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This week I’ve provided several descriptions of a Christian, and the qualities you’d expect them to have.

Descriptions are all well and good, but in reality none of us ever truly live up to what is expected of a Christian. In fact none of us ever live up to God’s expectations of us. And this is all because we are human, imperfect.

The good news is God knows we’re not perfect, accepts us as we are, and is willing to help us be the best we can be – It’s simply a learning process.

If you’ve not already given your life to God, you will probably think I’m crazy when I say everything changes when you give your live to God – You will never be alone again, because God will be with you forever helping and guiding you even through the toughest of times.

God has and is there for me when I’m struggling, and He can and will be there for you too if you surrender your life to Him completely.

All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give.

When we touch other people’s lives and their hearts, we are doing God’s will.

Become a partner with God, busy yourself on His errands by helping others. You’ll find that as you reach out and help the needy and alienated around you, any despair and loneliness you may be feeling yourself, will begin to melt and in its place, joy will fill your void with peace and serenity.

So helping other can not only be advantageous to those you are reaching out to, but may also be beneficial to you as well.

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus Loves Me This I Know
Up In The Morning & To Work I Go
Through The Day He Loves Me Still
But Am I Really Doing His Will

The People We Work With He Loves Them To
But Can He Really Depend On You
To Tell Them Of His Gracious Love
Or That They’re The Ones He’s Thinking Of

They Have Problems Just Like You
And Sometimes Wonder What To Do
If You Know The Answers To What They Need
Are You Sowing Those Seeds

The Seeds Today That You Sow
From This Day Forward Will Grow & Grow
Into Salvation For Those Who Hear
If You Will Be Faithful Year After Year

Jesus Loves Them This I Know
Now I Pray Over The Seeds I’ve Sown
Will I Be Able To Sleep Tonight
Knowing Today I Did What Was Right Dedicated

An inspirational poem I think you’ll agree.

So how has your day measured up? Have you been the answer to what someone else has needed? If you haven’t helped someone today, make it your priority for tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that…

Help is On the Way by Michael W Smith featuring Israel Houghton: