Stop looking!

I’ve mentioned before that I am a perfectionist, so always disappoint myself when I fail to do things perfectly. But that’s only part of my story, because not only to I expect better from myself all the time because I fall short of my own expectation, but I also give myself a hard time for saying and doing things which I know disappoint God…and I do those things often.

How many times will God keep forgiving me, and giving me another chance, as surely he must be just as disappointed with me as I am myself, if not even more! Well there is good news, and it’s explained well in this quote.

Stop thinking that your failures and mistakes are too much for God. He isn’t looking at them, and you need to stop looking at them, too!

Joyce Meyer Ministries

Just as a parent will always love their child, so God will always love us – He will forgive us, and love us, no matter what. So don’t focus on your failures in live, instead give them to God, and focus on doing the best good, for Him, always.


  1. I don’t get it, why would someone take the time to give your post just the one star? Either give a grate rating or don’t give a rating at all. whoever you are, at least tell us why your only rating the post with one star, as I’m not getting it.
    I completely agree with what Dorothy has said in the post, for me the only thing that doesn’t make me rate it a 5 star, is that there’s no music cause I love listening to the music shared on the posts, as a lot is new to me. Still a 4 star rating for me on this. Thanks Dorothy


    1. Thanks for your comments Dianne, however I would say people have the freedom to rate my posts if they want, however they want. It’s entirely a personal option. I do not expect everyone to like or agree with all my posts.
      I don’t always write about my faith or my beliefs as variety is good for us all, but if someone reads my blog and is blessed or challenged by just one of my blog posts, that is sufficient for me. And if they don’t like a blog post, it says a lot if they still keep reading it on a daily basis.


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