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Negative thoughts may try to convince you that God will never rescue you. Prayer rinses these plaguing doubts from your mind. As you cry out to God, He answers you. He shields you with His presence.  ~ Women Who Move Mountains by Sue Detweiler

Negativity and negative thoughts can be one of the worst things you ave to cope with, especially when the negativity comes from within you. So if your life is filled with self-doubt, pray. If your life is filled with negative thoughts, pray.

In other words, pray, as prayer is the one thing that can bring you the positivity that only God’s presence can bring to your life. God alone can shield you and help fill your mind with all things good. So go on, don’t doubt God, instead trust Him.

There are things we all fear, but there are also things specific to each of us, that we fear. For example:

  • fear of failure;
  • fear of growing old;
  • fear of making a fool of yourself;
  • fear of being alone.

Whatever your specific fears, don’t let them overwhelm you! Instead focus on your dreams, and believe you can achieve them. Positive thoughts, make positive results, so be led by the dreams in your heart.

Can you change the way you think? Of course you can!

If you go into a task thinking you can’t do it, you won’t. However, if you go in to every task with a positive attitude, believing you can do it, it increases your chances of success sevenfold.

So change your I can’ts into I cans, and you can achieve so much more!

Be positive! I can’t. I can.

Are you looking for simple ways to encourage your heart and nourish your soul?

In the last while I’ve given you some ideas which will hopefully inspire you to implement them in your own life, and over the coming weeks I’ll share some others with you.

So here’s today’s suggestion:

Review your information intake

Have you noticed how depending on what information or news you hear or read, it can change your mood or your outlook for the day?

That’s why today my suggestion is that you try to keep negative and cynical thoughts from your mind, regardless of whether they come from the media, social media or just from your surroundings. Try to limit your information intake to positive and uplifting news and entertainment programmes as you’ll find this will help keep you in a more positive frame of mind.


Sometime life can be a real struggle.

Sometime our tears seem never ending.

Sometime it can feel like no-one real knows and understands how difficult we are finding life.

Sometimes life can pull us down, and make us want to give.

Thankfully, if we start the day with God, we can look forward in peace and positivity.


I don’t know about you, but I often feel that I am not a positive influence on others. I’d even go as far as saying that there are times when my actions/reactions shock me in, as if I’m honest, they can only be described as unchristian like…and that more than anything disappoints and upsets me.

I consider myself a Christian and as such I do try to live a Christlike life, as I’m sure you’ll agree, life can throw situations our way that test us and stretch our resolve to the limits.

positive influencesSo imagine my surprised and privilege recently, when someone I least expected, came to me privately and asked me for some help and guidance “because they trusted and respected me because I am a Christian and attend the Salvation Army“. I felt truly humbled to have been thought of in this way.

I can only hope that God gave me the right words for them at that time as although I see that person many times, I have no idea whether I will ever know whether our discussion helped in any way, so I can only hope and pray that if the situation arises again, I will, through God’s help, be able to give the support and guidance required.

I have prayed many times since then for that person and their family, and although I can’t share any more of the details of this situation with you publicly, I would ask you to pray for this person and their family.

We may think our words and actions go unnoticed, but my recent experience just goes to prove that people do notice us for the right reasons when we try our best to live as Christ wants us to live. So please keep on believing that you can be a positive influence in other lives, because I’ve proved that even I can be a positive influence on others, therefore so can you!

A leader/manager’s attitude rubs off on their team – It either enhances or impedes the team’s performance.

So what kind of attitude does your leader/manager have?

What kind of attitude do you have?

While you may not be able to positively influence the attitude of your leader/manager, you can change your own attitude. Therefore, have a critical look at yourself, and identify areas of your attitude that you can improve – don’t pretend there’s nothing you can improve, as none of us are perfect so we all have things we could improve on!

Let’s make our attitude matter and become great positive influences on other’s lives. 

Been very aware recently about just how much of an influence negative people can have on my outlook on life.

No matter how much I try to distance myself from the negativity that seems to be going on around me, I have still found my spirits being brought down. So much so that I end up feeling negative and saying and doing things which if I were feeling more positive I would never have done.

Life really is too short to be negative about the people and the events that affect out lives. There are so many great things around us, and so many great people and places to see and talk t,o that it really isn’t worth focusing on the negatives.

Life will be more enjoyable for you and those around you if we refrain from being negative, so let’s all be positive!