Seeking inspiration

Ever had a day or a time when you just haven’t had any inspiration or creativity, but you need some to complete a task you need to complete?

I’ve felt a little like that this week with my blog posts, but then earlier today I realised why I didn’t seem to find that inspiration for my posts this week…I was trying to write posts about God/my faith, without seeking inspiration from God by praying or reading my bible. So how did I ever think I was going to be inspired if I didn’t seek the right sources of inspiration.

Just as when we have a problem with our car, we seek guidance and help from a car mechanic; or if we are unwell we seek medical help from our GP or hospital; so we should always seek God for spiritual guidance through prayer and through reading our bible.

I’ve learned my lesson this week. If you’re trying to ‘get by’ on your own without God’s help, I pray you will learn from my experience and always seek God’s guidance instead of trying to make it on your own.

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