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God is always watching over us, and looking out for us, but rather than just wandering or faltering maybe we need to take the initiative sometime, and approach him when we’re struggling.

God alone can calm our fears and give us peace, because only he can take away all our problems and worries. So let God give you rest.

Rest in Him

Posted: June 14, 2018 in belief, bible, Fitness, Health, life, music, religion, words
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When we’re in need of physical rest, we sleep.

When we’re in need of a rest from life in general we should turn to God, because in Him we can find rest.

We find rest in those we love,  and we provide a resting place in ourselves for those who love us

When we’re in the presence of those we love something happens to us, we relax, we be ourselves, we show our love openly in our words and our actions.

It’s good to be in the presence of loved ones isn’t it. It can be particularly restful when we’ve had a tough day, and go home to spend time with our loved ones.

It’s good to share time with loved ones, so I’m thankful I am able to say I have that place where I can relax, my home with my husband.

I pray you too may be able to spend some time of peace and relaxation with your loved ones on a regular basis.

God is good. He provides us with all we need to get through our hectic lives.

Rest My Soul by Michelle Tumes

On golden sands, in winer’s fire
On silver stars,in tempest skies
In any age or place
Confess the need to say


Rest my soul, rest my eyes
In the peace I long to hold
Be still my dreams, lay beside me and
Oh, rest my soul
Oh, rest my soul
Oh, rest my soul

In kingdom’s past and future’s page
In love’s embrace and hatred’s rage
In any age or place Confess the need to say


Chasing folly catches pain
Like being
Caught in the wind of a  hurricane
There we fly to reckless depths of shame


You Time

Posted: January 8, 2010 in life, religion
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When you’ve had a stressful few days, how do you relax?

He’s an extract of a message I received recently:

Just reminding you not to forget about a very important person today, YOU! DO something 4 only you today : ) You deserve it!

Isn’t that good advice? I certainly think it is. Sometimes when life has got on top of you things have been stressful and you’ve been struggling, put some time aside just for YOU, to pamper yourself, give yourself a treat, do something you enjoy, or simply relax and chill.

Most importantly though, to find complete rest we must take time to spend some “quiet time” in God’s presence – He alone can give you true rest.

Rest in God

Posted: July 19, 2009 in life, religion
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The stresses and pressures of life can often keep us awake at night and make us unable to sleep, they sometimes even make us unable to function during the day too.

So how do we rest when our lives are full of storms?

I’m sure you’ve probably heard the story of Jesus calming the storm while out at sea, in a boat with the disciples (Mark 4:35-41). But do you remember how despite the raging storm around them, Jesus slept at the back of the boat? How did he manage to do that? Well it’s simple, he knew he was safe in his Father’s arms, God’s arms.

In that situation, God didn’t remove Jesus’ storm, he just gave him the ability to be content with the pressure, as he had faith that his Father would keep him safe and get him through the storm.

This is no different from the “storms” we face in our life, as God will get us through those storms and give us rest.

So rest peacefully during your “storms” – our joy is to rest, God’s joy is to empower us to live our lives for Him and serve Him without fear, no matter how fierce the storms we face.

Rest My Soul by Michelle Tumes

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