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Another week, another tragedy in the UK. When will it end?

We just seem to be hearing about one terrible situation after another these days. No wonder many are asking ‘why’, and questioning where God is in all of this.

God is still here, and He is still there for us. However in a world where people are killing others because of misguided beliefs, and horrendous accidents/tragedies are happening all too frequently, we must still seek God, because He alone can get us through these dark times.

What are you asking God for? It’s never too big or too small to bring before Him in prayer–when you do, you can trust that He’s heard you whether it feels like it or not. ~ Joyce Meyer

God hears our shortest prayers, and He hears our longest prayers.

God hears our requests and He hears our praise.

No matter what we want to say to God, He will hear, and He will respond, so trust Him.