Still saving

In a blog a few weeks ago, I shared the following

Our church buildings may be closed. Our Sunday services and weekly activities may be cancelled, but the church is still open. That may seem like a contradiction, but church isn’t the building, it is the people.

Yes church is still ‘open’, because God is still working. He’s working in and through us. So just as church isn’t closed because we, God’s people, are the church, so God hasn’t stopped saving people, because we are His voice.

We can bring others to Christ in these days of lockdown, just by our words of support and encouragement to others. God will help is to do this, if we let him.

While putting together my thoughts for today’s blog post a song I didn’t recognise came through my headphones. The words caught my attention because they talk about being ‘in the shadows’ but an answer to prayer came when we heard ‘the voice of a Saviour’, and He saved us from the darkness.

On investigation, I was confused, as I discovered the song was called “Still Rolling Stones” by Lauren Daigle, which initially didn’t seem to make much sense. However, once I considered the title and the words of the song further I realised the title of the song did make perfect sense as the song reminds us that Jesus is still resurrecting people’s lives by saving us. Just as Jesus was resurrected and the stone that sealed his grave was rolled away, we can still be ‘resurrected’ from whatever grave or dark situation, we find ourselves in. Jesus conquered death, and because of that the same power is working in us.

I thought it was appropriate to share a recently released version of this song, which was recorded virtually during the current lockdown. It’s a great song, so I hope you enjoy not just the music, but also the message as well.

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