God’s kingdom

I found the image/quote below on Facebook last week, and it has stuck with me. I’ve had conversation with many people over the years who have said they think those who go to church are so much better than those who don’t, because by going to church they are perfect! Don’t worry I have quickly highlighted to them that that is definitely not true – they just need to look at me to see going to church don’t mean you’re perfect.

Others have said they’ve spoken to those who go to church who act as if they are far superior than other because they think they are perfect. I highlighted to those who have said that to me that, those who think they are perfect because they go to church, are definitely not true Christians, as none of us will ever be perfect because we are humans.

In other words, those of us who go to church go because we want to know God more; because we want to be more like Him; and that definitely does not mean we are perfect Christians. Instead we are people who have recognised our weaknesses and have asked God to help us. He can and will help others too, they just need to come to Him.

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