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Life is such that we have things that make us worry. But worry can be destructive, on our mind all the time, eating away at our confidence and our ability, until we spend our whole time worrying.

We often worry about things which are out with our control, so in reality there is no reason for us to worry about them – That in itself is a sums up worry, and what it can do to us.

You may not realise it but the bible actually gives us guidance on how to deal with worry:

That seems simple doesn’t it? And it is simple – If we give all our worries, all our concerns to God, He will take them away. That doesn’t mean that those things we are worrying about won’t necessarily happen, it just means God will help us accept the future, whatever it involves, because we will have the peace and knowledge that God is with us through it, no matter what happens.

Believe in the power of prayer. Believe God is with you no matter what happens.

Do you ever feel spiritually drained?

Have you ever feel that the “spirit” has just been exhausted in your life?

We all feel this way from time to time; but an energetic Christian knows the cure!

For this reason, I bow my knees and pray to the Father. It is from Him that every family in heaven and on earth has its name. I pray that because of the riches of His shining-greatness, He will make you strong with power in your hearts through the Holy Spirit. I pray that Christ may live in your hearts by faith. I pray that you will be filled with love. I pray that you will be able to understand how wide and how long and how high and how deep His love is. I pray that you will know the love of Christ. His love goes beyond anything we can understand. I pray that you will be filled with God Himself.

~ Ephesians 3:14-19 (NLV)

It’s time to recharge your spiritual batteries today, before your they run our completely!

You can do this by looking after yourself physically – by making sure we exercise and sleep well and eat a balanced diet. In other words, look after your spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Ever stopped and thought, “Why am I letting something so trivial bother or upset me so much?” Well this quote from Corrie Ten Boom, might help point you in the right direction:

Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden

So if you find you’re not taking your concerns to God, maybe it’s time to reconsider whether they actually are concerns that you should be worrying about!

Worry, worry, worry. We all have our concerns and worries at times in our lives. Corrie Ten Boom sums up nicely what worry is

Worry is a cycle of inefficient thoughts whirling around a center of fear.

How do we get ourselves out of that cycle of inefficient thoughts and move forward in life? We take each day as it comes, not worrying about the future as it will take care of itself, but concentrating on the here and now and what we can do to make today better.

What we think we can achieve is limited by our humanity. But in God’s strength we can do all things.

Do you believe that?

It’s funny how we always seem to think we can do everything ourselves, without God’s help, and them seem surprised when we fail. Maybe one of these days we’ll learn!

We’re taught from a very early age to say sorry when we say or do things which we shouldn’t. When we say sorry as a child, do you think we truly understand what saying sorry means and how we should feel when we say sorry?

How about now? As an adult do you say sorry to others out of habit or simply because you think it’s the right thing to say, or because it’s what the other person wants to hear, or is it because you really feel remorseful and sorry for your words or actions?

It’s the same when we ask God for forgiveness, there’s no point just going through the motions of asking for forgiveness, we must be prepared to accept God’s forgiveness. Are you ready?

Silence…a time for no words…a time for reflection…a time for prayer.

Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Prayer should come from our heart and if it doesn’t is it worth praying?

Speak to God, pray to God, and seek forgiveness and nourishment for your soul.

What do you think about when you get up out of bed each morning?

Here’s a great suggestion

Arise in the morning


A friend on Facebook recently posted this, and it really got me thinking…

Teacher of God

…it got me thinking of several people I have who have made me feel like that – as if I’m the only person in the room, that they are talking directly to me, even when I’m surrounded by lots of others.

At those times I remember sitting there thinking, “How do they know how I’m feeling?”

I also remember that at those times I never once considered it was God’s handiwork, that was until later. Then later when I reconsidered those special moments that I realised it had all been God’s doing, as it was Him who was talking to me through His messenger, and my teacher.

I thank God for wonderful spiritual teachers who inspire us and speak to us directly from God.

Forgive me

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Forgive me by Rebecca St James

For all the times I failed You, Lord
Forgive me
For all the ways I’ve fallen short
Lord, forgive me now
God, I’m so in need of grace
I fall upon my face, forgive me

You see the tears fall down my face
Forgive me
Take my fear, Lord, take my shame
Lord, forgive me now
Purify me, make me new
Like only You can do, forgive me now

Lord, we come to honour You
We are forgiven
We bring our love and thanks to You
We are forgiven now

God we praise You for Your grace
Before You we are raised, forgiven
God we praise You for Your grace
Before You we are raised
Forgiven, forgiven

How many times have you failed God?

Me, I’ve failed Him so many times I’m sure He’s lost count. I continue to fail Him daily when I do and say things I shouldn’t, yet He still forgives me and loves me unconditionally.

God loves each of us and offers us His grace and mercy. What more could we ask for when we seek forgiveness!