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As the words of the song in the above video tell us, it’s all about trust sometimes isn’t it. Sometimes when life gets tough, we can wonder how we’ll get through, and that’s when it comes down to trust, because if we put our trust in God, He will give us the strength and direction we need to get through these days.

When we cannot see our way,
Let us trust and still obey:
He who bids us forward go
Cannot fail the way to show.


my strength comes from God

Following on from yesterday’s post In His Time,  where I eminded you that everything happens in His time, today I want to remind you that even during those tough times, God will not let you fall, He will be by your side always.

When you read the title of this blog post, what did you think of?

I guess for many of us we associate the word with the being reborn in Christ, changing our lives by giving our all, our life, our heart to God, and rejecting the things that are unchristian-like.

Why not be reborn in Christ this year, because it’s time be reborn in your faith today…

I hope you enjoy Bellshill Salvation Army Band playing the Salvation Army selection entitled Faith Reborn:

time for godYou would think that someone who takes the time to get up on a Sunday morning and go to church, would want to be there wouldn’t you?

Well, I recently heard of someone who did exactly that, but then 45 minutes into the service started making comments to their neighbour that it was “going to be a long meeting” all because the meeting had been going for 45 minutes and the leader hadn’t started the sermon yet. They finished by adding that “this was ridiculous”!

Personally I find it ridiculous that someone who had obviously gone to church of their own accord not only thought those things, but that they actually shared their thoughts with their neighbour! The meeting in question was apparently one in which everyone there (or almost everyone!) felt God’s presence right from the start of the service, and that the comments from this individual were an unwanted interruption to their neighbour’s spiritual experience with God that day.

Maybe this individual had gone to church that morning out of habit or duty, which isn’t in itself wrong – I myself admit that I’ve attended meetings (Salvation Army services) sometimes just because I felt I should, rather than because I’ve wanted to be there. However on many of these occasions I have been glad I made the effort to go as God has drawn very close to me during these times.

I just don’t understand why someone who obviously didn’t want to be at a service felt it acceptable to disrupt other people’s experience of God? Were they so self-absorbed that they didn’t notice their neighbour felt God’s presence very close to them, or did they simply not care what their neighbour was experiencing?

So please, if you take the time to go to church, even if you don’t necessarily want to be there, be sensitive to those around you, God may be speaking directly to them, and passing comment about how long the service is  or even about what is being preached really is not helpful.

It’s funny isn’t it, how quickly things can change – one minute things are going well, then the next you hit an all time low…it’s rotten isn’t it?

Well in the last few days I’ve felt just like that, as this last weekend I was away with Bellshill Salvation Army Band at Guisborough where we lead the praise and worship meetings at the Salvation Army there on Saturday night and then Sunday morning and afternoon. What a fantastic weekend that was with the band playing brilliantly; the spiritual challenges given by both the music and those who lead the various devotional periods both before the meetings and during them.

Life-Mental-HealthBy the end of the weekend though on Sunday night, things were beginning to turn for me as, as I had expected my pain levels were starting to go through the roof with my pain killers not making any difference to my pain at all, plus extreme fatigue was taking over again.

Then today, Monday, it was a struggle to get out of bed as between pain and extreme fatigue it took a great effort. Thankfully I had planned today would be a day of nothingness as I anticipated I would be feeling like this after a long busy couple of days. If only it had continued as a day of nothingness…

First of all, just after lunchtime, my husband got a phone call from one the guys from work that he’s good friends with, to tell us that one of the other guys at work that they are friends with had been found dead in his home this morning. We were both shocked and stunned by this news as it had come completely out of the blue…

Not long after we’d received that first bit of bad news, we received a second bit of bad news…my Aunt Mabel, my Dad’s sister had died yesterday. She, like my Dad had dementia and, just like Dad had, had a fall, and had never really recovered from it.

What a rotten year this has been, that’s now 3 of my close family members, my Dad, then Aunt Mae, and now Aunt Mabel died, plus one of my husband’s cousin’s also died at the start of the year. How quickly the great highs of a fabulous challenging weekend and be put to one side when death strikes.

If you are a praying person, can I make two request of you please: firstly that you pray for the family and friends of my work colleague who has passed away suddenly; and secondly, can you pray for my family as this is our third family bereavement this year, and my Mum in particular is taking this hard.

Thank you.

I don’t know about you, but sometime a particular piece of music or a song has the power to bring me to my knees, simply because they bring me so very close to God.

The song Your Grace Still Amazes Me is one of those songs, and after hearing it last weekend at the Salvation Army UK Congress, it’s been in my head ever since…

God’s love still amazes me.

Every day I screw up by saying or doing things I shouldn’t do, but still God loves me, and forgives me.

God’s love still amazes me.

Every day I do my own things instead of doing what God wants me to do, but still God loves me, and forgives me.

God’s love still amazes me.

I hope God’s love still amazes you each day.

Are you a soldier of Christ?

I know you may not recognise the term “soldier” in this context, so think about it this way, are you part of the army of Christ? If you answer yes to that question, that makes you a soldier of Christ.

For those of us in the Salvation Army, the word “soldier” is a term we regularly use and that is what got me thinking about being soldiers of Christ. I think it was again at our recent Salvation Army UK Congress when we sang the following song:

Soldiers of our God, arise!
The day is drawing nearer;
Shake the slumber from your eyes,
The light is growing clearer.
Sit no longer idly by,
While the heedless millions die;
Lift the blood-stained banner high,
And take the field for Jesus.
Storm the forts of darkness,
bring them down, bring them down!
Storm the forts of darkness,
bring them down, bring them down!
Pull down the devil’s kingdom,
Where’er he holds dominion,
Storm the forts of darkness,
bring them down.
Glory, honour to the Lamb,
Praise and power to the Lamb;
Glory, honour, praise and power,
Be forever to the Lamb.
See the brazen hosts of hell,
Art and pow’r employing;
More than human tongue can tell,
Blood-bought souls destroying.
Hark! from ruin’s ghastly road,
Victims groan beneath their load,
Forward, O ye sons of God,
And dare or die for Jesus.
Warriors of the risen King,
Great army of salvation,
Spread His fame, His praises sing,
And conquer every nation.
Raise the glorious standard higher,
Work for vict’ry, never tire;
Forward march with blood and fire,
And win the world for Jesus.

Lots of references in this song to military terms such as

  • Take the field
  • Conquer
  • Forward march
  • Army of salvation
  • Raise the…standard higher
  • Victory

All of which give us quite a vivid image of what the songwriter is trying to portray to us.

At the end of the day though, it’s all about winning the world for Jesus…it’s all about transformation again isn’t it!

So as a soldier of Christ, are you ready to arise and go out into the world and transformation the world for Jesus?

May now your church rise with power and love,
This glorious gospel proclaim

Following on from last weekend’s Salvation Army UK Congress when we were challenged to transform the world, the above words kind of sum up our challenge don’t they?

Ultimately though what we want is everyone to know Christ, and everyone to give their all to Him:

In every nation salvation will come
To all who will call in Your name

So how do we do this? Well first we ourselves must be transformed from within, then and only then can we ever hope to transform the world. So let God help us transform the world

Help us bring light to this world
That we might speed your return
Come, Lord Jesus
Pour out your spirit on us today

I pray your transformation is underway!

After a fantastic inspirational weekend at the Salvation Army UK Territory’s congress in Glasgow, what else could I blog about tonight!

I watched the Saturday night and Sunday morning meetings from the comfort of my house via the live webcast, but I have to say I still felt as thought I was part of the meetings even though I wasn’t actually there in person. So well done to all involved in broadcasting the webcast.

On Sunday afternoon our band, Bellshill Salvation Army Band were playing from 2.30 – 3pm on stage in the Clyde Auditorium, so I was there for that and then stayed for the BugleTweetafternoon meeting.

The afternoon meeting was a whole new experience for me, as I wasn’t just there to listen, I was also there to Tweet! Martin Cordner, a Salvation Army Officer & brass band composer, created BugleTweet, on Twitter and Facebook, to post updates from SA band and other concerts from around the world. So it was a privilege to be asked by Martin to Tweet for BugleTweet. I just hope that I was able to give those following the tweets, a good feel for what was happening in the Sunday afternoon meeting, even though I lost signal for about 20 minutes at one point!

Back to the meetings themselves..All those who took part in the main meetings of the weekend as well as pre meetings in the foyer and main auditorium were great – the staff songsters, staff band, various corps bands and songsters, youth band and youth chorus, puppets and kids club – all were fantastic and I know blessed many through their message.

And then there was our leaders for the weekend, Commissioners Clive and Marianne Adams, what an inspiration! The recurring message throughout the weekend was transformation, challenging us to transform our world, our nation, our communities and ourselves! Quite a task, but as they said, if we let God start the transformation from within us, anything is possible! Thank you Commissioners Clive and Marianne you inspired so many of us to get out there and start the transformation.

Commissioners Clive and Marianne Adams

The congress is now over, so let’s make sure we keep the momentum going by getting this transformation going – Are you up for the challenge? I am!

Following on from yesterday’s blog post What Kind of Soldier, today is about dedication

When someone is dedicated to something they are  wholly committed to a cause, ideal, or personal goal; they are set apart for a specific purpose.

We hear a lot about individuals being dedicated to their profession or hobby – These are individuals who spend much of their time working for or towards their cause or goals.

So here’s today’s big question…

Are you a dedicated Christian on active duty?

Here’s the International Staff Band of the Salvation Army playing the beautiful piece Dedication:

I would be thy holy temple,
Sacred and I dwelt by thee;
Naught then could stain my commission,
‘Tis thy divine charge to me.

Take thou my life, Lord,
In deep submission I pray,
My all to thee dedicating;…
Accept my offering today.

Or are you (using yesterday’s blog post terminology) a reserve status Christian, a guard status Christian or is your dedication completely AWOL?

If you’re not a dedicated Christian can you truly call yourself a Christian at all?