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We all do!

Whether it be one of our parents, a husband or wife, a brother, a sister, an aunt or uncle, niece or nephew, a cousin, or even a grandchild, or grandparent, I’m sure we all have particular family members who we all turn to when we need help or direction.

Unfortunately this is not the case in every family, as some families have been torn apart by hatred, jealously, drugs, alcohol or abuse.

So next time you turn to someone in your family for advice or support, please spare a thought for those who have no family they can turn to. Please say a prayer for the lonely, and those without family to support them.

Just for a change today, I’m going to throw some words at you and I want you to note down the first word that comes into your mind when you read each word.

Here goes…

1. Microsoft

2. Television

3. Documentation

4. Meeting

5. Nationality

6. Drink

7. Church

8. Supermarket

9. Pet

10. Illness

11. Cartoon character

12. Fitness

So how did you get on with those words? Did you find it Difficult? Did your answers surprise you or were they just as you suspected?

Well here’s my responses to my Word Association questions:

1. Computing

2. HD

3. Organised

4. Bot on a Friday afternoon please – I suspect my answer may have something to do with my meeting yesterday afternoon!

5. Scottish

6. Water – what I’m drinking just now!

7. Salvation Army

8. Shopping

9. Tigger the name of my cat!

10. Tough times

11. Tigger

12. Slow process

Were any of your answers the same as mine? Did any of your answers surprise you? What about my answers, were any of them the same as mine?

Do you like these Word Association games? I find I get a bit stressed when I’m doing them as I put a lot of pressure on myself not to over think my answer!

I still agree with what I’ve said in previous Word Association posts, that I think when we truly do respond with the first words that come into our mind, our answers tell us a lot about what’s on our emotional state, and what’s important to us at that time.

Bearing all this in mind, review your answers, does my theory hold true?

As I said before when I posted my first Word Association blog post, I sometimes just pick some really random words and just try this myself just to see what my answers are – I know that sounds really sad, but I often find it illuminating to discover what is occupying my subconscious…I’d urge you to try it out for yourself.

Sunday night into Monday morning we didn’t get a good night’s sleep as we were woken up just after 3am by our cat Tigger, being sick and going to the toilet lots as times. Tigger wasn’t too well for the next couple of hours before he finally settled down, at which point we managed to get some more sleep.

Given this is the second time in a month Tigger’s had this same problem, and given his age (he’ll be 16 in July), I thought it best to take him back to the vets again to get checked out.

Thankfully after visiting the vet and some blood tests it seems Tigger is probably ok, however it will be the end of the week before we get the additional blood test results back.

Anyway, it’s really the visit to the vets that I wanted to talk about today…

I arrived at the vets with Tigger about 10 minutes early for his appointment (as usual Tig was “hiding” in the rear of his carry-case as he no-like vets.

The vets was quite busy with about 3 other cat or dog owners sitting waiting with their petsto see a vet. There were two vets on that afternoon so I expected we’d get taken quite soon, however it was about 20 minutes after out appointment time before we were finally seen.

At one point while we were waiting to see the vet, one of the consulting room’s door opened and two women came out (they looked like mother and daughter), carrying an empty cat carry-case, the younger one had tears streaming down her face and the older woman looked as though she was struggling to keep-it-together.A strange and eerie silence fell over the vet’s waiting room at this point (bar the noise of one dog panting!), as we all knew what had happened…These women had just had to do something all us pet owner’s dread…say goodbye to their family pet for the last time…Their house will be that little bit emptier from now on.

I like at least one other person in the vet’s at that time, felt myself welling up, after all, here’s was I sitting waiting to see the vet with our cat who hadn’t been well again…it could be me saying goodbye next!

Some of you who have never owned a pet, will probably think we’re daft getting all upset about our furry family friends, however those of you who have had a pet at some time will totally understand that they just become another member of our family.

Just let people, we must do our best to look after and love the animals of this world, just as we do the people. Therefore, when an animal dies, it should not be a surprise when we get upset, just as we do when a person dies.

God loves us all, people and animals, and so should we!

For Dad

Posted: June 20, 2010 in family, Health, love, music
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Today is Father’s Day here in the UK. Is it just me or is this just something has had a specific day set aside for it within the last few years? I certainly don’t remember their being such a thing when I was young and living at home with Mum and Dad.

Mind you, my Dad has never believed in the commercialism  that sounds all these “special” days…Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter. and even Christmas. That does not mean he’s ungrateful for the presents he’s given, he simply thinks there’s more important thing we should spend our money on rather than on him!

Dad would rather those he loved had what they needed or wanted rather than him. He always used to tell me he was happy just knowing Mum and I were happy and that we knew he loved us. Just thinking about that makes me all emotional as, for those of you who haven’t been reading my blog for long, Dad has not been well for a number of months now, he sleeps nearly all the time, gets very dizzy and disoriented, his memory is practically non existent as he only seems to know, my Mum, my hubby and me these days – anyone else, including my Mum’s sister, he doesn’t seem to know who they are without being told and explained several times.

It’s very sad, as Dad was always the bright one in the house, who knew everything, and remembered everything. Dad was also a great musician, both composing and playing (trombone). He still writes some music though plays his trombone much less now.

Despite Dad’s health and memory issues these days, I still love him just as much as ever. Anyway, just thought as it was Father’s Day I’d share a wee bit about my Dad with you.

On a lighter notes though, as hubby and I have no children, but do have a cat, called Tigger, I tend to get a card and a present for Tigger to “give” to hubby on Father’s Day just to say thank you to hubby from the cat for being his “daddy”. Well done Tigger!

Having said that, Father’s Day in our household was put on hold today, as I end up having to take hubby to the hospital at 3 o’clock this morning. we got sent to a specialist hospital where he was then admitted. So I’ve spent today getting things sorted for him and then visiting him this afternoon, so we agreed to put “father’s Day” on hold until he gets home from the hospital.  

To all dad’s everywhere, whatever you were doing today, I hope you’ve had a very happy Father’s Day 

Only Trying to Help

Posted: June 30, 2009 in life
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Today I left my work quite sharp so I could get home in plenty of time to play “catch the cat”!

Those of you who have a cat or have had one in the past, probably know what’s going on – it’s that time of year when I have to take our cat to the vet for his annual checkup and inoculations!

Tigger doesn’t like going to the vet, so as soon as he sees his carry case coming out the spare room, he goes into hiding and then plays a mixture of hide and seek and tag when we try to get him into his box! The daft thing is we’re only trying to take him to the vet to make sure he stays well.

Isn’t this just a bit like our relationship with God sometimes? God has a plan for our lives and when He tries to tells us and direct us, we do everything we can to avoid hearing Him, just because we don’t want to do what he’s requesting of us.

Just like my cat’s aversion to going to the vet, we can often find ourselves scared of what God is wanting us to do. The daft thing is just like my cat, we have nothing to worry about, as God will help us to do whatever he wants us to do. So when we listen to God and accept his leading, we find (just like my cat going to the vet) we actually had nothing to fear in the first place!

Don’t ignore God when He’s speaking to you, He’s wanting to help and guide you.


Posted: April 22, 2009 in Glasgow, life
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For the last few days, we’ve been enjoying some beautiful sunny weather. Not only has it been sunny, it’s been warm too! Unfortunately other than last weekend, many of us will have been unable to make to most of the good weather, as we’ve been stuck in an office all day.

It was commented to me today that everything always looks better when it’s sunny. It’s true though isn’t it? The bright sunny weather seems to lift everyone’s spirits and make dull, drab places look brighter and more appealing. The same can be said for things which may be worrying/concerning us – When the world around us is brighter and lifts our spirits, it often helps us to see our problems in a different light, which in turn helps put them in perspective, easing our worries.

It’s not just us humans who enjoy the sunshine though, our cat, called Tigger, loves sunbathing on our window sill. Though once he’s been lying there a wee while he usually disappears through to the kitchen to hang out the kitchen window and get some fresh air.

Use this time of good weather to lift your spirits. Look at problems from a different perspective, they often aren’t as bad as we think when we’ re in a more positive frame of mind.

Let’s hope the good weather continues. Enjoy the sunshine. 🙂

Back to Work

Posted: April 14, 2009 in life, pray
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Today was my first day back at work after being on leave for just over a week. Like most people after being off, I wished I didn’t have to go back to work today, so it was a bit of an effort to get out of bed this morning.

Having got myself to work, I found myself having to deal with a number of things which always seem to happen/have happened when I go back to work. Are these just things that happen in my office?

  • The mystery of the missing stapler – the one you left in your desk that is now nowhere to be found…and no one claims to have used it!
  • Where are all your pens?
  • Your chair is either:
    – Not at your desk – it’s been moved to someone else’s desk
    – Has been adjusted so the height/tilt etc is not how you like it!
  • There’s a pile of documents/magazines on your desk that aren’t yours, and you didn’t ask for them – it turns out they’ve just been left there because “your desk was free”
  • The coffee “thief” has returned – You seem to have less coffee left than you thought you had been you went on holiday!
  • Your email inbox is full to overflowing and it takes most of the day to work your way through them and determine which are spam, which have been dealt with by someone else, which you need to action and which are purely for information only
  • You have at least one voicemail message from someone telling you they require you to call them urgently, despite your voicemail message indicating you’re on holiday until today
  • And finally, but probably worst of all…your own personal mug has disappeared!

So, is this just my office these things happen in? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

You’ll be please to know that by the time I left work tonight I had found my mug…someone had put it in a cupboard in the kitchen beside the “visitor” mugs!!! D’oh!

My mug is a blue version of this…

Despite the pitfalls off returning to work after being off, I know I am one of the lucky ones these days to still have a job to go to. With that in mind I’d ask that today you pray for those who are unemployed and those who are struggling to cope financially in these difficult economic times.