ll hold on to you always

I know the journey seems so long
You feel your walking on your own
But there has never been a step
Where you’ve walked out all alone

Troubled soul don’t lose your heart
Cause joy and peace he brings
And the beauty that’s in store
Outweighs the hurt of life’s sting

I can’t wait until that day where the very one I’ve lived for always will wipe away the sorrow that I’ve faced
To touch the scars that rescued me from a life of shame and misery this is why this is why I sing….

There will be a day with no more tears, no more pain, and no more fears
There will be a day when the burdens of this place, will be no more, we’ll see Jesus face to face

There will be a day, He’ll wipe away the stains, He’ll wipe away the tears, He’ll wipe away the tears…..there will be a day.


There is one thing in life which we really can’t change, slow down or stop, and that is time. Mind you that doesn’t stop us wanting more of it, or wanting it to pass quicker if were looking forward to something, or at other times, wishing we could turn back time so we could do things differently, take different actions, or simply just tell someone something we never quite got round to doing.

Why do we always think there’s plenty of time to say or do things that we really should do now?

Time continues to march on, and each second of your life is a second you will never ever get to live over again. So, make the most of every second you have, because who knows when it may be your last, or when it may be the last time you may get to see or tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.

How many of us have ever felt like we have no one to turn to or nowhere to go? I suspect all of us at some point or another.

When we feel like this it’s not nice is it? Loneliness is a horrible feeling, and one which can really pull us down into a pit of despair if we don’t take control again.

But how do we get ourselves out of that pit of despair? Here’s the answer…