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We can often be guilty of expecting too much of ourselves or others, but are we actually guilty of expecting too much from God?

We can be guilty of taking the small, trivial things in our life to God, and ignoring some of the major situations/events/decisions in our life. But then when those more major things become real issues, we take them to God almost as a last resort.

I wonder why we do that? The simplest answer is probably because we’re human! We think we’re stronger or better than we actually are, and think we can deal with things on our own. It’s then only when things go wrong that we end up almost pleading with God to help us.

Is it because we know we should take our problems/worries to God that out of duty, we just take the small/trivial things to God rather than the big things?

This sounds like me sometimes, does it sound like you?

Why not join me today in acknowledging that we must take everything to God, big or small, because He has promised to hear all our prayers.


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When it comes to competitions, everyone wants to win don’t they, even if they won’t admit it! That’s why when it comes to our faith in God, we should be just as determined, if not more determined, to win. i.e. To live our lives as God wants us to, and to help spread His message.

If we want to have victory, we have to act like we really believe Jesus is alive & be determined to have the life He wants us to have ~ Joyce Meyer


Have you ever considered life to be like a backpack? Sounds daft doesn’t it, but consider this…

Imagine you have to constantly carry a backpack around with you every day, and that within that backpack you carry around every problem, every hurt, every worry and every stress.

So what’s in your backpack of life, any or all of the things I mentioned?

Don’t struggle through life with a full and overflowing backpack, empty your backpack by giving all your problems, hurts, worries and stresses to God, and leaving them there with Him. In doing this, you will find your backpack of life, so much easier to carry around with you every day, so go on give your backpack to God today.

I live for Him

I am doing the best I can to be the person God wants me to be, but I know I fail Him often. I do however know that despite my flaws and my failures, God continues to love me and guide me in all I do.

How about you, are you repaying your debt to God by living your life for Him?


I consider myself to be a life-long Christian whose faith, despite having been at rock bottom a few years ago, is now stronger than ever. This hasn’t meant I’ve had an easy life since then. In fact, if anything I’d say I’ve faced even more challenges/difficulties of various kinds!

So what’s the point of having faith in God if He doesn’t make life any easier for us?

Just because I’ve still faced difficulties in life, is not a reflection on God’s impact on my life, as despite the challenges, I’ve coped better with them than I would previously have coped. Why? Because I’ve acknowledged that God is walking with me in every situation, and therefore have felt His love and peace around me.

Peace on the outside comes from knowing God on the inside.

He placed us on this earth for purposes that He orchestrated long before we were born (Eph. 2:8–10)

How can we not trust God, when He’s planned every details of our lives from the moment we are conceived until our dying moment. In order to achieve all God has planned for us in our life, we must give the whole of ourselves to Him, so that He can use us to do His work wherever He needs us.

Have you given your whole of your life to God?

If not, what’s stopping you? Don’t let preconceived ideas of others about God to put you off giving your life to God, because He is ready and waiting to welcome you into His family.

Job Description: Do whatever God‘s asks of you, wherever He needs you to be

Personal Qualities: Christ-like, loving, caring, selfless, motivated, compassionate

Qualifications: There are no qualifications required for this job

Experience: You do not need to have any previous experience to do this job

A few weeks ago I read the following:

God wants your availability before your capability ~ Alastair Petrie

Doesn’t that just sum up this job advert!

People who love God and are willing to do everything and anything God – God needs me and He needs you. He needs us to do His work.

So how able you, are you willing to apply for this job?

Have you come across people who say they are doing it ‘all for God‘ yet get upset when they don’t get credited for what they do?

Well for various reasons I’ve been thinking about this in the last week.

So what are my conclusions? Well my first instinct would be to say that of course people deserve credit for what they do. However on reflection, surely if the work they are doing truly is for the Lord, it should be Him who gets all the credit not us!

Here’s Robin Mark reinforcing this message in the song All For Jesus: