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We’re not the only ones who sometimes need to be reminded that we must keep our hope in God…

O Israel, hope in the Lord! For there is loving-kindness with the Lord. With Him we are saved for sure. ~ Psalm 130:7 (New Life Version)

God loves us unconditionally, so why wouldn’t you put all your hope in Him?

When we are physically injured or ill, we go and see our GP or go to the hospital to be healed.

When we are injured, hurt or spiritually broken, where should we go, and who should we seek?

God is the one who an heal the broken and give the lost direction. While we can seek God anywhere, we must tell the people in our communities that

Churches are not museums that display perfect people. They are hospitals where the wounded, hurt, injured and broken find healing. ~ Nicky Gumbel

None of us are perfect, and therefore we are all in need of a place, a church, where we can find healing.

Have you found your church?

How many times have you celebrated Easter over the years?

Did you learn anything new this Easter, or did you simply hear about the betrayal of Christ, his crucifixion, and his subsequent resurrection in the same way you’ve heard it for many years?

Have you ever considered that maybe it is not down to how we are told about the events of that first Easter that make it the same old story each year, but maybe it’s down to how receptive we are to hearing about that first Easter, as if each year is the first year we have heard about events on Good Friday all those years ago.

Maybe it’s time to put aside all the things we’ve previously heard about God and about Christ, and listen afresh each time we hear God’s message. If we do that we might find we get a whole new perspective on God and his teaching, as we’ll be hearing his message for ‘the first time’ again!

When we get stressed or worried, I think we become less likely to listen and heed what other tell or suggest to us – do you agree?


We need to learn to listen not only to one another, but to God, because no matter what situation we find ourselves in, God will always guide and protect us…but we must listen to Him.

You’ll have gathered by now that I am a fan of Nicky Gumbel. And today is no different as I want to share another quote from Nicky Gumbel that I really love:

The reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have come.

I’ve heard it said many times that you should never look back but instead look ahead. However it can be tough when your goals continue to seem a long way off, and don’t seem to be getting any closer to you. That’s why sometimes it is good to look back, because only then will we realise just how much we’ve already achieved and how far we’ve already come.

Our goal might just seem a more within our reach when we realise how close it is in comparison to how far we’ve come. So don’t give up until you’ve at least reminded yourself how far you’ve already come.

I’m sure we’ve all said things somethings which we immediately regret and wish we could take back again, but it’s too late, as the damage has already been done. Have you ever noticed that those who are quiet and tend to listen and contribute less often to discussions/arguments seem to avoid saying things which get them is trouble.

To avoid getting into trouble through your words, there is a solution…

Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble ~ Nicky Gumbel

Hope in prayer

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What do you think of when you hear the word hope?

Does it bring a smile to your face, or are you shaking your head as you feel hope is something only idiots believe in?

Hope makes me believe there is a reason to be positive no matter what may be going on in my life. It’s my faith in God that gives me that hope, hope that prayer can make a difference.

Prayer is important to me because I believe prayer works, do you?

Reflection of ChristIn the last few days I’ve spoken about our own reflections and how what we see in the mirror is how others see us. But what about how God sees us?

God sees more than just our physical image, He knows what’s in our heart, He knows our thoughts and knows our deepest feelings and emotions, including those we’ve never shared with anyone else, and those we haven’t even understood ourselves yet!

We can all “put on a public face”, some of us better than others, but God always sees the real us. Is the real you, pleasing to God?

I’m just as guilty as the next person of doing and saying things which I know disappoint God, but I pray God will continue to help me change so that my image, inside and out, truly reflect Him.

God know us better than we know ourselves, so remember God sees our inner image as well as the public image everyone else sees.

Ever thought about how busy God must be every day, listening to every prayer, every request that we offer to Him?

Ever wondered if God ever gets tired of all listening to us? I’m sure He never gets fed up listening to us, but I guess he probably gets fed up with us not listening to Him! Even so, that doesn’t stop God from promising to always hear our prayers, no matter when we say them, or how eloquently or otherwise we utter them. He loves us and therefore is willing to take all our troubles from us if we place them before Him…I do, do you?


Have you ever noticed how everyone notices those who have a lot to say for themselves and/or are quite vocal?

Have you ever noticed how that those who are less “in-your-face” tend to be better listeners?

Does one of the above statements describe you, or are you someone who can be quite vocal but listens too? Do you think others would agree with your description of yourself?

In my experience, those who are good listeners, are often the ones who don’t even recognise that ability in themselves, as they just see it as something that they naturally do rather than something they have to make an active decision to do.

Listeners are some of the most underrated people, but in my opinion the world would be a far worse place without listeners!