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Posted: February 8, 2019 in depression, faith, life, music, prayer, quotes, religion, stress, trust
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It can feel at times like your live is broken, that you are broken, as no matter what way you turn, or what you do, your life just doesn’t seem to improve.

Do you keep praying even when you feel broken?

Regardless of whether you keep praying during your toughest times, God remains will you. He may not answer any of your prayers in the way or timescale you want, but he will always answer your prayers.

All my life…that’s a lot of minutes and hours!

I wonder, have I made the most of every single minute and hour that I’ve already had on this earth? My honest answer is ‘No’, and I suspect many would also say they haven’t made the most of their time here so far.

Today I want to make a new promise – I want to acknowledge that God walks by my side, though every day. And so I want to promise that I will do all I can to live my life as God wants me to, making the most of every minute and every hour that I have available to me.

When something is broken, it can be heartbreaking.

When we are part of a broken relationship, it can take us to breaking point.

Thankfully, broken things (including relationships) can be mended. If we let God do the mending, these broken relationships can can become blessings – they can become some of the strongest and closest relationships we ever have.

So let God do the mending.

We build too many walls and not enough bridges ~ Isaac Newton

Can I ask you to reread the above quote again please, but this time, really think about situations that you’ve been in that this quote describes.

It’s true isn’t we, we can be quick to push people away and keep them out our life, when really we should be trying to mend broken friendships/relationships.

broken friendship

Bridges link locations and areas as well as people, whereas walls are put up to keep others out. Therefore make sure you life isn’t surrounded by walls, but make bridges instead so that you can start to mend all your broken relationships.

For our good

Posted: April 23, 2015 in bible, faith, life, music, quotes, religion
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Sometimes it can seem like everything and everyone is out to get you, that’s the devil doing his worst work, trying to upset us, and detract us from what God has planned for us:

No matter what the devil throws against you, God can take it and work it out for your good. ~ Genesis 50:20 (NLT)

So no matter what comes your way, remember that God can use it to teach you and direct you. So don’t get distracted by the things the devil throws your way, stay focused on God and He will look after you.



broken heartI was recently in a room when a window made of toughened glass shattered when someone touched the glass to slide the window closed. The glass shattered into hundreds of pieces and therefore was unrepairable.

This got me thinking about how we each come into contact with lots of people on a daily basis – some we simple pass in a street or corridor; others we interact with in some way. So how does how we interact with others affect their lives, to we encourage them and cheer them, or do our words and actions hurt and upset others making them feel broken and worthless?

I sincerely hope that my words and actions do not hurt and upset others. However I am not perfect, indeed I am far from perfect, as my words and actions on some occasions prove. What I am though is a Christian, someone who is striving to be more like Christ on a daily basis. I do not wish to hurt others, I want to help others, and therefore I pray on a daily basis that God will help me to be more like Christ in all I say and do.

Let’s each ask God today to help us to encourage and cheer others, not hurt or break them.

hidingplaceHave you ever questioned

Where is there a hiding place
Where I can shelter from the storm?
Where is there a refuge
Of safety, strength and calm?
Where is there a rock from which I can not be torn?

I have! Fortunately there is someone we can turn to when we need to hide from all life throws our way…

I have found a hiding place
Where I can shelter from the storm.
I have found a refuge
Of safety, strength and calm.
I have found a rock from which I can not be torn.
I have found a hiding place oh God, in you!

Where is there a hiding place by Sue Blyth

Footprints in the Sand by Sue Blyth

Lord in the gently wind we her you calling
Come follow me
Lord, in the sands of time your footsteps falling
Leading us to thee
Though they pass across dark mountains
Though they walk through valleys deep
On the road I see your footprints
And I follow where they lead

Do you follow God wherever His footsteps take you?

Following Christ may mean our journey through life will be easy, however I personally would rather walk though life with Him by my side to help and support me than go it alone.

How about you, have you chosen to follow His footsteps yet? 

footprints in the sand