Our Mission Here

Our Mission Field
by Deborah Smith Plemmons

I visited a church with my family one Sunday;
I read a sign over the door as I was leaving:
“You are now entering the mission field.”
It made me think about my witnessing.

God commands us to go into all the world;
We have heard this preached many times before.
We should be willing to go to the uttermost,
But may we not forget our neighbors next door.

Do you sometimes feel you are inadequate?
Not sure how to share with others of God’s love?
Just tell them how one day the Lord saved you;
All the words you say, you’ll have help from above.

God said He would be with us always,
Whether on a foreign field or somewhere near.
He gives us guidance of the Holy Spirit;
So, let us go and tell others without fear.

I find it difficult to share my faith with others face to face – I get all tongue-tied and get embarrassed and scared I say something stupid. Do you find it easy to share your faith?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t find it difficult because I have no faith, it’s simply that my personal qualities do not include discussions about my own feelings and emotions. I do however find it easier to “talk” about my faith here, in my blog.

I pray that God may give me the words to say so that through this blog I may help spread His message. I pray you may receive a blessing from something I say and that it may challenge you  to a new level of faith.

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