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Sometimes we just need to a reminder of how awesome you are, so here’s your reminder:

So please take those words to heart, and be awesome!

Are you the type of person who holds onto past hurts and continues to let these hurts upset us?

Are you the type of person who thinks about your past mistakes and continues to wishes you had made different choices even though it’s far to late to change the choice you made?

Do you continue to try to make some relationships more than they will ever be?

Do you feel others make judgements of you without actually getting to know you or hearing your side of a story?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you are just like me, and need to let go the past, and move on, forgive those who’ve hurt you, forgive yourself for past mistakes, let go of relationships which were never meant to be and forget situations where others have in your opinion, misjudged you.

It’s not easy to do any of these things, however if we don’t let go of these things, they will eat away at us, and destroy us and our relationships.

So join me today in letting go of things from the past that we cannot change, and move on and make new relationships/friendships.