The End of Wimbledon

Well for once my predictions were right, Serena Williams won the ladies singles and Rafael Nadal won the gents singles. Congratulations to both of them on their championship wins.

I am so pleased for Rafael Nadal. So many people thought his tennis career was over after all his problems last year with tendonitis in his knees. Rafa has certainly proved them all wrong this year by coming back and winning first the French Open at Roland Garros and now Wimbledon. I really hope he continues to look after himself physically so he can continue playing for many more years to come.

For me Rafa’s victory today was summed up by one of my friends who is a Roger Federer fan, she said Rafa deserved his victory but also said “if only he wasn’t so damned likeable”! Rafa is such a great sportsman, always very humble and always remembers to thank the fans for their support – after all, without them he wouldn’t the star he is.

What about the championships at Wimbledon themselves, what was your highlight?

For me it was finalist Tomas Berdych’s victory in the quarter-finals over reining champion Roger Federer. It was a fantastic match which could easily have gone either way, but Berdych just played the best tennis of his life to beat the number 1 seed. Even Berdych’s next game in the semi-finals against the number 3 seed Djokovic, was another great game for him. Many had thought it would be a Federer Nadal final this year, so to see Federer get knocked out by one of the lesser known of the top 20 players, was a big surprise for most people. Well done Berdych, you did fantastic to reach your first Grand Slam final, but Nadal was just too good for you on the day.

Let me know your highlights from this years Wimbledon championships.

Finally I’d just like to say congratulation once again to Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal on their singles success.


  1. The match between Mahut and Isner will live long in the memory, how they could keep going for so long was incredible. Not sure we’ll see anything like it again.

    Enjoyed watching Murray and if he had came up against anyone but Nadal I’m sure he could have made the final.

    Nadal is an incredible player, was so pleased he won it again, I’ve thought from the start he could. He seemed to step up another gear in the second week and played some really good stuff.


    1. Thanks Andrew, yeah thanks for the comments on the Mahut Isner game – I was concentrating on those who got to the final when I made my comments, so can’t believe I forgot to mention that match! As you said I don’t think we will ever see another game anything like that score again 70-68 in the 5th set! Wow! they both showed fantastic finitness levels to keep playing at that standard for over 11 hours – When I played I often played for 4 hours at a time, but not at my top level for that full time, and was usual tired by the end of that.
      Well done to both of them on the history making match and thanks Andrew for the reminder.


  2. I really enjoyed reading your article keep up the good work! I thought that this year’s wimbledon was very exciting and was happy to see Rafael Nadal take home his second title. But you have wonder if his injuries are going to catch up to him. I’m worried for how his career is going to pan out because of the injury problems considering it could be an unbelievable career rather than just very good. Also, you think you could check out my blog? I really want to know what your opinion is on my thoughts.


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