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I recently read an article on the BBC website about Professor Karim Brohi. He is the clinical director of the London Trauma System, which oversees the trauma care at 30 hospitals across London. It was a very insightful article, as it highlighted the huge number of trauma cases the trauma teams have to deal with on a daily basis. But not only that, it highlighted just how many of those trauma cases are actually young men and women who are the victims of stabbings.

Here’s an extract from the article (you can read the whole article on the BBC website).

The surgeon believes violence is increasing not just on London’s streets, but across the country.

“We do our best to save lives. But to really save a life – and make one that’s worth living – takes a whole community.

“We need to look again at our society, our culture and our values if we are to live in a world where children can be children, and mothers can be mothers, without ever having to sit in a hospital waiting room.”

It could be just that we have better access to information about the number of violent crimes than we used to have. However it definitely seems as if there’s been a huge increase in the amount of violence in our cities over the last few years.

Professor Brohi’s words really hit a chord thought don’t they? Our whole world seems to have lost sight of what should be important to each one us, our family, our friends, our neighbours, our community. In fact our world has sadly forgotten, or more accurately decided to turn away from God. God and God alone can bring peace back to this world, where man lives in harmony and peace with his fellow man.

God and God alone reveals the truth of all we call unknown
and the best and worst of man wont change the Master’s plan it’s God’s and God’s alone

You may already have seen or heard about this but it’s so lovely I wanted to share it with you all incase you hadn’t seen it.

A story appeared on the BBC website a few weeks ago about a primary school teacher who loves Christmas. However this year she’s asked her pupil not to give her any gifts, but instead asked that a donation could be made towards supplies for the local food bank.

The teacher said she was always “totally overwhelmed by the kind and thoughtful gifts” from her pupils, but feels gifts were unnecessary. There’s a huge demand on the local food bank particularly during the winter months, so isn’t it fantastic that she’s asked that any money parents would have spent on a gift for her, be put towards supplies for the food bank. She also has spoken to the children to explain to them why she’s asking for donations for the food bank – “I sat down and chatted to the pupils about it and explained that Christmas is a time for giving and said it would be nice to do something for somebody else.” – What a great thing to do!

This is such a great reminder to us all that this time of year is not just about receiving gifts, but also giving to others, particularly those in need.

Here’s the link to the full story:


Just today, there’s another news item on BBC about a school in Wales where they’ve made a request that no gift are given to teachers, but instead a donation is made to a charity:

I recently read this article on the bbc news site and found it a hard read – It was quite upsetting and it really challenged me to consider how I treat homeless people.

Yes, I’ve stopped and given a few coins to some homeless people sometimes; Yes, I’ve also bought a sandwich and a drink for a few as well; But have I ever really taken time to speak to them? My honest answer is, no I haven’t – Just like two-thirds of other Scots, I haven’t taken the time to stop and engage in conversation with a homeless person.

I was recently in Glasgow city centre during the day for the first time in a while, and must admit to being quite shocked and saddened by the number of people sitting/lying out in the streets homeless, on what was a chilly morning.

Who am I to judge these people, as just like me they are human beings! The difference been them and me is they have lost everything, including all hope. What can be worse than losing all hope and having no-one to talk to?

Why do we feel afraid to speak to homeless people? What reasons do we have to feel afraid of them? Personally I think it’s probably just another sad indictment of how society is these days – The fact that the article on the bbc website states that younger people are less likely to stop and help homeless people does seem to confirm this.

What has our world become, that we aren’t willing to try to help those at their lowest?

Let’s take time to help anyone who needs help, regardless of whether they are our friend, a neighbour, a colleague, someone we meet in the street or a homeless person.

Last week I caught a little bit of a phone-in on the radio during my journey into work – The topic of the phone-in that day was “Things to do during a long car journey”.

worship-prayerIf I’m honest I wasn’t really paying too much attention to what was being said during the phone-in until they read out a text message that someone had sent in with a suggestion about what to do during a long car journey…The suggestion was to pray.

That in itself wasn’t what caught my attention, but the response given by the phone-in host, as they said praying would be an idea plausible suggestion, “but not when you’re driving!”. I’m not sure why she felt you shouldn’t pray when you’re driving, so I don’t know whether it was because she thought you have to close your eyes to pray, or whether she felt you can’t pray and drive at the same time because you need your full attention on the road.

I understand that it is definitely not advisable to close your eyes when you’re driving, however it is not necessary to close your eyes to pray. I also understand that when driving our focus must be on our driving, however is praying by talking to God really any different to talking to your passengers in the car?

I was brought up to believe that we can, and should pray whenever we need to, regardless of where we are or what we are doing. because God is always there with us, and will always listen when we talk to Him.

So don’t be put off from praying just because of where you are or what you are doing, because your prayers matter, and more importantly, they matter to God. However praying when we’re busy doing other things is not ideal as we aren’t giving God our full attention, so make sure you still put time aside each day to spend quality time alone with God when you have no other distractions around you.

Today is all about options again – I’m going to give you two items at a time, and you have to choose which either best describes you or which you prefer:

  1. City or countryside
  2. Xbox or Wii
  3. Night out or night in
  4. Christmas or Easter
  5. Cats or dogs
  6. Black or white
  7. Work or leisure
  8. Supermarket or local store
  9. Public transport or own car
  10. Brass band or orchestra

A variety of questions, some about your personality, some about your preferences. Whatever your answers, together they define who you are.

In case you’re wondering here’s my answerslogo_your_preferences_final

  1. City
  2. Wii
  3. Night in
  4. Easter
  5. Cats
  6. Black
  7. Leisure of course!
  8. Supermarket
  9. Own car
  10. Brass band

Today is all about options again – I’m going to give you two items at a time, and you have to choose which either best describes you or which you prefer:

  1. Celtic or Rangers
  2. Books or films
  3. Apple or Microsoft
  4. Cold/icy or snow
  5. Scotland – Better together or independent
  6. Tennis or cricket
  7. Plants or flowers
  8. Seaside or city
  9. Poirot or Miss Marple
  10. Book or reading device (e.g. Kindle)

A variety of questions, some about your personality, some about your preferences. Whatever your answers, together they define who you are.

In case you’re wondering here’s my answerslogo_your_preferences_final

  1. Rangers
  2. Books
  3. Apple
  4. Snow
  5. Scotland – Better together
  6. Tennis
  7. Flowers
  8. City
  9. Poirot
  10. Book or reading device (e.g. Kindle)

Today is all about options – I’m going to give you two items at a time, and you have to choose which either best describes you or which you prefer:

  1. Coke or Pepsi
  2. Quiet or outgoing
  3. Football or rugby
  4. iphone or android phone
  5. Crime or comedy
  6. Bus or train
  7. Fruit or vegetables
  8. Left or right handed
  9. Eastenders or Coronation Street
  10. For a holiday destination – UK or USA

A variety of questions, some about your personality, some about your preferences. Whatever your answers, together they define who you are.

In case you’re wondering here’s my answerslogo_your_preferences_final

  1. Pepsi
  2. Quiet
  3. Football
  4. Android phone
  5. Crime
  6. Train
  7. Fruit
  8. Right handed
  9. Eastenders
  10. USA

bbc test card

So you’re now either saying, “Oh yeah, I remember that” or “What on earth is that?!”

Well, for those of you who don’t know, this is the BBC test card which used to be displayed on BBC TV stations at times when no programmes were being broadcast…yes, there used to be a time when there wasn’t programmes on every television station 24 hours a day!

For many of us this was the image synonymous with the BBC during our childhood years!

So why am I mentioning this today, well in thinking about how TV used to “closedown” overnight every night, it reminded me that God is never unavailable to us. i.e. No matter that the time, day or night, God is there for us.

I’ve been deeply shocked and saddened by the pedophilia allegations against former TV presenter, Jimmy Savile, that have hit the media in the UK in the last few weeks. I must admit when I was younger while I loved the TV programme Jim’ll Fix It, I always found Jimmy Savile a bit creepy though I was never sure why – maybe that’s just my memory playing tricks on me now, but I honestly didn’t feel comfortable watching him…

I’m not going to get into a discussion about whether these allegations against Jimmy Savile are true or not, I’ll leave that to the police, but what I do want to take about today is abuse…

Abuse of anyone in any way is wrong.

Abuse by anyone in any way is wrong.

It doesn’t matter whether the abuse is physically, sexual or emotional, they are all equally immoral and wrong in my eyes. Whether the abuser knows the person they are abusing or not, doesn’t make it any more or less abhorrent.

To those of you to have suffered abuse in the past or are currently suffering abuse, I’d urge you please, to tell the police, or tell someone you trust implicitly, as together we can put an end to abuse.

Please don’t let the abusers can get away with hurting innocent adults and children, report them, report them now!

Let’s put an end to abuse today!

Outnumbered has been one of my favourite sitcoms on TV for the last few years. I’m sad to say that the latest series (series 4) has just finished airing on BBC1 last week.

Outnumbered is centered around the Brockman family whose two parents are “outnumbered” by their three, unruly, children. Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner star as Mum and Dad while the three children are played by Tyger Drew-Honey, Daniel Roche and Ramona Marquez.

The programme realistically portrays the family life and has been awarded a number of comedy awards in recognition particularly for the semi-improvisational scripting of the show.

So what makes this show stand-out from other sitcoms?

It’s semi-improvisational scripting means the one-liners and comments, particularly from the three children, are absolutely classic – there’s no way the script would have been so realistic if it had all been scripted.

The Main Characters

Pete, Dad, is a history teacher at an inner city school.

Sue, Mum, is a part-time PA.

Jake, the oldest aged 15, if full of teenage sarcasm and is obsessed by girls, and this worries his parents, particularly his mum.

Ben is the middle child and is aged eleven. He’s a pathological liar, is always asking hypothetical questions, and does some very strange and unusual things.

Karen is the youngest and is aged nine. She too asks a lot of questions and love to imitate programmes she sees on TV such as The Apprentice and X-Factor.

My Favourite Character

It has to be Karen…her comments are priceless!

Here’s some of my favourites:

I know a way we could save money…by not buying broccoli.

and here’s some bread and cheese so if you go to heaven you won’t be hungry. and if you go to hell at least you will have cheese on toast

Karen: I spy something beginning with T.

….Game goes on forever. Mum gives in.

Karen: Time.
Mum: But you can’t see time.
Karen: Of course you can, because if you couldn’t then why would people say, have you seen the time?

Why do we have nightmares? Surely our brains are on our side

eye spy with my little eyes something beginning with M….Muslim

My Favourite Episode

Well I hinted at my favourite episode in the last Karen quote above…yes my favourite episode is Series 2 Episode 4…the airport episode!

Pete and Sue find themselves in every parent’s ultimate nightmare, trapped in a foreign airport with three bored children (and an increasingly bewildered Grandad). Six-year-old Karen grills her Dad about al-Qaeda and gets fixated about Muslims…and one poor innocent Muslim in particular. The security staff grill Ben about some worrying objects in his bag. There’s endless games of I-Spy,and they lose grandad and someone lets Ben drink a double expresso!

A complete recipe for a completely excellent and unforgettable episode.

My Recommendation

If you haven’t seen Outnumbered yet, I’d urge you to try and see it as it is absolutely fantastic and so true to real life. The kids are most definitely the stars of the show.

Well done BBC, Outnumbered is one of the best shows recorded by the BBC in a long time.