Support local

It used to be that everyone bought all they needed at their local shops, which were within walking distance or just a short bus ride away. But over the years as large supermarket chains became more accessible to everyone and online shopping took off so you could order just about anything online, and get it delivered straight to your door, local small businesses have, in many cases, found it more and more difficult to survive because of these supermarket chains, and online shopping.

When we don’t support our local small businesses, our high streets/main streets in our local area or town, will become a ‘ghost town’ which I’m sure none of us really want to happen. So what do we need to do? We need to visit our local small businesses and make them the first place we look when we want to purchase something.

For us, we have a number of local small businesses just at the end of our road. One of them is a coffee shop/bakery which we frequent quite frequently for lunchtime snacks/coffee and recently pre-ordered one of their speciality ‘occasions box’ containing both savoury and sweet treats, and also a (custom) celebration cake.

You don’t get the same personal service from the big chain stores or supermarkets (most of the time), but I can certainly say from experience that there personal service you get from the owners of the small local businesses is second to none. So go on, support your local small businesses, as without you, they may not survive!

Just to tempt you, here’s the photos of our recent purchase from one of our local coffee/bakery shop.

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