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I must admit, after writing yesterday’s blog post in the middle of last week, I’ve struggled to get any inspiration for today’s or the rest of this week’s blog posts…that is until yesterday!

Yesterday morning at church, we were treated to a beautiful vocal solo by Olwyn Mathie which reminded us that even when it seems to constantly raining in our lives, God is with us, and will soon turn our rain to sunshine.

Last week was not only a week of very wet and rainy weather for us, but also one where I felt that the rain in my life was never going to end. So Olwyn’s solo was the reminder I needed, that even when life is tough, the sunshine is not far away when we trust God.

I pray that whatever difficulties you may be facing just now, you too will be reminded that God is always with us and so the sunshine is not far away when we trust Him.

Let the Holy Spirit come over you now
As the healing rain falls from the clouds
There is nothing you can do to deserve it
You don’t have to earn His love
Let the rain fall from above
Merciful rain falls over the children
Merciful rain falls over the children
Merciful rain falls over the children of God
Over the children of God
Merciful rain falls
See the Holy Dove descending over you now
Feel the Living Water cleansing your soul
In the name of Jesus you have been forgiven
You have been redeemed forever
Fix your eyes on Heaven

You’ve probably read the title of this blog post and thought I’m mad, haven’t we had more than enough rain!

Well hopefully as you read on I’ll clarify what I mean!

Look around you at the trees, flowers, plants – what do they need to flourish? Sunshine and rain.

Look at yourself, and the person you were in the past – maybe 10, 20, 30 years ago – Are you the same person today as you were then?

Speaking for myself, I can say with certainty that I am definitely a different person today than I was 10, 20 or 30 years ago. It’s not just because I’m obviously older now that I’m different, my outlook on life, on others and my relationships with others is different, and that’s because of the ‘rain‘ I’ve experienced in my life over the years.

The ‘rain’ we experience in our lives can be difficult to cope with at the time, but they are the times which build our character and give us real life experience, and therefore make us the person we are today.

So embrace the rain!

Is it raining?

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We associate rain with dull miserable days don’t we. But consider how you would think about a rainy day if you lived in a country where there is very little rain, where droughts are common, and crops fail to grow because of the lack of rain fall.

In those countries a rainy day is something to get excited about, to delight in, because it means the land is getting the much needed nourishment it requires.

So next time you’re complaining about the rain, think how lucky we are in this country that we have more than enough water to satisfy our needs! Having said that I would agree that if we could have a little less rain, then that would be even better!


Today is the letter “G”

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Grey skies overhead.
Gloomy mood all around.
Groans from the adjoining room when they was the rain was falling down.
Great big raindrops running down the window.
Glad I didn’t need to go outside earlier as I would have got soaked.

Got to go out later but hopefully the sun will be splitting the skies by then.
Grins and smiles all around with the sun bearing down.
Glad to be out in the fresh air away from the same four walls of house yet again.
Great how the gloom soon lifts when the sun comes out…just a pity we don’t much of it even in the summer.

sunshine and showers

Weather warnings

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Have you noticed that we seem to be getting a lot more warnings of extreme weather coming our way than we used to get? It used to be that only on a very rare occasion did we get a weather warning of extreme winds, rain and/or snow, but now it seems to be at least once nearly every week!

extreme weather

I guess none of us like extreme weather, particularly if we have to go out it in, but is there any particular weather you dislike, or are even a little bit frightened of?

For me it’s gale force winds I dislike. I don’t mind rain and snow, though obviously I’d rather we didn’t get rain or snow, but I really do not like when it’s very windy. I’m not entirely sure what it is about windy weather that makes me uncomfortable, but I think it’s just because at any time anything can be blown in any direction and cause damage and injury to buildings, cars and people. So I guess it’s the not knowing what’s about to happen that I dislike about windy weather.

When I consider this I realise this really shouldn’t surprise me, as I am quite an organised person and so like to have everything planned out so I get no surprises – In other words I like to avoid unplanned/unexpected situations in my work and home life, so why would I not dislike it in weather conditions!

extreme snow Boston

Waiting for the rain

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Are you a worrier, or do you take everything in your stride?

I came across the following quote in my wandering on the internet recently, and thought it summed up worrying perfectly:

Worrying is like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain

Just as keeping an umbrella up when it’s dry because your waiting for the rain, is pointless, so is worrying about things which may or may not ever happen. Worrying does not change the future, but it does cause us stress, potentially for no reason, and stress will affect our health.

I know it’s easy to say, but please try not to worry about things, as worrying will not affect what lies ahead. but will affect your health and well-being.



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I came across the following picture a few days ago when I was searching the internet for a specific image to use in another blog post.

message from god

I loved this picture, it made me smile.

It’s funny isn’t how easy it is to forget that nature is all controlled by God! Sometimes it takes just a little reminder, like the above picture, to remind us that the rain, sun, stars etc are all God’s work.

So remember your umbrella, and remember who water’s the plants!


weatherDespite the title of this blog post, this post isn’t really about the weather, well not directly anyway.

In these last few weeks I have had some really bad days, where I’ve noticed the weather outside has reflected my days, dark, wet and miserable – so sorry to everyone who lives anywhere near me!

What I’ve wondered is, would my bad days have felt any less better had the weather been bright and sunny rather than dark and wet? I certainly don’t believe these days would ever have been anything but bad days given what caused them to be “bad days”, however I do believe that the weather been brighter it may have lifted my me slightly. After all when you get up in the morning and see the sun streaming through the windows, doesn’t it lift your spirits even slightly, regardless of what you know lies ahead for you that day? It certainly does for me!

So whatever the “weather” of your life is like, I hope the sun shines on you each day and at least lifts your spirits slightly so that each day is brighter in every way.

Why do cats chase their own tail?

When you’re looking forward to something, why is it nearly always a complete disappointment?

When you’re in need of some peace and quiet, why is it then that everyone seems to want to talk to you!

Why do cats always want to go into the plastic bag you’re trying to put things in!

Why do we look at our watches so often during the day…try going a whole day without wearing your watch and you’ll see what I mean.

Why is it always a document you’ve spent hours working on that you find has lost the changes you made?

Why do we all get so annoyed and opinionated when we’re watch a football match!

Why do bad things always seem to come in threes?

Why does it always rain on days when you don’t have an umbrella or a jacket?

and finally…

Why am I addicted to blogging!!!

Let God‘s promises shine on your problems. – Corrie Ten Boom

Sounds good but what does that actually mean?

Well, God promised us that He would always be there for us, no matter what the situation or circumstances we find ourselves in. So basically all this is saying is just remember that God is with you, and He will help you through your problems.

It doesn’t mean that when you rely on God, you will be problem free or that when you have problems they will be resolved as soon as you take them to God, it just means He will help you get through them, maybe not today or tomorrow, but he will be with you throughout.

When troubles come your way, don’t forget about God – It’s during these times that we need God most, so rely on Him always.

Come Like You Promise

This is the sound of the secret place
This is the sound that the angels sing
This is the sound of the coming rain
This is the sound of my heart’s desire
This is the sound that my spirit sings
This is the sound of the coming rain
Come, like you promise

This is the groan from the deepest place
This is the incense that fills the earth
This is the sound of the coming rain
This is the sound of the hope within
This is the song that the prophet sings
This is the sound of the coming rain

Come, like you promise
These are the words that creation cries
These are the songs of injustice and pain
This is the sound of the coming rain
Come, like you promise